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$1,745 pledged of $5,000 goal
By Kevin Lasit
$1,745 pledged of $5,000 goal

Feeling So Blessed

To date, I've reached $875 and I will be honest, I didn't think I would even make that much. LOL.  I am new myself to this Kickstarter and like I said in the description page, it's never easy asking friends and family for money.

With that, let me say thank you to ALL who have jumped on board with this passion project of mine.  I am so grateful.    I remain hopeful that within the remaining days I will get even closer.  The good news is I will still film this movie even if I don't hit the goal on Kickstarter.   This is one of the many reasons why I kept everything very small with this production.  But I will be honest, if I don't hit the goal, there won't be a budget to pay the actors, my DP, to pay for the meals, DV tapes, and the list goes on.  So even with a small project you can see how quickly things add up. 


  • My DP just purchased a Marker Board.  Thank you Will for jumping on this.
  • Start date with Risa:  May 6th.  Filming her looking at herself in a mirror.

Thanks again Kickstarter family and friends for your continued support and faith.

Until next week.

peace, Kevin Lasit

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