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Pen and Paper gamers all need character sheets. But whether they need actual pens and paper is another story.
Pen and Paper gamers all need character sheets. But whether they need actual pens and paper is another story.
94 backers pledged $1,031 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

New Skins!

I thought I'd share the newly added UI Skins, plain light and plain dark.

I had a couple complaints that the "Parchment" skin was cheesy, I like it, but hey, to each their own. So here are two new Skins that will come with the app when it's released. I'll probably add new skins down the road as well.


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  • Image 104575 original
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New Reward Levels

At the suggestion of an Enthusiastic Backer I have added three new reward levels. 

For 10$ you can choose to either vote for a 3.5 edition or 4th edition version of the app. If I get over 500$ of backers selecting the D&D 3.5 reward I will be sure to include D&D 3.5 rules compatibility in the first release. If I get over 1000$ in backers selecting the 4th Edition reward, I will create a 4th edition compatible version of the App right after I release the PFRPG version.

And for those who really like table-top gaming with other systems, If you REALLY want to see this project adapted for your favorite system I will create a version for any system that you like. I'll by the books and everything to make sure I get it just right. This will be a heavy endeavor of course, so this reward costs 1000$.

If anyone else has suggestions for rewards they'd like to see, let me know.


Finally Some Traction!

Yesterday was a good day for this project, I had several uninterrupted hours to finally finish the Buff/Debuff system and get it integrated with Items and Characters. Now Item's can have bonuses that they grant you added to them in the form of Buffs, and characters can have Buffs added that can be toggled on and off.

That entire system took much longer than I thought to add, because it ended up requiring an overhaul of the Character statistic calculation methods. That feature request ended up eating a whole week of time, but it was worth it, the app will be much more flexible now that it's in.

I really like to hear these kinds of suggestions, even if they take a lot of time to implement, let me know any more ideas that any of you have.

If anyone who has already Contributed would like to increase their contributions in order to get this project over the threshold in the next few days, I'd be very appreciative. I would be willing to reward additional free copies to anyone who does so, one copy per dollar. Then you can share them with your friends and gaming compatriots! 

Also any publicity anyone can give would be absolutely fantastic, tell your local game store, post about the project on Facebook, if you can refer more donations and push this project over the edge it'll be that much sooner that I can finish the app and get it out to you all.

-Chance Wees

Some Progress, Long Days, Great Feedback!

So progress has been slow this week, I've had to start doing some work on other projects to get some cash inflow, but development is still rolling. The better this Kickstarter does the more time I will be able to dedicate to this project. This being a labor of love, I will complete it either way, but It will definitely help if this thing succeeds and I needn't do more contract work to pay rent.

I've had some great suggestions so far and I have a laundry list of items that I plan on implementing at this point. I'm exited to see what the custom content my backers want included in the published build, It'll be great to see what other PFRPG players have come up with.

My days have been filled with coding and attempts to fit Mass Effect 3 time in, but multiple projects doesn't mix well with gaming, and I've ended up having several 40 hour days to fit it all in this last week.

I would like to encourage anyone who likes this project and wants it to succeed to share this Kickstarter with as many other gamers as they can, the more support I get and the more feedback the better an app I can make.

Thanks Everyone, Let's Make This Happen!

Well on our way!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far this project is nearly at a fifth of it's funding goal! Wooo!

Progress on the application is going well, customization functionality for all of the object types has been implemented and all of the feats from the PFRPG SRD have been written in. I have an associate working on plugging in the data for the Core classes and all of their myriad abilities now, which will be followed closely by all of the base races.

At this point I am currently working on implementing a change from my original plans which has been the single most requested feature for the app: Conditional Modifiers. Players will be able to use the system I am adding to have sets of custom modifiers that can be toggled on and off as needed. If you have a bard in the party and frequently are effected by a buffing song, just make a song Modifier and toggle it on when it's active. If you are a druid that likes to turn into a bear, you just make a bear modifier that can be toggled on when you're in that form.

After that I need to put in the rest of the character display pages, then it should be ready for a public beta. When that's ready to roll I'll post a link to it up here.

Thanks Again Everyone! And remember, if you want any features, let me know.

-Chance Wees