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A sturdy, customizable 3D printer that is easy to use and affordable for all. 3D print almost any object. There are no limits!
1,952 backers pledged $1,092,098 to help bring this project to life.

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Monday Update #49 - Manufacturing Problem

Posted by Michael Lundwall (Creator)

Hello Backers,

Problems in manufacturing

Based on our testing, and feedback from the beta testers, we have identified some manufacturing issues on the main board.

As soon as we received the shipment from China we quickly found beta testers to test the RigidBot with the purpose to find out any glitches or problems before we ship-out all of the printers. It has been a great experience and we have received very good responses from each one. In the beginning (first couple of weeks) we had not found any major problems and the RigidBot was printing great, however we started to see some unique behaviors that affected some beta testers.

The two problems were found in the RigidBoard (main board):

  • Power Switch - The power switches sometimes mechanically fail closed, and do not allow turning off the machine. 
  • Motor Current POTs - The POTs lack end-stops, and have reduced range and occasional dead spots, making motor current adjustments difficult and intermittent.

The original "First Articles" and following samples from the factory were made correctly with the correct components, however the production boards were populated with non-approved inferior replacements of the power switch and motor current POTs.

We have done extensive testing (at a great cost) of the production main board and have found that the other components are correct and that the only problem parts are the power switch and motor current POTs. All of the integrated circuits are correct. We are working with the factory to have the boards reworked to fix the problems, and replace the parts with the proper components. We work with a US based rep of the factory and they told us that the factory will fix the problem and we will have it solved quickly.

Additionally, since they will already be making changes to the boards, we have identified a couple of non-critical infrequent glitches that can be improved by some minor component changes and wiring rework. One of them addresses a very rare power-on initialization glitch, and the other will improve the dynamic torque in the stepper motors.

We have reworked the beta tester's boards with correct parts and they have then been printing as fast and as much as they can to test the rework. It has worked great! I am sure you all have all seen the pictures we have posted.

How does this affect the shipping schedule / the shipments on the water?

The 300 boards that arrived with the first 300 printers have been sent back to the manufacturer.

For the 1300 kits that are on the water now, the manufacture will return the bad boards to the factory. The factory is currently reworking the 900 boards that are still in China and they are going to Air Ship them once they have completed the rework. The factory has committed to providing 2500 correct boards even before they receive all of the bad boards.

Why did you take so long to tell us?

This is a very new problem and we wanted to have a solution to the problem before we brought it to our backers. It has taken us a couple of weeks to figure out the problem and come to a final solution, and then test the results.  

We will keep everyone posted and we expect to receive the reworked boards BEFORE we receive the containers from China.

The assembled printers are completed in our warehouse except for the main board, final wiring and calibration. As soon as we receive the reworked main boards we will start shipping machines.

Beta Tester Reviews

I have asked the beta testers to write a review on the RigidBot.  I have received three so far and I will post them as I have received them.  I certainly don't have them held to any NDA (non disclosure agreement) and they are free to communicate with anyone they would like, however I cannot force them to talk on any of the groups, it will be up to them if they would like to comment on the public forums.  They have printed 100's of hours of prints and we have posted most of them on our weekly updates.  I would like to personally thank our beta testers as they have spend a lot of time on this, for all of us.  

Beta Tester 1 - RigidBot 10x10x10 KIT with z-rod upgrade.   

"I am loving my RigidBot!  Assembly was quick and painless.  It is so reliable, I don't wait around to make sure the print starts correctly like I used to on my old printer.  I load the gcode, press print and walk away!

The biggest thing I want is a way to attach a part fan for PLA prints."

Beta Tester 2 - RigidBot Big 12x16x10 with z-rod upgrade and dual extruder.  

"The RigidBot is a great printer, not to mention the low price. The print quality is great, especially once you take the time to tune parameters (temperature, speed, motor current, etc.), and thoroughly clean the z-rods. In many ways the prints are comparable to my MakerBot (Replicator 2). 

 The lack of part fan does make overhangs in PLA more difficult, but the heated bed makes it possible to reliably print ABS, which is not possible on my MakerBot. I have experimented with adding a part fan, and it seems to help with PLA, and there is already a fan connector on the head PCB, so that makes it a more easy DIY upgrade.

Assembly of the kit did take a while, but was not particularly difficult, and the finished printer is pretty solid. Wiring connections are straightforward, but takes a little work to make the routing clean (mainly because of the open frame). Software setup was fairly easy (Cura and Pronterface), though some of the dual extruder features have some minor bugs or annoyances (not the fault of the RigidBot).

The dual extruder beta option is pretty cool, but has the same issues as most dual extruder systems, like oozing from the idle nozzle, alignment calibration, reduced X travel (about 100mm less), etc. Some of these things can be alleviated by software features (like an ooze shield). Printing with ABS for the main part and PLA for the support works pretty well, and allows the support to be very easily removed (PLA and ABS don't like to stick together).

Overall it is a worthwhile investment, and well exceeded my expectations."

Beta Tester 3 - RigidBot 10x10x10 with z-rod upgrade

This person provided me a very formal PDF and I have linked it here.

Beta Tester 3 Review

One of the biggest responses that I have received from beta testers is how nice the z-rod upgrade is.  It really helps provide for a less complicated installation and calibration process.  Even after assembly, the z-rod upgrade provides better prints and more reliability.  (All have said it is very well worth the upgrade cost).  

More Beta Tester Prints

white PLA with 0.2mm layers, 100mm/s speed, assembled print height is about 180mm, and took about 35 hours total print time (4 parts).
white PLA with 0.2mm layers, 100mm/s speed, assembled print height is about 180mm, and took about 35 hours total print time (4 parts).
Gives you a good idea how big this print is!
Gives you a good idea how big this print is!
Easter Family Fun
Easter Family Fun

Questions Answered

Technical and Production:

1. Do the assembly instructions you linked us meet the shipping requirements of various countries that require a manual (once it has been translated)? As far as we know they do.

 2. How is a usage / safety manual coming along? We believe this is needed at the very least for the assembled printers? We will be providing a basic usage safety manual online for all users.

 3. Any chance we can have a RigidBoard electronic layout with pinouts, or even just pinouts for all the connectors, so we can begin our customization plans? Yes, it will take me a little time as this is not top priority.

 4. What size/voltage is the fan for the RigidBoard case? Will the fan sold on your website fit? It is a 50mm fan at 24v.  The fan sold on the website is not the same size.  

 5. Is the nozzle standard to any other printer? We are hoping to find some with larger/smaller orifices (e.g.: 0.5mm, 0.3mm, etc.) The RigidBot nozzle is a standard design and other nozzles should fit without problems.


1. (Hopefully, we’re done with this section ;-) )  Unfortunately not... see above.

Delivery to Backers:

1. Based on a previous update , all filament is in Utah. Will all “extra” rolls of filament be shipped out of Utah (including non-North America)? We have found it easier to ship the spools out of China at this point.  The international (non North American) spools have been delivered to our Chinese kitting factory.  

 2. Did you determine if you will be able to notify individuals that their RigidBot shipment is nearing shipment? This would help those that are changing address in the near future, but are not sure they will have moved prior to shipment.  We are still working on the software for this and hope to have it done this week.  So yes we will provide this service.


1. What’s left to be done? Can the community help? It is a great community!  We thank you for your support and can't wait to ship out the RigidBot.  We ask that you continue to support us as we find unexpected problems.  There is no advantage to us in "holding your machine hostage" or sitting on machines.  I know it is individually frustrating for each of you with the delays but it gets compounded 1952+ times for us.

 2. Do you have the vessel names that the containers are shipping on? We ask only because it would be fun to track progress via a site like   I have asked our shipping partner to provide this information and as soon as they send it I will get it on an update.

 3. Have you finalized as the Google hangout date and time for the online build party with either your staff and or the beta testers? Not yet... As soon as we receive the reworked main board we will plan the hangout party as well as the local build party.

We work everyday to get the RigidBot out the door.  Many very late days and long hours, we are committed to quality and getting you a machine that will meet and exceed your expectations.  It takes time, but we are confident that you will love your RigidBot.  We are in the final hours and will soon be shipping machines.  We want to keep an open line of communication even when the communication is not what we all want to hear.

Thank you for your support and understanding!

Michael and Team

Quick Update - CE Certification / final upgrades

Posted by Michael Lundwall (Creator)

Hello backers, 

It isn't even Monday and I have an update!

CE Certification 

We officially received CE Certification for the following items.

  • Heated Base Plate Big - PCBA
  • Heated Base Plate Reg - PCBA
  • PCB for the head extruder - PCBA
  • RigidBoard Main Board - PCBA
  • Limit Switch PCB - PCBA
CE Certification
CE Certification

We are still waiting for the paperwork to come in for the following: (We have received verbal approval and are just waiting to get the official documents).

  • RigidBot Regular Kit
  • RigidBot Big Kit
  • RigidBot Regular Assembled
  • RigidBot Big Assembled
  • LCD / USB - PCBA

Final upgrades / Updating shipping information

We have received a lot of requested to have the ability to update shipping information or add other options.  

We will unlock your account so you can update or add items until Monday April 21st.  We ordered extras of most items so we should have enough stock on hand.  However any item added starting today will me marked on our end as a late add.  So if we don't have enough stock to fulfill that order it will not further delay any shipment.  

On the 15th of January we changed some pricing on the online system, so some pricing is different than before.

If you have already finalized your order you can update your order by logging into the online system. 

Go to the RigidBot 3D Printer section and click the button Track My RigidBot

Find your RigidBot order, and click the button - View / Edit RigidBot

**Now you can change shipping info or add addition last minute items to your order.**

If you have not already finalized your - PLEASE DO SO!!!! - Contact Kae ( if you have any questions about your order.

Additional Replacement Parts

We are also offering replacement parts that can ship with your RigidBot.  These are parts that would be nice to have on hand and are a little custom to the RigidBot.

Here is a list of what is available on the online system now:

  • Part# 1042 - Limit Switch - set of three
  • Part# 1043 - Bed Leveling and Extruder Springs - set of 5 Springs
  • Part# 1050 - Extruder Hot End
  • Part# 1052 - 24v Extruder Fan and Fan Guard
  • Part# 1053 - Extruder Heat Sink
  • Part# 1065 - Extruder PCB
  • Part# 1066 - 24v Heater Cartridge with connector
  • Part# 1067 - Screw in Thermistor with connector
  • Part# 1068 - Extruder Stainless Gear
  • Part# 1093 - Heated Bed Cable
  • Part# 1106 - Extruder Head Cable
  • Part# 1113 - Limit Switch Cable
  • Part# 1154 - Extruder Head plastics with bearing
If you have any questions about your pledge, email Kae ( ) 
Bunny Printed by Beta Tester - .2mm layer, 100mm/sec print speed.  PLA White
Bunny Printed by Beta Tester - .2mm layer, 100mm/sec print speed. PLA White


Michael and Team

Monday Update #48

Posted by Michael Lundwall (Creator)


It has been one very busy day, I am sorry the Monday Update is coming late.  

The Monday Update is the official point for information on the progress of the RigidBot.  We also have an instagram page that you can follow our day to day progress -  We will post all important information and updates via the Monday Update, if there is a significant update we will post that update on the kickstarter page right away.

Here is a quote from one of the beta testers

"You've created an amazing printer. Nice work! :-)"

We now have 1300 kits on the water!  300 in the first batch and an additional two containers that left about a week later. I will let everyone know when they arrive to port and when they are cleared from customs.  The remaining 900 kits should be kitted this week and on the water by next Monday.  

Stack of machines ready for wiring and calibration
Stack of machines ready for wiring and calibration
Devin is awesome, he helps manage the RigidBot production.
Devin is awesome, he helps manage the RigidBot production.

We have now officially assembled 125 RigidBots and it has taken us around 1.5 hours per machine.  Due to the missing cables we have set up production to the point right before the machines are wired, I expect it will take us about 30 minutes to wire and calibrate the machine.  We have already tested the calibration process and will have an official calibration run in the upcoming days.  See the short video of the calibration print.  We are printing directly onto the aluminum.

Packaging for the assembled printers have been tested and work well.  

We discovered that the manufacture did not drill/tap an important hole in the middle of the build plate for the RigidBot Big.  We discovered the error before any of the remaining parts were shipped out of China which is great.  We are in the process of reworking the 100 RigidBot Big build plates and they will be ready for assembly by the middle of this week.  

Instruction Manual 

I have included a link to the instruction manual.  On each page of assembly we will provide a link to the instruction video that relates to that portion of the manual.  We would love help translating it into the following languages: Spanish, German, Russian  and French.  Anyone who would like to help us please email Kae at -

Here are few more prints from the RigidBot

Answers to Questions

Technical and Production:

1. Have you received the final approval of CE Certification?  Yes, we have received verbal approval for both of the kits, the LCD, RigidBot Main Board and both heated build plates.  We have not received approval yet for the assembled machines, however are expecting to hear this week.

2. Will your calibrations methods be shared so that those that didn't get assembled RigidBots may repeat your methods? Absolutely, we want every RigidBot to work great.  Also, if anyone finds a new technique or trick we would love for you to share that with the rest of us.

 3. Has the manual been finalized? Can you share it with us? Yes, see above.

 4. Has the manual been translated to those languages where the respective countries require a local language manual for importing (e. g. EU - Germany)? If not, do you still need help from the backer community with these translations? (Which languages?)  See above


1. Have you received the cardboard and Styrofoam for the assembled printers?  Yes, (see above)

Delivery to Backers:

1. Could you share with us what shipping companies you have chosen to use for various countries? We will use a combination of different carriers and have not made final decisions for every country.  If there is a better carrier in your country we would love to know.  Please email kae if you know of the best carrier to use.  (  If you post it in the comments section it can quickly get overlooked.

 2. Is there, or will there be, a way to alter our order, in case we want to add the dual extruder, or more filament, or just to give Invent-A-Part more of our money? At this point it is a little tricky to add additional items to your order as we are almost shipping.  We have ordered certain quantities based off of the finalized pledges.  We have however order additional items of most parts in anticipation of unfinalized pledges / future sales.  We would love to offer additional opportunities for purchase, however we would hate for that to cause additional delays.  So if you are interested in adding additional items, we could unlock your account if we have enough of that item ordered.  It will of course be first come first serve.  Contact Kae and she will arrange for your account to be unlocked.

3. It has been quite a while since we finalized orders. Will there be way to change shipping address prior to shipping for those who may have moved?  That is a great concern... We will look into this and report back by next monday update.

 4. Will there be notification when our orders are in queue prior to printing shipping label, in case of last minute address change? We will look into this and report back by next monday update.


1. As beta testers post pictures of their test prints online, could you pass along that we’d like to know the software and settings used (resolution, material, temperature, speed, time to print, etc)? We’d also enjoy reviews or lengthier videos from the beta testers. At least one has a Replicator 2, so a comparison would be nice. I totally agree!  I will get some reviews from the beta testers as well as try to get them to send all of the print settings.  I typically get an email with just pictures so I will ask again if they can inform us on the print settings.

 2. In a prior update, you mentioned revamping the website to enhance customer experience. Is that happening now, or after bulk of shipping? We have started the process, however we are still focusing our time on getting the RigidBot out the door.  It is a ton of work :-).  What features would most be valued to make the new website better?  I know some people have CAD files they would like to share with everyone, perhaps a place online?  We would love to build the most user friendly site for everyone.    

 3. Will Invent A Part stock replacement parts for the RigidBot? We’re hoping for basic parts for wear or damage, plus upgrade parts.  Yes we will.  We have ordered extras of all parts in anticipation of this, and most we already have in stock.  This includes bearings, belts, motors, wiring, thermistors, heater cartridge, head parts, all of the plastics, RigidBoard, heated build plates, screws, springs, etc.

 4. Will you guys offer an alternative payment method for the orders at invent-a-part (including modifying current RigidBot orders)? (Many cannot or will not use PayPal.)  We currently accept all major credit cards and can take them over the phone.  What other payment methods would be preferred?

5. Is inventapart at risk due to the recent heartbleed issues?  As far as we know we are not, however we take your personal information very seriously.  For the past few weeks we have contracted an IT company to help secure our networks.  To operate our system we have 3 dedicated servers.  We have recently upgraded our services to backup everyday as well as upgraded our firewalls and email services.  We continue to work with this group to protect your information.  As a company policy we do not store your credit card or paypal information on our servers.  

Again I am sorry it is so late today, so please forgive me if there are typos.

Thank you for all of your support and we can wait for the shipping containers to arrive!!!!!!

Michael and Team

Monday Update #47

Posted by Michael Lundwall (Creator)


It has been a busy and productive week!  I finally received pictures from the kitting factory of the first 300 units.  The first 300 (200 regular and 100 Big) are on the water and as soon as they arrive into customs I will let everyone know.

Kitting the RigidBot
Kitting the RigidBot

The factory has confirmed that 1000 additional units have been kitted and should get through Chinese customs around Wednesday or Friday.  

Missing Cables Arrive

The 300 missing cables finally arrived.  They have an additional 300 cables en route to cover the 300 machines that are on the water now.  

300 missing cables
300 missing cables

Couple of pictures from Beta Tester Printers 

The blue ring is an ooze shield - to prevent the other extruder from dragging in material.
The blue ring is an ooze shield - to prevent the other extruder from dragging in material.
PLA - Gray
PLA - Gray
Dual extruder print
Dual extruder print

Questions Answered

Technical and Production:

1. Is there a 12V pin available from the RAMPS board? How about a 5V pin? There is not a 12v pin, we regulate from 24v to 5v.  There are lots of 5v pins on the various connectors.  The limit switch connector is a good option.

 2. Are the motors and the fans also rated at 24V or 12V?  The motors and the fans are all designed to run on a 24v system.

 3. How many mA will the USB Socket provide at 5V? (In case we want to hook up a small hard drive.)  300mA 

 4. Did you get any help with the CE certification?  We have received verbal confirmation and should receive paperwork this week !!!! :-)


1. Has the cable maker shaped up yet?

Yes, we received 300 cables today (these will cover the 300 machines that are here in Springville now)  The additional 300 should arrive in the next day or two.

Delivery to Backers:

1. What is the mix of the kitted printer on the water? Will it be the 200/100 as previous, or all small kits? It is 200 regular and 100 big in the container now.  

 2. Why only 300 in this container? Is it because of the labor involved in adding cables to so many kits once they arrive?  I wish I had an exact answer, the factory has not given me any explanation for this...  However we know that 1000 kits are going on the water on Wednesday.


1. How about PayPal preorders; when will they get accounts to finalize their orders?  

If you are a paypal preorder contact Kae at with the subject paypal online account - we will get you set-up into the system.

Thank you everyone for your support, we will keep you updated with all of the progress.  We are planning another production run to assemble 50 RigidBot Bigs on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  

Michael and Team

Monday Update #46

Posted by Michael Lundwall (Creator)


We have started the process of assembling printers!  It has been a great experience and it is a lot of fun to see the RigidBot come together.  Remember you can see more frequent pictures on our instagram page follow us @rigidbot

There is also a great Google Plus Group (Organized by Backers and RigidBot Fans)

Manufacturing / Kitting 

As many of you know we have not received the pesky cables from the cable company.  I have not received a good explanation from the factory, however they say it has something to do with importing them into China.  The company I am working with is based in China however the cables are manufactured in Taiwan.  According to the factory the cables are finished and en route to the kitting facility.  They did not arrive before the Thursday deadline for kitting so we kitted 300 units that are now in route to the USA.  (last update they are in Chinese customs for export and should be on the water by Wednesday).  We are air shipping 600 cables to the USA that will accommodate the 300 units that are already here and the 300 additional units on the water.

The kitting went really well and I should receive pictures from the factory soon.  We will keep everyone updated on the progress. 

I know there is some frustration that we are focusing our time on the assembled printers, however I assure you we are doing everything we can to get the kits out as soon as possible.  We plan on kitting the remaining printers in two batches.  One batch of 1000 and another of 900.  

So 300 have already arrived (Most will be assembled)  -  300 kits are on the water - an additional 1000 will be kitted (scheduled for next Monday) and the final 900 (Scheduled for a little later that week April 11th).

This is our current shipping plan (it may change but it is our plan at the moment).

Obviously the 300 Kits that are on the water now are being shipped to the USA.  We can only fit 750 machines into a container so we are likely to ship 750 to USA and the remaining 250 will be reserved for international backers, to be shipped directly from China to their final destination.  (the only thing that will change this is if we don't have CE certification by the time of shipping)  We don't want to ship to a country where they will be denied by customs because no CE certification.  We are pressing as hard as we can to get this finalized as FAST as possible.  

We have a lot of pictures!  So I hope you all enjoy them.

Assembly of RigidBot 

We built the RigidBot in several different manufacturing cells. This allows us to control the quality of the assembly as well as minimize space and time. Most of our tables are on wheels so we can easily move that assembly station to where it needs to be.

Overall we have had no problems with assembly.  One important note is the z-rod on the z axis motor needs to be cleaned.  It comes a little dirty from the factory, so to get good movement on the zrod it is good to clean it.

50 RigidBot Printers
50 RigidBot Printers

Video of Manufacturing 

Here is a quick video of some of the manufacturing cells used to get a RigidBot made.

Pictures of Prints off the RigidBot

Here are some prints from the RigidBot this week.
Rook printed at .1mm layer thickness - the Orange is ABS and the Yellow is PLA. Printed at 70mm/sec
Rook printed at .1mm layer thickness - the Orange is ABS and the Yellow is PLA. Printed at 70mm/sec
Rubber Band Glider
Rubber Band Glider
The skull was dual extrusion, with ABS for the skull, PLA for the support and raft, .2mm @100mm/s.   See additional pictures below for progress of print.
The skull was dual extrusion, with ABS for the skull, PLA for the support and raft, .2mm @100mm/s. See additional pictures below for progress of print.
The goobers on the side are all PLA support ooze, because I didn't use an ooze shield, but it scraped off easily with my fingernail.
The goobers on the side are all PLA support ooze, because I didn't use an ooze shield, but it scraped off easily with my fingernail.
The main support snapped off easy, and left minimal marks on the print.
The main support snapped off easy, and left minimal marks on the print.
Final print
Final print

Questions Answered:

Technical and Production:

1. Can you provide more details on the power supply? We know it's 24v but what amps 15a or 20a? 

The power supply is 24v and 17a and is external and plugs into the back of the RigidBot.

 2. What is the status on the first batch of assembled printers?

See above 

 3. Any update on CE certification?

Not yet, I check back with them once a week.  


1. Cable update? Who knew a simple cable would cause so many problems!!!! They are going to air ship 600 cables to us and the remaining cables will be sent to our kitting factory.

 2. Has the packaging for the assembled RigidBots been corrected/finalized?

Yes, we have shipped around a RigidBot with the standard corners seen in last update and it shipped great.  So we are planning on using the larger ones just for a little extra protection.  The box has been ordered and only has a two week lead time.

Delivery to Backers:

1. Can you tell us what group of orders the first 300 assembled RigidBots are going to? 

By my math, the 200/100 you received should cover all regular assembled backers (145), and almost all of the Big assembled backers (114). 

Yes that is about right, we have already distributed some of the 200 small to beta testers as well as when we have the local build party, we will use some of these printers to distribute to those backers.  

2. Can you tell us what group of orders the first 300 kits are going to? 300 will barely make a dent in the number of backer kit orders (1201/388), not to mention “extra RigidBot” add-ons and pre-orders, but it’s a start.  

The first 300 kits will be shipped to the backers in the order of pledge level.  We will finish delivering the $299 level first, then move to the next level etc.  There is a chance that some international backers will receive their kits before domestic backers as they will be shipped directly from China.  There are only 200 RigidBot Regulars and 100 RigidBot Bigs being shipped so it isn't a huge dent, however the next round should be right behind this one.  

 3. Any estimate on when the first assembled printers will ship? We know it's not concrete, but it would be nice to know what stands in the way of the first printers heading out.

We are waiting for the cables as well as getting more feedback from our beta testers.  We are close to shipping, and are estimating the first assembled printers should go out sometime next week.

 4. Some are worried about the declared package value on shipments. Though the RigidBot price has gone up since the KickStarter project, will KickStarter backer shipments be listed at the pledge-level amount, or the current retail amount? 

The package will be declared at the price of the pledge level, not at the current price of the Rigidbot.  The value the backer paid is the value of the package.  This is one reason we seriously entertained importing the machines into the country and having the build party.  We could declare a lower value on all printers coming in and have only one customs interaction. Invent-A-Part would pay all of the import fees then distribute the fees to the backers.  Overall it was less for all international backers however poised some problems so we have not pursued this option, and was very frustrating to many backers.

 5. For international shipments, what will the company name on the invoice be? This can be important to link the Amazon payment invoice to the shipment.

We will have the company name as Invent-A-Part, and the item declaration will be hobby kit


1. Do you still have plans for Google hangout build?  Yes, when works best for everyone?  We will probably look to having something next week??

 2. Are any special tools required, other than the allen wrench (/hex key/inbus) on the BOM?

We include 3 allen wrenches in each kit, used for the 3 different sized allen bolts.  Most use the large 2.5mm hex.  

Additional tools that would be nice for assembly: small phillips screw driver to adjust the current pots on the RigidBoard.  This is used to adjust how much current is sent to the stepper motors and is used to calibrate the RigidBot.  While assembling the RigidBot it can be useful to have a mallet to set the metal bars in the plastic, however it is not hard to do by hand.  Razor knife to cut blue tape or similar tape on the build plate.  

We are so excited for the RigidBot and look forward to shipping your printer as soon as we can.  Please send any questions or concerns to 


Michael and Team