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Jog It! Is an open source hand held controller designed to make running a program in Linux CNC (EMC2) and MACH3 a breeze.
Jog It! Is an open source hand held controller designed to make running a program in Linux CNC (EMC2) and MACH3 a breeze.
238 backers pledged $16,862 to help bring this project to life.

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Sorry to bug everyone again so soon! Thanks to some quick checking by backers It was pointed out to me that the open source files only contained the Board layout information and not the source code.  

This has now been fixed and both files are available for download on my website.  Here are some direct links as well:

Bourd layout information:

Source code file:

To use the source code you will need to download "microchip solutions v2011-12-05" library from 

 The jog it folder will need to be placed in C:\Microchip Solutions v2011-12-05\USB\

I use a Pickit 2 programmer to program the micro controllers, but pretty much anything that will talk to microchip brand micro controllers will do.

Also, I had some requests for the source files for the 3d printable cases.  As this is an open source project I am happy to provide them.  Here is a link to two versions of the case that I currently have:

One has a rounded edge and one has a chamfered edge.  I'm not sure which one I like better at this point!  I have gotten good results on my prints using .1mm layer height, two shells and 100% infill on a Replicator 2.  Depending on which color I used, some clean up was required with a razor blade in the button openings to get the buttons to slide in them smoothly, but overall they print really well.

If you have a 3d printer and would like to build a printed pendant, but don't want to tear up your current Jog it!  I have dozens of boards in stock and can supply you with a kit version with the PCB, foam spacer, rubber keypad, USB cable, and all hardware needed for $40 shipped in the US, and $50 shipped internationally.  Just send me a note through Kickstarter and we can get it taken care of.

Final note, it sounds like some of you would like to be included on a mailing list for future updates and projects from DT Robotics.  Perfect!  Please send me an email with "mailing list" as the subject to and I will send you a note when I make major updates on my Blog in regards to the Jog it! pendant, and also news on new products and future Kickstarters.

Thanks again everyone!  I have been learning how to best answer the volume of email a project like this generates and if I have missed responding to you within 24 hours please don't be offended, I'm not trying to ignore any one but I sometimes miss things so just email me again, thanks!


Just checking in, and final wrap up!

Hey Backers! 

Just a quick check up to make sure the project gets wrapped up smoothly.

Everyone in the USA should have gotten their Jogit! by now.  If you have not please send me a note so I can look up the tracking information and get things sorted out!

International orders should be arriving last week or this week.  Sending items internationally is always full of risks and adventures, so let me know if you don't get your pendant in the next week and we can track it down.

The final open source files are up.  You can find a link to them on the bottom of the Jogit! page on my website, or directly here:

Thanks for all the comments everyone!  Both the good and the bad have helped me.  I have gotten a lot of feedback on ways to improve the pendant.

I have gotten a few requests from distributers to buy and resell the Jog it! pendant in bulk.  I have decided the current method that the pendants are made is WAY to time consuming to be sustainable.  I have also had a few people refer to the looks of the pandant as something that fell off the delorean in "Back to the future 3".

I have been working on the next phase of the project, an injection molded plastic case!  Here are some snaps of my 3d printed prototypes.  This version of the case fits in the hand a little better, is thinner than the machined version and includes a round pocket inside the back of the case to put in a magnet so that you can stick the pendant to your machine. This case is 100% interchangable with the original Jogit! case as well.  Any feedback on the new design is welcome!  I can't decide which color I like best, but I think gray and Blue are my favorite.  My daugter likes the pink one...

Thanks again backers!  This will be the last official update on this project unless something crazy comes up that warrants another one.  Feel free to drop by my website from time to time to see what project I am up to next!


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Thanks everyone!

Hey Backers!  Quick note to let every one know this Kickstarter is quickly wrapping up!

All of the Kickstarter pendants are finished, I will be dropping the last batch of them off at the Post Office today on my way to work.  

Thank you to everyone who supported this project!  When I launched this project with a $2500 goal which was about 40 pendants, I had no idea the pre-orders would go over $16,000!  It was both a scary and exciting time!  Thank you all for being patient with me as changes where made to accommodate such a large number of orders.  

I did my best to test all functions of every pendant shipped, as well as double check the boxes before they went out.  But I am human, if I screwed up your order somehow by shipping the wrong style, left out your extra rubber keypads, or sent you a dud ETC let me know and I will make it right.

I have updated the Jog it! section of my website ( with more of the open source files.  There are now DXF files of the plastic case and metal lid for those having trouble opening the STEP files.  I have also uploaded the STEP files of the rubber buttons for both Mach3 and Linux CNC.  The .HEX file is also up for those that want to program their own micro controllers with the Jog it code.

The last of the open source stuff to post before someone can completely recreate a Jog it! from scratch is the Schematic, PCB layout and original source code.  I have already emailed these files to those that have requested them, but I will get those up over the next few days with my new found free time for everyone else to use. 

When the above mentioned files are online this project will be officially wrapped up!  I'm sorry that on average I was a couple weeks late shipping the pendants from what I promised during the campaign.  I have learned a lot from this project about how much time things really take, and how much money things really cost!

I was able to build a couple dozen extra pendants of each flavor as I was finishing up the orders this weekend.  I will start selling these online this week, first on Ebay and Amazon and then my website when I get the store set up.  Extra rubber keypads will also be available for those that want them.

I am going to start work on my next KickStarter project, and it should be live in about a month. It is going to be a ready to run desktop size CNC milling machine.  The goal is to price it between $800 and $900.  There are a couple fun aspects of this project, like the custom 3 axis stepper motor controller, all metal frame and the custom made Nema 17 stepper motors with built in precision ACME screws for linear motion.  I understand that all of you already own a CNC machine so this next project may not appeal to you, but if you want to watch the progress on it anyway I will be updating my website as I build and test the prototype.

Thanks again backers!  This project turned product could not have happened without you!

Here are the last pendants waiting to go out!

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Almost done!

Hey backers, Just a quick update - The pendants are almost all shipped out!

Many of you should have your pendants by now, and many of you will be getting yours over the next few days as there are only 33 pendants left to ship. Those that are left will be shipped by the weekend after final assembly and testing.

Kit buyers: the case CAD files are up on my website: Scroll to the bottom of the page for the files.  It is worth noting that the top and bottom edges are not rounded in the file as I manually route them on the pendants. I will be making an unboxing and assembly video this weekend with my newfound free time, I'm sorry this is not up yet but it should make assembly of your kits much easier.  Also, the rubber buttons turned out slightly oversized and I have found that using an offset of .006 on the holes for the buttons to pass through privides a nice fit when using a .0625 end mill to cut the holes out.  You can accomplish this with the offset tool of your CAM package if it has it, or you can tell your CAM program that your .0625" end mill is .05" in diameter.

Thanks again to every one for being patient with me on the rewards being a few weeks late. Here is a picture of what my local post office counter has looked like almost every morning for the past few weeks!

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Let it snow! White plastic that is!

Hey backers!  

Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been working like crazy with every spare moment I have had this month to get the pendants out the door.  My shop is starting to look like the north pole from all the plastic shavings milled from the white cases!

I have good news and some bad news again.  The good news is that work on the pendants has been going well and many of you will get your pendants next week. The work has been more time consuming than I originally anticipated.  Which leads to the bad news, despite my best efforts I underestimated just how long the remaining 200 pendants would take to assemble and test.  While some pendants will ship this week, realistically There is two more weeks of work before the final pendant gets shipped out. 

The soldering is almost done!  Doing some quick math I am up to just over 30,000 solder joints completed.  I really wanted to outsource the soldering, but due to the unexpected cost of the better rubber buttons I ended up having to keep it in-house.  I'm glad I have been able to have CSI Miami playing in the background in my shop to keep me sane during it all!

All of the kit versions are almost done, and will ship in two days.  I made a few changes to the case design in my CAM program during manufacture, and I will update those changes in the CAD files and get them up before they ship so you guys can get a head start on making your own cases.

I have 187 pendants left to ship, 100 of them are on track to go out this coming Monday (some of those will probably ship friday  and the remaining 87 will trickle out during next week as I test and box them.

I will send everyone a note through Kickstarter when your pendants ship.  Thank you to everyone for being patient with me as I crank these out!  I have learned a lot during this project, and I couldn't have asked for a more patient group to put up with me.

Here are some quick pictures I took this morning after a few hours of soldering before I took off for my day job!

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