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The SlingShot smartphone video stabilizer by WOXOM fits ALL smartphones (iPhone, etc.) It steadies your phone & might shoot a pebble.
2,739 backers pledged $70,074 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Joe Pirillo on

      I too think my shipping information was submitted twice. Has the Slingshot been shipped? Lost track as the date has been a moving tatget. Please help.

    2. Missing avatar

      James M Besaw on

      Address updated, it is interesting that the Address information is not taken from Amazon. Oh well site updated!

    3. royblumenthal on

      Oh... I think I just submitted my information twice. Hope that doesn't confuse things. And by 'things', I mean 'Charles'.

    4. Howard Keziah on

      I agree with Nicholas. Please send an email to those of us who think we've submitted our shipping details.

    5. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Halderman on

      I believe I submitted my address, but I sort of thought I'd get a confirmation email of some sort. Given that there were apparently some bugs with the process early on, would it be possible to send out emails confirming the addresses were submitted correctly? Or does this already happen, and the fact that I haven't received one suggest that something went wrong? Thanks. Love the care and attention to detail that's going in to this project, and am really looking forward to the finished product.

    6. Missing avatar

      Colonel Fubar on

      Now it seems to work, I just submitted mine. \o/

    7. Jeremy Dillon on

      I'd prefer to use kickstarter.

    8. Charles Waugh 2-time creator on

      AMy sincerest apologies if we missed your message, there is a LOT going on here and we are not perfect by any means.
      As mentioned in earlier comments we will be sending the survery out through Kickstarter, so wait a bit and it'll be there for you.
      And, as requested by other backers, there is an SSL certificate on the site that is valid.
      Again, my apologies for missing your earlier comment - I can't seem to find it anywhere in our email system or Kickstarter lists.
      And, no, we didn't cover ourselves in glory with this web-form thingy. Truly sorry if it tainted things for you.
      Warmest regards,

    9. Movmnt Magazine on

      Can you please just send a survey like everyone else? I wont submit my Info outside of kickstarter. I've backed up many many projects and never had to go through this kind of issues. Plus I sent you a message more than a week ago and you never had the courtesy to reply.

    10. Charles Waugh 2-time creator on

      The SSL certificate is now installed and up and running.
      All communications are encrypted both ways to and from our site.



    11. Charles Waugh 2-time creator on

      studyMACb, David,
      No spam will ever be sent, we adhere to the basic rules of netiquette and email double-opt ins.
      The SSL certificate is being installed as we speak - it'll take maybe 24-48 hours to propagate.
      Thanks for the kick in the old pants!

    12. Charles Waugh 2-time creator on

      Since I can't send you private message, please send me one (at the top of the project page) and we can discuss this without using the bandwidth of all 2,739 backers.

    13. David MacDonald on

      Charles, I disagree. I've run a successful Kickstarter project before, and I found the survey tool quite easy to use, and it was very easy to get information back about responses. I'm not comfortable submitting my info to your site, and without knowing when Slingshot will ship, I don't know what address to enter.

    14. Missing avatar

      studyMACb on

      Hy Charles,
      i miss the https on your Site. Hope my mailbox will not flooded with spam..............

    15. Missing avatar

      Daniel Osborne on

      For those having form problems, check make sure everything's really in the right location. The form has text box labels for the Name and Address fields located under the appropriate text box, as opposed to more common above (or the side). Threw me off at first, so I wonder it that might be the issue for some. Additionally, someone mentioned it doesn't accept international phone numbers.

    16. Dana Freeman on

      I have tried to fill out your form twice and the whole thing turns pink when I submit as if I am missing all the info I filled in? Any ideas of how I can get you my shipping info.


    17. Charles Waugh 2-time creator on

      Tor, David,
      Yes, there is a KS survey thingy - but it is nightmarish to use from our side.
      KS does many things right, but the admin stuff for those who run the projects is a real problem.
      We have decided to start with this approach, to get most of our database in good shape and then use the KS survey to do some of the final sweep.
      Sorry if this is a problem, with 2700+ backers we need to simplify things where we can or we'll all die.

    18. David MacDonald on

      Like Tor said, there's a really simple system within Kickstarter to collect shipping information from your backers. You don't do it when you back a project because it is often not shipped until months (or over a year) after the pledge is taken, and people move around.

      Speaking of which, after the delay you described in the previous update, do you know when the Slingshot will ship? That if it's not for another month or so, I would have a different address.

    19. Tor Iver Wilhelmsen

      Strange: When other projects needed my shipping address they used the survey mechanism in Kickstarter to do so... so there is a mechanism in place.

    20. Jimmy Lee on

      I'm also having problem with the form too...

    21. Stephen Sinsley on

      Left my comment on the "form" page in the comments screen. Hopefully everything now is copacetic.

    22. Charles Waugh 2-time creator on

      Robert, we just ran some tests and the form appears to be working in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE. The labels for each of the fields is below the text boxes, so zip/postal code is the very last text box.

      We will send out the Kickstarter form in the near future. For the time being we've been able to gather a huge amount of data, which really speeds things up for us.

    23. Robert Anderson on

      I'm also having trouble with the form -- it gives errors but doesn't illustrate exactly where. I've tried submitting a couple of times filling out the entire form, but no luck. Also, the zip/postal code field doesn't even appear, and I've tried it in both Chrome and Firefox. It might be wise to stick to the Kickstarter-provided solution; at least we know it works.

    24. Missing avatar

      Nick Noakes on

      The form will only accept a US style phone number, so errors iut for international customers. The Information can be ommitted ofncourse but it may be needed for the international delivery.

    25. Missing avatar

      D. on

      Alright, I sent mine in. I know you said to stick with our kickstarter name, but as you can see, mine is a single letter... haha. I used my real name :)

    26. Missing avatar

      Daniel Osborne on

      Also, using the tab key to jump between form fields jumps back and forth between the top shipping form, and the bottom newsletter form.

    27. Albert DiPadova on

      The form doesn't want to accept my info, double checked it's all right too.
      How do I email you my info?

    28. Missing avatar

      Daniel Osborne on

      Do you use our name for organization, or email address? Previous comments hinted towards names, but I want to be sure.

    29. Gabe Nisker on

      Cause there's more than one space for many of the options. Also, the laser engraving should only get filled out by those who signed up for it? I didn't.

    30. Gabe Nisker on

      Well, I know a little of what to do.

    31. Gabe Nisker on

      Can you walk me through it? I'm SO CONFUSED.

    32. Charles Waugh 2-time creator on

      Stick with your KS account name - that'll keep it all organized.

    33. Charles Waugh 2-time creator on

      Dearest Chris and Colonel Fubar,
      Please excuse our technical difficulties.
      In other words: Ben's knuckles just got whacked for that one...
      And... it's getting fixed! (once he can use his fingers again)

    34. Missing avatar

      Emil Ekelund on

      Hi Charles!
      Should i enter the name i used when i did register my account at KS or should i center the name i did the payment with?
      I payed with my dads credit card, therefore i ask:)
      Sincerly Emil.

    35. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    36. Missing avatar

      Colonel Fubar on

      Yep ! My screen turned red too.

    37. Charles Waugh 2-time creator on

      We're moving too fast here, eh?
      We're now happily charging $10
      Our bad! Your good!
      Thank you!

    38. Chris Discotto on

      I tried your form and it says There was a problem with your submission. Errors have been highlighted below. the whole form is highlighted. I have no idea what the issue is.

    39. Kenneth Killeen on

      Hi Charles.
      Int'l kickstarters were able to pledge/purchase a SlingShot at $14 with a $10 int'l shipping fee, $24.
      Pre-Orders on your site list the product at $14.95 + $6 int'l shipping fee, $20.95. Don't want to "nit-pick" because it certainly isn't about money; the price is great to begin with, but usually the incentives are the other way around for early adoptors/backers!

    40. Charles Waugh 2-time creator on

      Eric, Chris, Colonel Fubar (is that REALLY your name?)
      You are all right-on!
      The survey does collect info, though it's a cumbersome process on our end, so we're trying to get a leg up on it through an email update + form on our website.
      Kickstarter does many things well for the backers, but makes the life of the project-manager a bit onerous in many little ways. Sigh... we're trying to keep our management of 2600 backer's orders simplified.
      Hope that 'splains things a bit.

    41. Missing avatar

      Colonel Fubar on

      Charles, every single KS projects I have backed sent me a survey to collect the details regarding the rewards. KS doesn't collect the addresses for you, but it has a way to create such a survey.

      You can take advantage of the survey to ask for the engraving text, and get an email address for further contact.

      This is probably somewhere in the project manager control panel (if there is such a thing :) ).

    42. Peter S on

      Ummm, I believe you get an opportunity to enter shipping addresses in one of the fields for an end of drive shipping survey from KS, at least that is how all the other drives worked. Not sure you need this, unless KS does not supply that info to you in a form that is easy to use.

    43. MOKU on

      Charles, you need to send us a Survey and it will collect anything you need from us...

    44. Eric Byers on

      Wouldn't this normally be done using a kickstarter survey?