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Team survival meets social deduction in this space-themed game of sabotage for 3-6 players.
Team survival meets social deduction in this space-themed game of sabotage for 3-6 players.
Team survival meets social deduction in this space-themed game of sabotage for 3-6 players.
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    1. Fishbox Games LLC Creator on October 31, 2017

      The command pile should always have at least four cards in it: one from your hand, one from your ally's hand, one from the top of the deck, and one that was left there from last turn. It has the potential to have more than four cards, from either the Navigator ability or the Aftershock card. You can watch an example turn at time 1:00 in our Kickstarter video.

      As for the overall balance of the game, you should notice a difference with a four-card command pile. First of all, the saboteur's damaging cards are no longer guaranteed to come up; furthermore, the deck will lose cards faster and accelerate the crew's victory. It should be difficult for the crew to work together and save the ship, but not impossible!

    2. Rhys Mounger
      on October 25, 2017

      when you play a card from your hand, you then choose another player to play a card. shuffle the command deck, then play two cards. Later it tells you to play three cards. Did we miss something? How can you play three cards, when the command deck only has two cards.
      Also the game we played was broken, as the saboteur i went first, played a wormhole, and broke 4/5 oxygen tanks. The second game by the time the saboteur went 3 tanks were destroyed. Is there a youtube video for play throughs and explanations?

    3. Fishbox Games LLC Creator on October 2, 2017

      When a player dies they discard any Energy or malfunction cards currently in front of them along with their hand. However, they must first play through any other cards that were played on their turn. For example, if Impact and Overrule are both played, you would still need to Overrule a card even if you die from the Impact first. Hope that helps!

    4. Missing avatar

      Ben Cartier
      on October 1, 2017

      Another question came up while playing last night. If you have malfunction cards in front of you and you die, do the malfunctions stay on the field? Specifically hull breach because it mentions activating on your turn.

    5. Fishbox Games LLC Creator on September 27, 2017

      Table talk is definitely allowed, and highly encouraged. Not only does talking make the game more enjoyable, it also allows the crew to coordinate their strategy. The saboteur meanwhile is given the opportunity to lie to and manipulate their fellow crew members. Airlock votes are also much more fun with discussion and accusations. The only rule is that you can never show your hand or mission card to another player (unless a card says otherwise).

      In response to your previous comment, Hull Breach does stay on the field until it is repaired, so it has the potential to destroy multiple oxygen cells.

      We hope that your next game is a little more balanced!

    6. Missing avatar

      Ben Cartier
      on September 27, 2017

      Oh and one more question that i didn't find an answer to in the instructions. How much table talk is allowed? Can we discuss what cards we have and if someone should use their discard ability on me because i have blank or blank card? Of course as the sab you could be lying. Just curious as we played it with NO talking about our hands at all so it was tough to know who to pick as an ally. I think doing a little table talk, even if lying, would add to the experience.

    7. Missing avatar

      Ben Cartier
      on September 27, 2017

      Played 3 games last night. Really fun game. But i do agree with Jared that i find it very heavily slanted towards the Saboteur. I was the sab the first game. We accidentally played with the expansion for the first game and it was....tough. As the sab on my first turn i played a Hull breach and it wreaked havoc on them. They were never able to get ahead enough in energy to repair it. In fact the whole game only 3 energy were drawn.

      My question is, for Hull Breach specifically, does it stay on the field after the first time it is activated? Or does it destroy one oxygen cell and then get discarded?

      Thank you and again, very fun game but VERY difficult to win as a crewman.

    8. Fishbox Games LLC Creator on September 21, 2017

      It is essential for the crew to strategically get rid of as many damaging cards as they can. For example, you can discard them using abilities or Recycle, play them while Safeguard is in effect, or damage yourself or even die to mitigate Impacts and Aftershocks. There are only so many damaging cards in the deck, so if you can discard enough of them there is nothing the saboteur can do to stop you.

      When Airlock is played randomly early in the game, it is very difficult to identify the saboteur. That said, if a crew member draws Airlock, they can choose not to play it until they have more information. Additionally, Salvage can sometimes give the crew a second chance at catching the saboteur by returning Airlock to the deck.

      We are glad to hear you still enjoyed the game, and we hope that these tips can help your crew survive!

    9. Missing avatar

      Jared Mortlock on September 20, 2017

      By the way, we did enjoy it! Just wondering if we're missing something

    10. Missing avatar

      Jared Mortlock on September 20, 2017

      @creator So we played it through 3 times tonight and found it really hard to stop the saboteur. There is only one Airlock and if it comes out early then you're stuffed. Each time we played, the saboteur basically didn't have to do anything cos the damage just accumulated faster than we could do anything about it. What am I missing? It seems stopping the saboteur is nigh on impossible!

    11. Steve Cotter on September 18, 2017

      Arrived in Brisbane Australia today cant wait to play it

    12. Adam Burton on September 17, 2017

      Received mine in the U.K yesterday. Looking forward to trying it out with my gaming group.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jared Mortlock on September 14, 2017

      Arrived today (New Zealand). Great looking game, nice box and artwork. Quick run through and it looks like it will be loads of fun - not as easy as just spotting the guy blowing things up. Sometimes the good guys do that too!

    14. Missing avatar

      Garrett Westphal on September 12, 2017

      Got my copy yesterday, Lynnwood WA :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Andrew Jones
      on September 12, 2017

      Received in San Antonio. Everything intact and looks ready for venting friends into space! Can't wait to play it!

    16. Steve Cotter on September 7, 2017

      Great can't wait to get it

    17. Fishbox Games LLC Creator on September 7, 2017

      Yes, that's the correct company. You should expect to receive your game soon!

    18. Steve Cotter on September 7, 2017

      Just recived an email from a company called game crafter is this the company sending out the games asll it says in the rmail you have a game on its way.

    19. Kelson
      on September 6, 2017

      Ah ok I didn't know the Chancellor could reveal themselves (but not their card). Of course they could be a lying Traitor or Accomplice. But that's part of the fun.

      Good to hear about the expansion. Thank you.

    20. Fishbox Games LLC Creator on September 5, 2017

      The Chancellor may choose to claim their role to gain the rest of the crew's trust, especially during an Airlock vote. However, the Saboteur and Accomplice can just as easily pretend to be the Chancellor, making it risky to Airlock either player.

      If the Saboteur can identify the Chancellor, they can then try to play damaging cards on the Chancellor's turn, such as Impact and Aftershock. Even though the Chancellor can choose not to take the damage, this will result in greater damage to the ship itself. The Expansion will also give players the means to inflict damage more directly.

    21. Kelson
      on September 2, 2017

      A couple of follow-up questions after our initial couple of games, if you don't mind.

      Chancellor - I know he creates an additional win condition for the Traitor, but how can anyone figure out he's the Chancellor? I didn't see any way for the Traitor to detect it through his actions. And if you somehow do figure out who the Chancellor is, how do you target him for elimination other than somehow convincing the Crew that he's the Traitor? I didn't see many ways to actually target anyone for damage other than perhaps swapping a Malfunction with the right card in hand at the right time.

      Are these things addressed with the expansion perhaps? Or (more likely) am I missing something?

      Thank you!

    22. Kelson
      on September 1, 2017

      Thank you! That's very helpful. If you still have time, there may be an opportunity to clear up a little wording to make those details more evident.

    23. Fishbox Games LLC Creator on September 1, 2017

      1. All Energy cards and malfunctions played during your turn go in front of you.
      2. During a wormhole, each player chooses which card from their hand to play.

    24. Kelson
      on September 1, 2017

      Another question: Wormhole. How do you determine which card from each player's hand is used for this? Random selection (old maid style)? Does each player get to choose the card they contribute?

    25. Kelson
      on September 1, 2017

      I have a rules question that may have been a factor in Abby & Nobbi's initial negative experience:

      The rules don't seem to indicate HOW you obtain Energy cards faceup in front of you. Whenever a player plays a card, it goes facedown into the Command Pile. Once it's played from there - where does the Energy card go? In front of the active player? In a communal area that everyone can spend Energy from? I think this aspect of play would benefit from a bit of clarification. My assumption (not yet having played the game - but am about to try to teach it; should be interesting lol) is that all played Energy cards will go in front of the active player.

      Thank you for clarifying!

    26. Fishbox Games LLC Creator on July 28, 2017

      Thank you for checking, you have already filled out your survey. We have individually messaged the backers who have not completed their surveys, so you can check your Kickstarter account's messages if you are not sure. You can also always reach us at if you have questions.

    27. Missing avatar

      John Bartucz on July 28, 2017

      Hello, can't find an email about the survey in my mailbox. Is there a way to figure out if we've already filled it out? Thanks.

    28. Missing avatar

      Rick Young
      on July 24, 2017

      Getting closer? I'm excited!

    29. Steve Cotter on July 1, 2017

      How is it all going any updates

    30. Missing avatar

      on June 20, 2017

      Thanks. Got the survey. Super stoked. I appreciate the heads up.

    31. Fishbox Games LLC Creator on June 19, 2017


      Here's a link to the update we posted last week:

      At the moment, we're tying up loose ends, finalizing the expansion art, and
      working with our Stowaway backers. We're expecting a final
      production order in July, putting the game in your hands sometime in August.

      You can expect a backer survey in the next few days.

      Hope that helps!

    32. Missing avatar

      on June 16, 2017

      Haven't heard any news in awhile. Any updates? How's production? Any news on potential shipping dates?

    33. Missing avatar

      Rick Young
      on June 4, 2017

      Are there any updated please?

    34. Steve Cotter on May 28, 2017

      Hi do you think you will be able to get the game finished on time.

    35. Missing avatar

      Rick Young
      on May 13, 2017

      Any updates?
      Yes, we are eager!

    36. Steve Cotter on May 7, 2017

      hi is there any updates are we still looking like it will be June or fingers crossed a bit earlier

    37. Missing avatar

      Rick Young
      on May 5, 2017

      Thanks for keeping us updated. I'm excited!

    38. Fishbox Games LLC Creator on May 3, 2017


      Some backers might change shipping address between now and when Project Airlock ships, so we will be sending out backer surveys closer to the shipping date. This will likely be a month or more.

      Hope that helps!

    39. Missing avatar

      Ean Lowery on May 2, 2017

      Any word on when we can expect backer surveys?

    40. Fishbox Games LLC Creator on April 25, 2017

      @Steve: We just tried it out! Unfortunately, if you sleeve all the cards, it will be a snug fit without the expansion pack. If you still want to use sleeves, we are planning to use standard-size poker cards (same as Magic or Pokemon cards). There are a total of 72 cards in the base game and 18 more in the expansion.

    41. Steve Cotter on April 24, 2017

      Hi if we decided to sleeve the cards what size would we need, how many of them and would the still fit in the box. Sorry if already asked

    42. Kelson
      on April 21, 2017

      So close! Congratulations on successfully funding. Looking forward to playing this. :)

    43. Steven Crane
      on April 20, 2017

      It does but it does mean that there will be Import and Customs fees on top of the $20 shipping. Don't think I can justify that as it's going to double the price of the game :(

    44. Fishbox Games LLC Creator on April 20, 2017

      @Steven: We don’t advertise as UK/EU friendly because we don’t have a Europe-based manufacturer or distributor, so all items shipped to Europe are done so individually from the US. Shipping to the UK is $20.00 for all pledge levels. Hope that helps!

    45. Steven Crane
      on April 20, 2017

      I don't see any shipping friendly symbols or anything like that, only the cost in the FAQ

      Can you advise if there are EU (Or specifically UK) friendly shipping?

    46. Ted 'Reso' Yu on April 13, 2017

      It's a shame, but I'm gonna have to cancel my pledge for now. Life decided to throw me a curveball, and so, I need some extra money.

      If I can get paid before the campaign ends, I'll gladly jump back on, but I must leave for now T_T

    47. Fishbox Games LLC Creator on April 12, 2017


      To clear up the rules, Energy can only be used if it was played from the command pile.

      As far as the games you experienced, there is a fairly steep learning curve for Crew. As you play more, you’ll discover more intricacies in the cooperative aspects of the game; for instance, if you know who the saboteur is, you can play Safeguard the turn before to prevent all damage they may do to the oxygen supply, or you can target them with your Captain or Doctor ability.

      This strategy aspect is particularly vital in a three person game, because the saboteur will naturally get so many turns. Wormholes become less devastating, but Hull Breaches more so. We’re sorry to hear that Airlock was missed every game – each turn, one card is discarded and two are activated, so it should come up in two-thirds of games – because it is also particularly important for a three-person game.

      Also, you might want to make sure that your PnP deck has thirteen Energy cards. In most games, at least six or eight Energy cards are played and it becomes very relevant to use Refresh, activate your character ability, or repair malfunctions: especially as crew.

      A three-player game can be pretty difficult for crew, and we’re strongly considering adding special rules to account for this.

      Thanks for your feedback, and we hope that you have a better Project Airlock experience in the future!

    48. Abby & Nobbi
      on April 12, 2017

      We played the PnP version with three people a few minutes ago.
      We played 3 times and each time the saboteur won. We couldn't once save the ship, we didn't get once the Airlock card to vote.
      Even worse, we had nearly no energy to activate special abillities! The game seems unbalanced or we had either bad luck or it doen't work that nice with just three players.
      Can I put the Energy directly from my hand in front of me or only if I gain during my turn from the command pile?
      Our impression was, the saboteur has a relatively easy game to play since there are more red cards in play than blue ones and all other player (due to the lack of energy) can't take red cards of their hand but have to play them.
      Maybe we really got it wrong ... Nobbi

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