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Torch is the first in a line of products to help keep cyclists safe by creating large, brightly lit surfaces on the rider, not the bike Read more

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This project was successfully funded on May 29, 2012.

Torch is the first in a line of products to help keep cyclists safe by creating large, brightly lit surfaces on the rider, not the bike

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Torch Is Moving Forward


First, we at Torch would like to wish you all a happy holiday season! It has been some time since I have posted an update here on Kickstarter and my team and I truly hope you are enjoying the product we all worked so hard to get to market with your support. 

With that said, this will be my last post for this Kickstarter campaign. We have begun to grow our business and team and will be moving all of our communication, supply and sales channels internally. 

If you would still like to get updates (only when there's something interesting to share) you can add yourself to our mailing list on our site at or keep up more frequently on our Facebook , Twitter or Instagram

Otherwise we would like to thank all of our original backers one last time for your amazing support, patience and enthusiasm as we worked through Torch's first ever product to make it into production over a year ago. We have exciting things to come in 2015 and hope that you'll keep in touch.

Much love, 

Nathan Wills and Team Torch!

Finsihing Up


Hi Friends,

There is so much I want to say, but as you all know I will be composing a small book of the entire process from concept ( a year before Kickstarter) to the delivery of Kickstarter (finishing next week). All in all, it was just over two years from concept to delivery and although we could have done it quicker if we hadn't of made the changes requested during the Kickstarter campaign, I'm so glad that we did. Your requests and feedback have created a much better product!

As this Kickstarter campaign closes and we shift our focus to growing as a brand I want to offer my most sincere "Thank you forever!" Each and everyone of you have impacted my life in more ways than you could imagine. This brand will be expanding quickly, but I want to make it clear that it never would have happened without all of you, even those of you who have given me a hard time since I was one day late! Thank you. You did not simply buy a helmet, you helped create a solution for cyclists that is now available in 34 countries, not only offers amazing protection during an impact, but hopes to help prevent one and still looks good during the day.

I will continue to post on Kickstarter and answer questions, but would encourage all of you to interact with us on a more timely fashion through our website or one of our other media outlets which can be reached through our website

Now that we have shipped all US Kickstarter orders and the international orders will be going out next week, I'd like to be the first to post a selfie. Send us yours and we'd love to share it. 

Much Love, 

Nathan Wills

Remaining T1 Shipping Date, Address Updates


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Malfunction Diagnosis!


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Shipping Has Begun...But Limited


Hi everyone,

with the first 220 helmets beginning to hit doorsteps I wanted to send out a huge "Thank you!" to everyone. It has been a trying journey to get these actually in a box and shipping. I had amazing help from my family, friends, business partners and of course you. While we will do our best to turn this little project into a brand that really looks to improve cycling for all types of riders everywhere, I would like you to realize and be proud that you had a big role in this. 

We've begun to get feedback from those closest to us that they have received their Midnight Editions. A few had questions, one got a lemon and we're getting that exchanged, and several have realized they need a different size. We will do everything possible to make sure you all have the exact product you have waited so long for, so please contact me here or email us at if you need us.

With all of the design improvements that have happened since the very beginning of our Kickstarter campaign there are a few things that may need explaining.

1. The rubber o-ring taped over the button is simply a precaution to keep the helmet from turning on during shipping. This was an important requirement for us to be able to ship these via air. Remove and do what you will with these two pieces. I suggest using them to keep your charger cable wrapped up neatly if you take it with you.

2. You will notice a red light in the center of the lens when the cable is properly charging. This is the indication that the battery is taking a charge. It will go off once each battery is fully charged. Also, we recommend placing the helmet with the interior facing up as pictured on the box while charging. The slight weight of the helmet can be enough to cause a bad connection and your helmet will not be charging when you thought it was. It's always good to look for the red lights before walking away.

3. Both lights have the same functions. 1. ON steady-high, 2. ON steady-low, 3. ON flash-slow, 4. ON flash-fast, 5. OFF. If you receive a helmet that is not working properly, try charging it first and if it still does not match these functions, contact us for an exchange.

4. The padding is removable for hand washing, but please make sure none of the velcro pieces come off with the padding. We are looking into getting a tougher adhesive for these, but if one does come off simply place it back on the EPS.

5. We achieved the best fit possible for the lenses, however for those of you warriors that do ride in very wet climate, you may see water behind the lens. Don't fret, the circuit board is coated in a water resistant material to prevent damage. If you do begin to experience issues due to water, please contact us. 

6. On the topic of water, please do not ever plug in your helmet if it is wet. We looked at adding a rubber cover for the charging ports, but found that even that would sometimes pull moisture up into the port so we decided it best to leave it out.

Lastly, remember that this is a brand new product and you are the first people other than us to put it to the test. In reality, you are our beta testers so we would love to get your feedback on fit, weight, sizing, functions, and performance as you put some miles in your helmet. And please share any photos you wouldn't mind us sharing with the rest of the world. Or share it with us and let us know it was just for our team, we will respect your privacy.

Many thanks again, the remaining helmets will arrive in March and we will work as quickly as possible to get them out the door right away to those still waiting.

All the best, 

Nathan Wills and the Torch team