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An exhaustively complete guide to the heroes and heroines of comic books' Golden Age, 1935-1949, in print and as a web site.
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Jess Nevins

444 backers pledged $15,671 to help bring this project to life.

New Stretch Goal! little Kickstarter has gone much farther than I ever could have hoped for, and now I'm faced with the possibility of not only being able to give my son new clothes, but possibly even shoes that aren't made of cardboard! Praise be!

(sorry, just a little parental humor there)

The Kickstarter is going very well--so well that the $12K goal, which I'd barely hoped for, is a real possibility. So to help spur us all forward to that goal, and to reward all of you kind souls who've already given so generously, I've got a

New Stretch Goal

Six-Gun Gorilla! The one and only. Created in the late 1930s and appearing for a few months in the pages of the British story paper Wizard, "Six-Gun Gorilla"--the story of the gorilla O'Neil and his quest for vengeance across the Old West--would have disappeared like the stories from that era, "General Vox" and "Worms of Doom" and all the rest, if not for E.S. Turner's Boys Will Be Boys, which is where I first heard about it. I've been proselytizing on behalf of Six-Gun Gorilla ever since, and he's gained some small notoriety online. However. few people have access to the British Library, which is the only place to read "Six-Gun Gorilla," and fewer still have spent the time doing so. And I'm the only one with a copy of each story in the sequence.

Until now. Now it will be available as a free, web-based e-book (also available in print-on-demand physical form) if we hit $12K. Everyone who's given $20 or more will receive a digital copy in the mail.

Six-Gun Gorilla! Free to the world, at $12K. Spread the word!


    1. Creator Jason Uresti on April 9, 2012

      Excellent! Making more of this old, hard to find work more widely available is a great goal to aim for.