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The SlingShot smartphone video stabilizer by WOXOM fits ALL smartphones (iPhone, etc.) It steadies your phone & might shoot a pebble.
The SlingShot smartphone video stabilizer by WOXOM fits ALL smartphones (iPhone, etc.) It steadies your phone & might shoot a pebble.
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    1. David Anderson on

      Hey, just logged into Kickstarter not realizing I had made this pledge, though i remember the product well. I tried to put my info into the site but got an error. Can you contact me so I can get my slingshot? Thanks!

    2. Jeremy Dillon on

      Please take the time to report this project to Kickstarter for Spamming.

    3. Jaume Padros on

      Hi Charles, I have been awaiting my Slingshot also... Please, I filled out all the surveys you sent out for my contact and shipping information! I would like to receive my requested, and already paid slingshots!
      I Wait for your answer!
      Thank you.

    4. Adrian Shepherd on

      Hi, I have been eagerly awaiting my Slingshot...but like others here I have yet to receive mine. Could you please look into it for me as I believe I filled out any surveys sent out for my information. If not, I would be happy to send you my contact info.



    5. Charles Waugh 2-time creator on

      This project completed over a year ago - where have you been?

      We have requested numerous times for each backer to fill out the survey and provide shipping details without which we cannot ship the product (Kickstarter does not collect that at the time of pledging).

      There is no shame on us for your not responding to the repeated requests for your shipping information.

      If you now choose to send us your information we will be glad to ship your SlingShots to you. Please be aware that they will go out USPS with no tracking available.

      Yes!, even tho' the project ended a year ago, we are still happy to fulfill our pledge.


    6. Missing avatar

      Joy on

      I am STILL waiting to receive at least one of the TWO ordered last year! Would be nice to comment on a product that appears to be something I would like to have to improve my handheld photography. But no show...sent the doe! And I just cannot bring myself to purchase it again...Get me once. Shame on you...get me twice...shame on YOU! Joy Evans

    7. Charles Waugh 2-time creator on

      You are absolutely correct that we have not answered your emails - something weird happened on our end with the email address - my sincerest apologies for that!

      Ben, who oversees our shipping stuff, is getting one sent out to you immediately!

      Again, my apologies for the screw-up on our side and thank you for writing us.

      Warmest regards,


    8. Missing avatar

      Dominik Helleberg on

      I have not received anything, even though I send the 10$ for int. shipping via PayPal, provided my address and send 3 mails asking for the status.
      I have not even got any reply to my mails. Really sad, Mr. Waugh, I thought you could do better.

    9. Missing avatar

      Shuhou on

      This has overall been a great project to follow and be a small part of with a great product to finish it off. This is how all kickstarters should be.

    10. Missing avatar

      z1r0_ on

      BAM! Just wanted to tell, that mine arrived too finally two weeks ago! Great thing! Can't put it away :D

    11. Doug Montgomery on

      Finally...They've arrived. :)

    12. Doug Montgomery on

      Ya know...I don't know what kind of shipping was used to ship these to me but it's driving me mad. It's been 2 days more than a month that mine were 're-shipped' 'again'. I've got a major school event for a graduating class in 2 days and I guess I'll just chalk it up as another event missed. It's just frustrating as , well you know what... I just got another order from China that I ordered days ago. What's really frustrating is that I paid $4.66 for that order and that 'included' shipping. This is just miserable and depressing.

    13. Stefan Natter on

      Hi Charles.

      Thanks for your support and response. I got my product today and I will test and use it today. Thanks!

      Have a nice day,

    14. Charles Waugh 2-time creator on


      Checked your order, and it has been shipped and is on the way to you. :-)

    15. Stefan Natter on

      Hi Charles.

      Tried to contact you on Facebook but did not get any response. So I'll try it here: Can you please take a look if my product is already shipping to me? Because I still did not get it...

      Name: Stefan Natter
      Country: Austria

      Also send you a mail weeks ago (10. December 2012). Please contact me!

      Best Regards.

    16. Charles Waugh 2-time creator on


      I think you're referring to the tracking number of your original order, which never made it to Poland. It appears that the USPS has no problems reusing old tracking numbers. How odd.

      Your second order was shipped on December 10th and left the US for Poland on the 14th.

    17. Doug Montgomery on

      Now I'm confused....

      My package shows it was delivered on Dec. 24th. Problem was delivered to TUALATIN, OR 97062 ... I live in Poland.

      December 24, 2012, 12:20 pm
      TUALATIN, OR 97062

    18. Lee Eng Hong on

      Received my Slingshot within two weeks just before Christmas after paying for the shipping fee to Malaysia.. really amazing and useful product. Thanks and have a pleasant new year.

    19. Charles Waugh 2-time creator on

      Albie, your order has been processed, and you should have an email with an update as well.

      Have a happy New Year!

    20. Missing avatar

      Albie Raj on

      Hi Charles,

      Can I please get an update on my slingshot orders?
      Have paid for the International Shipping weeks ago, but I didn't even get a reply email as to when I will get my orders....Have sent another email asking for an update but still no reply.

      I'm getting the feeling that you guys only reply to emails when we haven't paid for something.

      Probably I shouldn't have upped my pledge....

      Anyway I hope you are having a nice xmas Charles...

    21. Teresa Hartman on

      Just letting you know - Slingshots under the Christmas tree have been a true hit this year! Thank you for your hard work and great project! Happy New Year!

    22. Kevin Thai on

      Using your slingshot in class to record student presentations. The all ooooh'd and aaaaaah'd when it came out.

    23. Doug Montgomery on

      That's kind of odd....I just ran the tracking number again and it shows it left New Jersey yesterday, the 18th. My curiosity is did the same tracking number get used for packages sent 2 months apart..

    24. Charles Waugh 2-time creator on

      Hey Doug,

      Our apologies that you didn't receive your order even after after you paid the international shipping.  That's just wrong.

      Oddly enough, we had another backer from Poland who also didn't receive his order. So we re-shipped both orders to Poland on December 10th via USPS 1st Class International, with a declared value below $50, and marked for residential delivery.

      Sorry that we're not great at this yet, up to a couple of months ago we'd never shipped anything international and we're learning that every country is kinda different on what they need.  It's very frustrating for us, and I'm sure it's even more frustrating for you!

      To reiterate: your order was re-shipped on December 10th and should be there pretty darn quick, though we don't have any way of knowing how the postal services will handle it.

      And again, our apologies for this, we really want to provide much better service than we have and we are learning how to do that. Thank you for bearing with us.

    25. Doug Montgomery on

      In 3 days it will be 2 months since my package supposedly left the USPS sort site in LA. Tracking number LN346588440us.

      Being an original backer who expected to receive it in July this is pretty disappointing. Part of the delay was my fault in I didn't pay the international shipping in a timely fashion. When I did I decided to buy a second one.

      I've received 4 other packages from the US in the last couple of weeks that only took a couple of weeks to get here. It makes me wonder what form of shipping was used.

      It's too bad I've missed all the holidays, school events and productions...really a shame.

    26. Charles Waugh 2-time creator on


      We really DO want to send your SlingShot to you, but I'm at a complete loss.

      I can't find any messages through the Kickstarter messaging system from you - either in this comments section or directly as a personal message.

      Nor do any of our email addresses show you as having written (and we never delete any incoming mail - ever).

      I show you as having pledged $14 for one SlingShot and Amazon payments shows that as the amount charged to your card.

      And, since you're in Canada, there would be an additional $10 fee for international shipping.

      But Paypal doesn't show you as having paid that under the email address that is attached to your Kickstarter account.

      Maybe you used another email address on your Paypal account?

      I don't show that amount having been charged through our webstore portal on a credit card.

      I'm flabbergasted that we have no record of you writing yet you say you did - that concerns me a lot.

      If you have copies of the mails you sent, please forward them to

      If you have a copy of your $10 Paypal payment receipt, please forward that as well.

      We really DO want to send your SlingShot to you, but we're missing some things to do so.


    27. Missing avatar

      Simon on

      Hi, I am still waiting on the arrival of my one slingshot I have backed. I have checked everything from my pledge and shipping fee, to the information I have provided you.

      I have sent multiple emails and not one response.

      Do you know when I will be receiving this?

    28. Missing avatar

      Timothy Tonge on

      Buyers beware. Unlike the poster below, almost six emails with concerns about the shipping date of my unit went unanswered, and the unit arrived too late for the intended purpose and need. Thus I have a paper weight, and never one response from Charles.

    29. Missing avatar

      Ian Miles on

      I must be one of the luck ones in the UK that has received my Slingshots.

      Took just over 2 weeks to arrive.

      Thanks Charles for a great device.

    30. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    31. Missing avatar

      Anne Chetwynd on

      I'm in Toronto, Canada and I got mine with no difficulty many weeks ago now. I find it really handy and have used it numerous times for just watching videos and TV programs on my phone. It's been great. Looking forward to using it for taking photos!! Thanks.
      All the best,

    32. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Manno on

      Hi Charles, yep, got mine many weeks ago. It's everything I expected. The fact that the 'holder' unscrews from the tripod is a plus. Here's a long winded use of the tripod -

      I recently used my camcorder to record my stepson's wedding. While the video quality was excellent, the camcorder was rather old and I was unable to locate the necessary accessories to transfer to either a pc or mac. I tried eBay and just about every possible website for the right docking station. However, I was able to connect the camcorder directly to my HDTV - go figure.

      As a last resort I set up the Slingshot on a tray table at just the right height to my 46" TV and recorded the TV version of the wedding to my iPhone 4S. The quality was better than I expected. That made it easy to transfer it to my mac and then edit in iMovie. It saved me from having to by a tripod. Not a 'Wow' story, but it worked for me.

    33. Frank Foster on

      Hi Charles, got it and have been using it every time I shoot with my cell. Please check out my facebook page (…) and my site ( Thanks Charles for your excellent invention that fits all cell phones. It has definitely improved my photography. An image of mine was exhibited in London at FOTO8 this summer, taken on your slingshot.
      Take care,
      Frank Foster

    34. Christine Bastian on

      I'm one of those people that contacted Woxom a couple of times and every time I had a reply within a day or two. I got my Slingshot pretty quick but that's no wonder since Charles and I are practically neighbors. We too are flooded with rain ATM.

      I'm disabled and use a wheelchair, I contacted Charles to see if there was a possibility to attached the Slingshot to the wheelie. He's very enthusiastic about it, as he is will all technical challenges and new ideas. I know we will come up with an idea before spring. Having the Slingshot attached to wheelie now during rain season would not be any good. I'm looking forward working with him on that and make the Slingshot accessible for all people.
      I have nothing but good things to say about Woxom. I wish every company was as user friendly as they are. The problem lies I think in dealing with international mail. Being an expat in PNW myself I know how frustrating sending packages can be. While living in Fance I received a Christmas package send from the US in November, in March the following year. International packages work as follows in France. They arrive at the distribution center and if it is during a busy time, the first in are the last ones out. Do t know how it works in other countries but that's my experience. Hold ups at customs are also irregular and make no sense at all. 4 might go through and the 5th will picked out.

      The only other country I regular send packages to is the Netherlands. It's where I'm originally from so my family lives there. I noticed that package that I send priority mail in prepaid boxes arrive within 3-5 days. Packages I packed myself or that are in an envelop can easily take 2 months. I don't know why that is. So I stick to the prepaid priority mail. Hope shipping issues get solved soon. I backed 92 project in total and the most problems arise through shipping. Woxom is no exception. I'm sure Charles and Ben do everything in their power to get those Slingshots to you. For those of you that did not receive your package even though it was send, did you contact your custom office?

    35. Eddie Hurt on

      I'm sorry to hear of the delays some are experiencing. From Update #34, it appears Charles is earnestly attempting to reach those 200 out of 10,000+ customers. I've found Charles and Benjamin to quite responsive considering the huge effort it must have been to launch a new product to so many people, so I am sure they are doing everything they can to fulfill outstanding orders. The product is awesome!

    36. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    37. Missing avatar

      Dominik Helleberg on

      Hey Charles, I'm still waiting (as many others) for the slingshot to arrive. Don't you think it's time for some kind of statement explaining the delay? I know these kind of things can happen, but I would appreciate to know what's going on...

    38. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      Goodness me Charles, I've raised the issue (since 11th Oct) that I have ordered and paid for 5
      but had only received 4. No one enjoys writing negative comments, and so I thought I had better
      check for myself whether you were still selling the slingshot at It states "Now with
      FREE shipping through December 4th!" for new orders. Please kindly explain why should we be
      waiting if you are bold enough to make a 'live' offer, after all your talk about being sorry and yet...

      Just want what we backed, surely that's not too much to ask - funding or not, you are
      NOW making a 'live' offer on your own product site!

      If I may quote the Kickstarter's suggestion about posting comments, perhaps you could
      "Be respectful and considerate" in return.

    39. Missing avatar


      Ok, now I'm fed up with the waiting part (ordered 5 peaces in may 2012, destination the Netherlands).

      I've noticed that several people asked Charles about the slingshots. Did somebody receive a reaction from Charles?

      I've mailed a month ago and still no reaction received.

      CHARLES have you forgotten us???

      What measures can we take as a group if we don't receive our slingshots (and a reaction from Charles)?

    40. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    41. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Elliott

      Still no slingshot ?

    42. Pedro Cardoso on

      Hello Charles,

      I'm still waiting on my Slingshot and I'm becoming very disappointed with this project and Kickstarter....
      Is there any way to make the slingshot arrive in Portugal?

    43. Missing avatar

      Albie Raj on

      Hi Charles!
      Wondering what's happening with the international (or any) shipment??
      Been waiting for AGES on what I paid for in May'12!

      Please reply to this message and please DON'T ask me to purchase more slingshots.

    44. Missing avatar

      Jan on

      Is this guy kidding ?

    45. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Elliott

      Still waiting and then... Received today not a sling shot but a email advertising a discount coupon on the slingshot which I found such a kick in the teeth
      With the amount of postage I paid I would thought it would come by now even by sea mail ??
      I've sent emails with no reply???
      Kickstater them selfs need to be looking into situations like this too.

    46. royblumenthal on

      Awwwwwwwwwwwwesome, Charles! Received my two SLINGSHOTs in Johannesburg South Africa yesterday. They're excellent. Build quality is superb. And the spring steel tripod legs are perfect. This is a great product, and I wish you vast success with it. Thanks for the products, and thanks for the KickStarter process.

      One question though. I've tried to play ANGRY BIRDS with the SLINGSHOT. But I can't find a loop on the arms where I can attach the rubber bands for the shooting mechanism. Maybe in a future iteration?

    47. antimix on

      ... It is amazing that I have received my slingshot around October 29, and I am in Italy....

    48. Jonathan Kaplan on

      Following the e-mail I've just received, I've also didn't get my Slingshot, here in Israel (which is currently being bombed with missles, but still, it doesn't bother the international post services to arrive). How can you start selling the Slingshot broadly and not sending your backers their pledge reward?...

    49. Missing avatar

      Simon on

      I have not received my slingshot yet, I'm in Ontario Canada.

      Thought they were shipped in september? lol

    50. Missing avatar

      Dawid Humbla

      I've received neither of my 2 Slingshots. I'm in England.

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