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Inside You is a romantic comedy about a couple that switches bodies.  This is Heather Fink's NYU grad thesis and her 1st feature film.
Inside You is a romantic comedy about a couple that switches bodies. This is Heather Fink's NYU grad thesis and her 1st feature film.
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Inside You Update: Color, Sound, Music, Titles, VFX here we go!

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Dear Kickstarter supporters,

Time for an Update:

We shot a new opening scene in January and finally locked picture (finished the overall edit of the movie) on Feb 1st!

And then it took the entire month of February to prep the footage for the next steps. I've been working weekdays since we wrapped Principle Photography on Inside You - literally going to work on set of tv shows (last season it was Daredevil Season 2, this year it's Baz Lurmann's The Get Down), and then using my weekend hours to finish the movie. (And guess, what - it's been working! I've paid for this ENTIRE MOVIE myself and with the support of Kickstarter donations!) That didn't work out too well when I got to this stage though - I spent 2 weekends in a row trying to DIY a process in Avid and Resolve only to realize I just needed to hire a darn Assistant Editor to do it right!

STOP READING NOW if these details are boring - but if it's interesting to you - here's an inside look into what we've been up to on INSIDE YOU.

  • PRINCIPLE PHOTOGRAPHY: May 27 - June 16 2015
  • PREP FOR EDIT: July/August: Our initial Assistant Editor, PJ Norton, helped to prep footage, transcode, sync sound and picture, organize, deliver to our Editor Nathan Floody to make rough assembly of film
  • EDIT: Sept- Dec: Work with Nathan Floody to cut entire film, 10 scenes per week, refine the cuts, screen full film to test audience, get notes, refine film, do some pickup shoots including B Roll. JANUARY - shoot new scene based on notes and personal needs for the film to be it's best FEB 1 - LOCK PICTURE!

FEBRUARY - DELIVERY - lots of things have to happen once you lock picture in order to deliver it to the finishing stage which includes: Color, Sound, Music, VFX and Titles.

  • - UPREZZING: one major step in delivery is "uprezzing the footage" because we down-rezzed in July, transoding the raw large camera files to a smaller size that the Avid/Editing program can handle properly. Then when your movie is done you re-link the film and up your resolution to the original files, so then your Colorist can see the raw footage and they have all of the raw color information and can manipulate that. This took us forever! Thankful to our Assistant Editor Stephanie Donnelly and our Editor Nathan Floody for working together to figure this out!


Our new estimate is about 2 more months are needed to complete COLOR, SOUND, MUSIC, TITLES, and VFX

COLOR: Erik Choquette - Colorist   Everything you see has been color corrected - especially as cameras like the Arri Alexa, which we used, can shoot in a raw color space that includes more color information so you can really customize the look and feel of your film. Our Colorist starts Monday!

SOUND: Laura Sinnott - Sound Designer David Forshee - Supervising Sound Editor    There are so many incredible elements of sound that tell a story! I sat down with Laura and David at Rumble Audio last weekend and we had a great time planning our creative attack on this movie. There's so many elements that will shape the feeling, adventure, and character.

Sound Spotting session last week with David Forshee and Laura Sinnott
Sound Spotting session last week with David Forshee and Laura Sinnott

Sidenote that Laura Sinnott taught me sound while I was at NYU and aside from Sound Designing Inside You, she's also getting her PHD in Audiology!

MUSIC: Original Score by Lindsay Graham & Keith Reynolds (Spoke Media) Music Supervisors - Spoke Media I had a hard time finding the perfect Composers and Music team for my film. In October I Directed a short film "The Focus Group" that was Written/Produced by Sara Benincasa. Keith and Lindsay were her connection and they did such a fantastic job scoring this film I realized they were the ideal people to collaborate with on "Inside You" - I just loved the quality of their work and how well they took whatever notes I gave. Lucky to be working with this talented team.

TITLES: Colleen Kwok TungShuen - Title Design Colleen took me by surprise with her amazing skills. She's a classmate of mine from NYU Grad Film, and I had no idea she was such a fantastic illustrator and title designer. I also worked with her on "The Focus Group" as we had already begun brainstorming our ideas for "Inside You" - which include some hand drawn elements and other things which I don't have words for because it's pictures but it LOOKS COOL.

VFX: VFX - Ed Mundy I have known Ed Mundy at least 10 years now. We met when I started doing standup comedy and over the years we've collaborated many times. He's edited many of my pre-NYU comedy shorts and has done some of his magic vfx work as well! He even got gently caressed by Kevin Allison in one of these videos! Today he's an accomplished director, vfx-er and animator, with credits such as Inside Amy Schumer, Broad City and Archer under his belt. I'm so happy to collaborate with him on my feature film! We are gonna make a few wonderfully weird things happen with his magic tricks.

Finally I'm not sure if I ever plugged Nate Floody - Editor! Nathan Floody is a graduate of the Columbia MFA Film program, where he graduated with honors and received the Farrelly Brothers Award for Outstanding Comedy. He has edited many short films, web series and comedy sketches, and is the lead assistant editor on Broad City and Inside Amy Schumer. AND HE DID SOOO MUCH AWESOME WORK ON MY FEATURE! While collaborating we found a great rhythm where he realized that I like him to be wild and bold with the footage and go ahead and kill my darlings - whatever needed to make jokes work. There's a lot on the chopping floor and fantastic choices were made.


So stand by! We've got hundreds of doozers at work inside the hard drives and computers mining away at this thing.

one of the doozers up-rezzing scene 36
one of the doozers up-rezzing scene 36

And if you're curious, not all movies take the same amount of time to complete, depends on the movie, and of course, its budget = how many doozers you can hire to work on the film at once.



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