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A sturdy, customizable 3D printer that is easy to use and affordable for all. 3D print almost any object. There are no limits!
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Monday Update #64


Hello Backers,

We are really far behind on trouble tickets trying to keep up with shipping printers.  We have received the trouble tickets but, expect, that it will be an additional two weeks before we will be able to respond or resolve the issue.  There is not enough time in the day to get everything done, so our first priority is getting machines shipped and fulfilling kickstarter rewards.  We have brought on 4 temporary workers this week to help with shipping.

To speed up the process, if you have a DOA (Dead on arrival) part, please send us the bad part with the trouble ticket number on the front of the box.  See below

Invent-A-Part, Inc
C/O Devin  - #(your ticket number)
1278 N 750 W #300
Springville, UT 84663

We would love to setup our online store, and absolutely will in the future, but we have to keep a close watch on part supplies.

Machines go out our doors everyday, and we keep moving forward.

International Shipping - We are still fighting with China post.  I have demanded the additional tracking numbers and they agreed to send me the report of each shipment in excel format.  I received the reports and they don't have tracking numbers.  It may soon come to me flying back out to China to resolve the issue.  It is a huge priority to us and obviously we want to get you your machines.  I spent 2 1/2 long weeks in China making sure the kits were ready to go and now we have a delay from China Post. It is extremely frustrating! We won't stop until it is done.

Thank you for your support.

Michael and Team

Monday Update #63


Hello Everyone,

We continue to ship kits and assembled machines as fast as we can.  The air shipment with LCD components, main boards and dust covers is in Salt Lake City still in customs as of 4pm today.  We are hopeful that we will get that shipment tomorrow. 

The final shipment of PLA / ABS is in customs in Los Angeles since 21st of July, we don't have any holds on that shipment, however it just hasn't been released yet.  As soon as that shipment arrives we will finish shipping all of the material orders.

We have about 350 machines to ship to finalize our kickstarter pledges!  This includes regular and big kits to the USA, Mexico and Canada and the rest of the assembled machines both domestic and international.

International Kits and Material Shipments - We are working with China Post to get the machines out of the warehouse.  I have now received the tracking numbers for shipment one and shipment two (about 160 tracking numbers).  They are moving about 25 machines out of the warehouse every business day and I am trying to figure a solution with China Post to get more out everyday. 

 We are aware there are missing parts including heated bed PCB.  For some reason they were not put into the KIT in China.  Machines are organized in pallets of 25 machines and each pallet is organized by Kit size.  We check one box per pallet and ship them out.  If you are missing a part please open a support ticket and we will get the missing part shipped out.  We are very behind on trouble tickets however we will get caught up as soon as we finishthe big shipping push.  

We will also be opening a store where you can purchase replacement parts and supplies for your RigidBot.  

Check out our YouTube Channel -

Instagram Page -

Pages set up by RigidBot Users - Great community support

  • google+ -
  • forum -
  • wiki -

We have a great community behind the RigidBot and we thank each of you for all of your support.

Thank you!

Michael and Team

Monday Update #62



It has been a busy week for us at Invent-A-Part.  We were able to ship a total of 460 machines within the last week!  The machines have been a combination of Kits and Assembled machines sent to the USA, Canada and Mexico.

International China Post - We are looking into the the shipping delays from China Post.  We have confirmation that shipments 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 have been sent by China Post.  Shipments 6, 7, 8 and 9 are still in the warehouse.  I am trying to get a solid answer from our shipping partner why they have not been picked up for shipment, as they were to be shipped last week.  It is not a customs hold.  I am working very hard to resolve this issue, and I hope to have an answer / product shipped shortly.  

Recent Prints

Dual Extruder - Neon Yellow PLA / White PLA
Dual Extruder - Neon Yellow PLA / White PLA
Full Scale Skull - ABS model / PLA support - Printed by a friend on a RigidBot Regular
Full Scale Skull - ABS model / PLA support - Printed by a friend on a RigidBot Regular
This thing is huge! 53 hours of printing at .2mm
This thing is huge! 53 hours of printing at .2mm
Support Removal
Support Removal
NinjaFlex Black and Red ABS - Tire and Wheel
NinjaFlex Black and Red ABS - Tire and Wheel
Bird House - White PLA
Bird House - White PLA

 We are expecting 605 more main boards to arrive Thursday as well as the rest of the aluminum blocks.  They are currently in the air from China.

Thank you for your support!

Michael and Team

Monday Update #61



We finally received the main boards today at 1pm (460 total boards).  They got caught in customs and were finally released.  We were able to get 111 machines packaged and shipped out today.  We maxed out the FedEx Ground truck capacity with the machines so they are bringing by our own FedEx trailer for tomorrow's shipment as well as Thursday's.  All of these shipments have the new head cable (part#1106) and aluminum heater block (part # 1063).

The machines shipped include domestic regular and big kits as well as Canadian regular and big kits.  We will continue to work really hard this week to keep machines shipping.  I am in constant contact with china trying to get more boards on their way via Air shipment.

We are reworking the assembled machines with the new aluminum blocks and head cables and will start shipping them again this week.

Thanks for your support,

Michael and Team.

Monday Update #60



I got back from China on Sunday afternoon, it was a long but very production trip.  While I was there i was able to prepare all International shipments leaving from China.  All shipments have the new aluminum block (part number 1063), a new head cable (#1106) and a reworked main board.  

They are organized into 9 different batches ready for pickup from China Post.  Once the batch was created we sent the shipping information to China Post.  China Post generated the shipping labels / documents for each of the shipments in that batch and later returned with the labels.  So for batch one they brought the labels.  Then two days later they returned with the labels for batch two and picked up batch one.  When I left on Sunday China Post had picked up shipments 1 through 4 and we had the labels for shipment 5.  The plan is to have them pick-up shipment 5 on Monday, shipment 6 on Wednesday, shipment 7 on Friday, shipment 8 on Monday the 14th and shipment 9 on Wednesday the 16th of July.  They will provide tracking numbers for each of the shipments however they need to be entered in manually, so I will task Kae with helping with that.  We have only received tracking numbers for batch one so far.  

I use the website to track the packages.  Below is a tracking number from shipment one headed to France.  

Here is tracking information from Shipment One
Here is tracking information from Shipment One


China Post Pickup (Part of Shipment 4)
China Post Pickup (Part of Shipment 4)


Inside of a Kit with extras
Inside of a Kit with extras

 Below is a video of where I ate lunch a lot of the times.  It was quick and about a block from the factory.

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Picture of the last box of the last shipment (Batch 9)  Finished at 8pm on Saturday...
Picture of the last box of the last shipment (Batch 9) Finished at 8pm on Saturday...

Domestic / Canada / Mexico Shipments

As of Today we have 350 main boards, 500 Aluminum blocks and all of the head cable wires on an air shipment expected to arrive on Wednesday and clear customs hopefully Wednesday or Thursday. Once we receive those parts we will start shipping out machines again. I was able to get 150 machines (kits) ready to ship a day in China, so I have no worries of getting 150 machines a Day in the Invent-A-Part facility.

Thank you all for your support and we continue to work very hard to get machines out the door.

Michael and Team