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Help us turn our album into a comic book & AR Video Game! We want to change the way the world listens to music!
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Crunch Time prt2 (The Revenge)

Posted by CopperWire Music (Creator)

This message goes out particularly to the backers and curious observers. You know how some people are really smart at some things and sorta stupid when it comes to other things. Well we here at camp Starbound are no different. As demonstrated in our video, some of the things we are really smart at include:

1. Some how managing to get rappers,singers, hip hop producers, classically trained composers, app developers, computer programers NASA scientists, science fiction authors, and comic artists to work together on a single project.

2. Making holographic spaceships come out of the back of CD covers

3. Making millions of mathematically generated remixes using Sonic Light Curves ( the sound of stars)- That we got from above mentioned NASA collaborators

Things we are apparently sorta stupid at include:

1. Twitter

2. Being concise and pithy- We apparently got so geeked out about all of the cool stuff  we can do, that we may have went over some folks head. 20/20 hind site considered our messaging should have went like --- a.) MUSIC=MATH We are good at both or b.) YOU MAKE OUR ALBUM  or c.)TURN OUR ALBUM INTO A VIDEO GAME (or something like that)

3. Conveying urgency- We apparently thought the world would inherently understand the awesomeness of our idea and magic kickstarter dust would fall from the sky. With 11 days to go and 80% of our funding still ahead of us. This is clearly not the case. We some how failed to convey that we are pretty damn broke. Why would two app developers with masters degrees in Applied Media Theory be broke? Because we we treat making programs like musicians..and rather do the damn things our selves then "sell out". We have been working on the foundation of this system for the last 2 years doing side jobs here and there and all we want to do is make this happen. WHY? Because 1. )its NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE and 2.) Its F%@&ing awesome

So if God forbid (insert Darwin, "The Universe", String Theory, or whatever causal factor works for you) we fail, then we failed a lot of people and  I personally take responsibility for that as the project lead.

At this point I'll appeal  to the 85 people who understand and support what we are doing so far to help us by doing any of the following :

1. Clone your self 3 times- What ever you donated convince 3 other people to do the same

2. Lets work collectively to find 5 people who have a spare 5 thousand dollars laying around and/ or convince someone of the benefits of owning a handcrafted time machine

3. If you got press connects, or are some sort of Twitter Guru HOOK IT UP

Oh and if you have Google Chrome send this out to your folks..we should have done this along time ago. (Boy I wish I had that time machine right about now)

Remi(x) Demo -click here

Ellias- Your Friendly Neighborhood Abyssinian



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    1. Elias Wondimu on

      Congratulations! I can't wait to see more of your wonderful work.

    2. David Rees on

      Seriously, the demo is super cool. Give some more instructions also. Maybe walk them through it like I suggested above. First flash the numbers with help. Then flash the tweaks with help. Etc. Keep them engaged.
      Are there multiple "Messages"? Maybe add a button for each. And tweak all of the terms so they are cooler "Kick the lyrics", etc....

    3. David Rees on

      New demo is very, very cool. Some suggestions:
      Make it way more visible on the demo page that you are looking for kickstarter pledges and that you need folks to pledge ASAP.
      Get sharing buttons on the site. For instance use addthis -
      Play the music right away. Flash the buttons a couple times with a popup that says something like "press to these to start mixing!"

      Also, tweak your perks so that backers will get visible credit somewhere. Name flash in app/site, etc...

      I also have to ask do you need the full 25K? Can you scale down a bit and make something smaller happen with less dollars? Then come back fro more once you have done that and have wowed people?