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The SlingShot smartphone video stabilizer by WOXOM fits ALL smartphones (iPhone, etc.) It steadies your phone & might shoot a pebble.
The SlingShot smartphone video stabilizer by WOXOM fits ALL smartphones (iPhone, etc.) It steadies your phone & might shoot a pebble.
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Delay in shipping (but, disaster avoided) . . .

At our final, final cross-check before taxiing to the runway and lifting-off, we ran more tests on the original legs design and found that it had no legs! (A bad pun I couldn’t resist) But, being good pilots we had an evasive maneuver already (kinda) planned.  Read on. . .

Here's the scoop: Plastic is great in that it is able to bend (it's called 'plastic', eh?), but… it also stays bent once it's been bent for a long time under tension.  The leg design, while elegant in its simplicity, caused the legs to be a…

Problem: After being stowed for a long time in the handle (pinched together) they just didn’t spring apart like they were supposed to.  Bad bounce-back = DUD!

Solution: Change the legs to spring steel so they bounce right back!  Shazam! All fixed up and ready to roll. So, we're like all jumping around happily and drinking champagne over our awesome eleventh-hour fix and then we realized… 

Impact: Our scheduled departure will be delayed about 3 weeks-ish.  Our apologies for the delay. Since we are concerned about falling out of the sky, we took the path of safety and security for all.  We'll have drinks and roasted peanuts available during the wait.


PS: We're pretty bummed about the delay.  :-(  We know you want your SlingShots, and we want them to be the best when you get them!

PPS: There's also going to be updates coming on the actual manufacturing stuff (like the plastic injection molds) coming soon! 

Here's a video that shows you what we avoided:


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    1. Charles Waugh 2-time creator on May 7, 2012

      Sorry, but we don't have a hard ship date yet. We're working out the details and should know more in a couple of weeks.
      Henry Ford was right: Black is the way to go.
      We're working on getting a pretty-enough prototype to show off. But, they really will look almost identical to the existing legs, so it won't be a big shocker when you see them.
      Nope! Acetal has the best flexural modulus of any injectable plastic so were certainly using it. It just plain didn't work. :-(

    2. Missing avatar

      Billy Ragsdale on May 6, 2012

      Were you trying to use something other than acetal for the legs?

    3. Sharil Abdul Rahman on May 5, 2012

      Any change of seeing the spring steel-equipped stand on pictures/video?

      also does this mean it can carry more weight?

    4. Kodi on May 5, 2012

      Thank you for being a stickler for perfection.
      As this is a product design and launch campaign, it is a rollercoaster ride for us (the backers) as we would like to have the incredible slingshot in our hot little hands.
      But, we also would like to have the most awesome product.
      Thank you for taking the road less traveled and making the right decision.
      As I tell my children, anything worth doing is worth doing to the best of your ability!


    5. Jeff Freed on May 5, 2012

      Hello Charles, What color will be the spring steel? powder coated blank would be my preference.


    6. Missing avatar

      Goethals (deleted) on May 5, 2012

      Charles, could you please indicate the new estimated delivery date? This is important for me, because I need the Slingshot to be delivered before or on the 3th of july (Belgium).

    7. Charles Waugh 2-time creator on May 4, 2012

      Thanks! It's always scary (and disappointing to the customers!) to push back a ship date.
      Visually, it will continue to be luscious! The shape of the legs will be the same, just a bit thinner and more elegant.
      Once we get samples of the revised legs we'll get photos posted. And, my apologies if our humor rubbed you wrong. No harm done, I hope?

    8. KCSmith on May 4, 2012

      I don't mind the wait and appreciate the effort to make it right. I agree with Doug, a video of the issue/solution would have been appreciated more. Please update with a picture or video of the solution.

    9. Doug Montgomery on May 4, 2012

      I don't mind the wait and I'm glad to hear that kinks are being worked out before production. I must say that I was pretty disappointed to be quite honest actually not happy to waste my time watching a paper airplane crash and burn. I would have rather seen the actual problem.

    10. Kenny Embry on May 4, 2012

      Will it change the aesthetics at all? Will it still look the same?

    11. Jeroen Dekkers
      on May 4, 2012

      Hurray for Quality Assurance! I dont mind the delay, I applaud the change to increase the quality of the product!

    12. Lincoln Mennuti on May 4, 2012

      Sad face for delay, but happy face for fixed legs

    13. Charles Waugh 2-time creator on May 4, 2012

      Yes, it is very good news!
      Having the legs made of steel is kinda outrageous in manufacturing terms.
      It adds cost for us, but not for you, and it makes it a much more robust and solid product.

    14. Gwenaël Jacquet
      on May 4, 2012

      So, it's a good news. Thanks for sharring this story.

    15. Charles Waugh 2-time creator on May 4, 2012

      We also want you to use it at Disneyland! What a perfect place to use it! We're going full-tilt on getting this change implemented so as to not delay things very much... (huff! puff!)
      Good question.
      The spring steel legs will certainly be fully deburred and covered with black powder coat, so they will be very much like the existing plastic legs - but they will actually work!
      Thanks for asking!


    16. Eddie Hurt on May 4, 2012

      What will spring steel be like? Sharp edged material, isn't it?

    17. Michael Cromarty on May 4, 2012

      I hope they come before july, I want mine to film at disneyland!