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the jfotoman project: 25+ years of punk/indie/alt/grunge concert photos taken from the dank dives & dingy bars of the Midwest
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jay brown

125 backers pledged $5,786 to help bring this project to life.

3 Weeks To Go!!

Just a few quick notes here on the 23rd day of the jfotoman project. First off, a big thank you to all who have already contributed. It means a lot. Also, a big shout out to my friends spreading the word via Facebook posts, tweets, blogs and so forth. Thank you, thank you! As of today, we're at the 43% mark. I feel good about hitting the goal. And while some of you have really opened up your wallets and given more than I ever expected, don't forget to tell your friends that even the smallest pledges help. Put it this way, if all 1200+ Jfotoman fans on Facebook donated the cost of one cheap 6-pack of beer (say $5), we've sailed pass my goal. For the cost of a couple used records ($10), and we've almost doubled that. That would mean even more framed photos, more galleries in more cities, and the very real possibility of me continuing photographing the bands we all love.

As far as the bands, I was going to print an abbreviated list of ones I had photographed here today, but even the short list is ridiculously long. I was over a hundred before the '90's, without even looking at my negatives! Maybe in the next update. If you're thinking about pledging, but want to know if I snapped a band you like, feel free to email me. But if you want an idea, here's some groupings by labels or scenes: most SST bands post '84, a lot of Homestead bands, Amphetamine-Reptile, Touch & Go, Sub Pop, Columbus scene '84 thru '94, Cleveland scene '98 thru '04, Detroit scene (via Cleveland) '98 thru '04, and many, many more. Drop me a line.

And don't forget about the photo show opening this Saturday in Akron! Runs for a month.

Take care,

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