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Indoor decor meets nature. Your plant naturally filters the water for the most simple and low maintenance way to add life to any space.
Indoor decor meets nature. Your plant naturally filters the water for the most simple and low maintenance way to add life to any space.
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    1. Mike Gervasi on

      Same here. Lower LEDs stopped working. Have contacted CS multiple times with no resolution.

    2. Troy on

      Can i get replacement parts for the led lights???? The color bulb that lights up the tank went out!! Where can i get a replacement? Please message back!

    3. Tiffany Carra on

      @Erin - our LED quit working also. I was just jumping on to email them here for replacement parts.

    4. Missing avatar

      Erin Bremer on

      My LED light won't turn on anymore, and I also need wicks. Is there a better way of getting in touch with the creators of this product??

    5. Shteen on

      Sent a private message with no reply...
      Anyone know where I can get wicks and earth pads??

    6. Ecoxotic Creator on

      Posting Via comment in addition to our campaign update...

      Hi Everyone!

      Please accept our apologies for such a huge delay in answering your comments and suggestions. If you have any specific requests or issues, please feel free to contact us directly via private message as we check those messages every business day and we will be happy to take care of you. We sincerely hope everyone is having a holiday season!

      @santamonica Thank you for all your support, it looks like you’re doing really well with your Vita!

      @Ashleigh F Stafford Thanks, we have updated our page to reflect this

      @Henry Jimenez Did you still require an LED? If so, please private message us and we will get you taken care of!

      Warmest Wishes,

      The Vita Team

    7. Santa Monica on

      Just got some Asian greens seeds from ebay, and they germinated in one day. Seems to need more water than the wick provides so I'm manually transferring water from the tank. Is under weak fluorescent office lights.

    8. Ashleigh F Stafford on

      Just FYI, the link on your website to Anderson Seed Co is not correct. It says error when you click it. I had to google it to find it.

    9. Santa Monica on

      You can still start the tank without the LED. I have no LED and the betta is great, and not one water change yet.

    10. Henry Jimenez on

      Hey guys. I got a double order of vita both with LED. But one of my LED has died and I emailed the company over 4 weeks ago and haven't heard anything back.
      How do I get a replacement sent to me?

    11. Suzi Carnahan on

      My light died- how do I get a replacement????

    12. Santa Monica on

      You might ask on their google+ page

    13. Burton

      Are there still any other backers who have yet to receive anything ?

    14. Santa Monica on

      That would be a really small feeder. Most are motorized larger units. Are you not able to feed twice a week?

    15. Matthew Fitrer on

      Is there a particular Automatic Fish Feeder you recommend using with Vita?

    16. Missing avatar

      Chris Weitzel on


      Just wondering with regards to the wick for the plant at any point should it be removed? i am growing the desert rose, since i suspect this a plant for an dry region should i remove it once it fully sprouted? your instructions do not say ? or how i water it?


    17. Missing avatar

      Sherise on

      well my fish keep dying and i cant find the black filter straws nor did i get a chance to claim my free beta fish any suggestions

    18. Jessica Rice on

      I have not received mine, is there a way to get in contact to fix that?

    19. Santa Monica on

      How is everyone's wheatgrass growing?

    20. Missing avatar

      damian rodriguez

      Sorry the comment was to "aqua jar"
      Vita has been a pleasure and awesome‼️

    21. Missing avatar

      damian rodriguez

      What's going on ??

    22. Tomohisa Ishii on

      i haven't received anything either. can i get in touch with someone?

    23. Aaron Hommell on

      I still have not received anything... but am a backer. Who do I need to speak with about this?

    24. Santa Monica on

      You can feed a lot less, and for now it would help. 3 pellets a day. I don't water change at all, and mine is fine.

      A trick to clean water is not to clean anything, at all. Let all glass and rocks (and wood, if you have it) develop as much slime as possible. This slime is called "periphyton", and it will use photosynthesis to naturally remove ammonia from the water, just like happens in lakes and streams. If you clean this stuff off, or move rocks around, you will kill the periphyton and lose your natural filter.

      You can increase the natural filtering by putting the tank in more light. This will grow more periphyton on the rocks and glass, and thus remove more ammonia from the water. Ammonia is your problem.

      The crack is probably from over tightening the screw. The screw is really not needed, but if used, then barely tight is fine.

      Also if you use tap water for top-off, and especially for water changes, let it sit over night in an open container first; this will let the chlorine evaporate more, even if you add condition drops to the water. I don't add drops at all; letting it sit overnight is fine.

    25. Missing avatar

      Christine Knight on

      Well my first Vita developed a crack where the plant tray mounting screws go. Lasted one month or so.

      Now I have a betta with what looks like fin rot. The idea that you don't have to clean the water at all except for 25% changes once a month is totally wrong. I've done multiple 100% changes now that he has fin rot and it's not clearing up. I'm going to try aquarium salt tomorrow. I think this vita is just too small. Multiple online sources say 1 gallon is too small.

      With the drama of the cracked tank at first and now a sick fish, I'm very disappointed. I feed him three pellets three times a day and occasional freeze friend bloodworms. I'm also giving him vitamins to help clear up the fin rot. He has a natural driftwood and a betta ok plant in his tank. He has a faux leaf bed too.

      Fingers crossed my first fish pet will get well soon and not lose his tank again. Good thing I ordered two. What happens when his second vita craps out?

    26. Santa Monica on

      Well how are others doing? I'm thinking of adding a ghost shrimp, or a zebra snail.

      Wheatgrass seems to have reached full size.

    27. Santa Monica on

      I don't think bettas are big jumpers, but any fish except seahorses can jump if they get scared. Mostly new fish, who have not realized yet that the water surface is only a few inches above them, do it, and usually when they get scared like when the lights turn on or off for the first few times. The "safe" thing to do might be to cover the tank with a stocking or net for the first week, so the betta can get used to the water depth and the lighting.

    28. Meghan Aul on

      I set up my Vita two days ago and woke up this morning to find out that it had jumped out and died. I didn't think it was possible with the grow area on top. Has anyone else had this happen? The tray was centered so there was a minimal amount of space on each side. I hesitate to get a new fish if this is going to keep happening.

    29. Burton

      Have the LED versions shipped? I may have missed something.

    30. Faye Jackson on

      Vegasgirl193 I am one of the quick start backers. When you placed your order with ADI you should have gotten a email with your order number in it, try and find that old email and tell them about the number. Also check your spam mail too. Also contact Ecoxotic PM them. I waited almost 3 weeks for my betta to come, they said they were out of stock, I have him now and he came very quickly. Now just waiting on the coffee table book and I will be done.

    31. Gary Denney

      Vegasgirl193: I'm one of the 180 Quick Start customers. I ordered my fish on 4/12/2016, he shipped 4/18/2016, and was delivered the next day via UPS Next Day Air. Their support people were very responsive, though it is easier to be responsive when things are going well. Have you tried using the live chat function on their web page?

    32. Janet

      For anyone interested In a cool auto feeder, I saw this new campaign that I'm pledging to.

    33. Santa Monica on

      New development... one of the plants has discovered a direct pathway to the water below, and it's roots have followed the wick. And the betta has found the root and likes playing with it.

    34. Santa Monica on

      Does anyone try to keep their wheat grass growing straight up? Our goes sideways and grows over the edge.

    35. Kelly Nichols on

      I have not received my vita yet. Im in the US

    36. Missing avatar

      Kylie Duet on

      Hello. I was wondering if there was a way for me to order the led light? Love this product!

    37. Missing avatar

      Justin Mounts on

      Hello--When I received my Vita, I did not receive the wicks. How can I get them sent to me?

    38. Vegasgirl193 on

      Are there any other Vita Quick Start customers that are having a hard time getting the "Free Fish" from ADI? I ordered my fish on 4/20 and they have not shipped the fish out. They keep making excuses and not answering emails. The 1st excuse was that the employees are in China, 2nd They ran out of fish. Today they are saying that my name is not on the list from Vita confirming that I am owed a fish. I understand Vita can only do so much, but this is getting beyond ridiculous. I wanted to put this out and see if some of the other 180 Quick Start backers are having the same issue.

    39. Santa Monica on

      "Dirty water drawn from the tank through the wick is consumed by the plant. Clean water is provided by you when you top off the tank"

      This is correct, in an absolute sense. It is an open-loop system, which for it's size, works good. If the "dirty" water were not drawn up to the plant, then nutrients would concentrate when water evaporated, which of course is what happens to "normal" aquariums.

      I saw the "down" arrow too, which may have given the impression of a closed loop system that recirculates. But in spirit, you still need to add top-off water, so the system still ends up with less nutrients in the water than it would without the plants.

      Anyway, my Vita is growing well... about 8 inches tall so far, and I have a single Betta that I'm now feeding one pellet, four times a day.

    40. Missing avatar

      Rob Sherrard

      @RobertPistey The Creator's diagram notwithstanding, water is drawn up from the tank through the wick where it is presented to the growth medium and to the roots of the plant. The "force" which creates this capillary action draft is the loss of water from the growth medium some to the plant but mostly evaporation to the room. Other than the wick, there is no communication from the growth medium back to the water in the tank. In my Vita, I need to top off the tank about ¼ inch of new water each day to make up for evaporation loss.

    41. Lyndsie on

      Hello! Loving our Vitas so far! Our fish are too! I just have a couple quick questions... First, I'm having a bit of an issue with my growth pad drying out/not getting much water from the tank. I'm growing the desert rose plant, and both seeds have sprouted. One was grown quite quickly and has two little leaves, but the other one only grew a little. Both have stopped growing, and the little one is starting to look dried out. Should I change the wick?

      Secondly, I was wondering when we would be able to purchase the LED lights that go with the vitas? I regret not getting them! :D

      Thanks for an amazing product!

    42. Missing avatar

      Rob on

      @robsherrard- Suggest you re-read the detailed narrative of the Vita above. Note the diagram clearly indicates "clean filtered water" being returned from the growth tray with an accompanying down arrow. To suggest that the diagram infers that clean *filtered* water be added to the tank from an outside source is plausible but highly misrepresentative. Most aquaponic setups use a filter and return system.

      Thanks for clarity on the heater.

      The fish is arriving much later than originally stated at the time of code redemption. We won't be around to receive it so I've asked for cancellation of delivery and a refund for the fish.

    43. Ecoxotic Creator on

      @Ronald Arnoldi, This is a common question and source of confusion. The Betta code was only included in shipments of Backers that purchased the Vita Quick Start which was about 180 people. I see you ordered the VITA LED early bird special, therefore you would not have a Betta Code included in your shipment :) Kindly, The Vita Team

    44. Jeremiah G. Cruz on

      Hi! I enjoyed the Vita immensely but unfortunately, one of the plastic screws cracked a glass panel. Is their any chance for replacement or repair?

    45. Vegasgirl193 on

      @Ronald Arnoldl- The packing slip/invoice that came with my Vita had the information and code you need to order your Betta Fish from ADI. I ordered my fish on 4/20 and have not received it yet. ADI emailed me that they will hopefully be shipping out sometime next week.

    46. Missing avatar

      Ronald Arnoldi on

      I received an email message earlier this month informing me that I would be able to receive a free Betta and there was a code included with the Vita. The problem is that I was never informed as to where I could find the code. Has anyone claimed their free Betta and if so, where was the code located?

    47. Missing avatar

      Jeff Johnson on

      Is there any way, to order the LED lamp *after* receiving my tank, without backing/pledging another tank?

    48. Missing avatar

      Rob Sherrard

      @RobertPistey The Vita is not a closed loop system. "Dirty" water drawn from the tank through the wick is consumed by the plant. Clean water is provided by you when you top off the tank.
      The substitute heater has no ON/OFF feature. It is constantly ON. That being said, its 5W rating limits the amount of heat introduced to the tank and does a reasonable job of keeping the water temperature within the range of temperatures which a betta can tolerate. Your room environment may make the heater more or less efficient than optimum for maintaining tank temperature so you should monitor water temperature regularly until you gain confidence with the heat input.

    49. Missing avatar

      Rob on

      I just assembled the tank. I chose the Quickstart pledge. I've read most of the comments and updates on the site which still fail to answer the following questions:

      1. With the LED assembly attached and tank light not submersed in water, the base of the tray doesn't touch the water surface. Watering of the plant occurs as you say through the wick, but how is "clean" water returned to the tank? There isn't significant bidirectional flow through the wick. Without recirculation how is this aquaponics?

      2. There is no documentation with the substitute heater. Does this heater need to be plugged and unplugged to maintain a constant water temperature or can it be left plugged in to generate a constant temperature that will keep a beta living?

      3. Vita owners- The website where we ordered the fish is expected to make an announcement about delivery time based on prior correspondence. Stay tuned.


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