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A sturdy, customizable 3D printer that is easy to use and affordable for all. 3D print almost any object. There are no limits!
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International Shipping Update

Posted by Michael Lundwall (Creator)

Hello Backers,

First of all I would like to thank all international backers for their continued patience, I am very sorry that what I thought was a solution on my last trip to China has not worked out without my prescence on-site. Please accept my apologies, my learning curve has been very steep this past year. I will now return to China and ensure that the shipping process completes.

In this update I would like to give you the details of the plan for getting your RigidBots to you and present you with two options:

Option 1: FedEx I have negotiated new rates with FedEx for shipping your RigidBot kits. I have a good relationship with FedEx and I am confident that they will help me to fulfill shipment.

A PayPal payment form with rates for each country is here:

Further to the FedEx rate, I propose that backers subtract the amount they pledged for shipping (for most people $90) but please include the shipping cost of any filament packs. An example cost for one Regular kit and one 5-pack of filament is given in the last column of the pricing chart.

FedEx has quoted me a shipping time of 5 days.

Good news for RigidBot Big kits. The FedEx cost for these kits are the same as the RigidBot Regular Kits.  

From what we know that Shipments #1-#4 have already shipped.  I just received confirmation today that all of shipment 5 has not been shipped.  So if you are in shipment 5 you can use the FedEx option.  

Option 2: China Post (CP) as we have it now.
If you do not want to pay any extra that is fine and understandable. In these cases I will get CP to deliver the packages as planned. The shipping time most backers have experienced so far is around 10-12 weeks.

Any filament not already sent will also go via CP.  Please understand that in the spirit of getting this done it would be difficult to add more complexity.

Domestic Contributions - Thank you again to domestic backers who want to contribute to shipping, I am very grateful for your kind offers and it helps us out a lot. Please just put INTL in the order number if you want to contribute to the cost of covering the additional costs of shipping including my costs to stay in China as long as it takes to get this done. If you want to sponsor an order I suggest that the g+ community would be a great place to find someone who would love to take up your offer, just specify which order # is being sponsored in the notes section.  Use the same link below to contribute.  It is very appreciated!

Timeline - I'm sure you all understand that the FedEx solution, as well as getting you your printer quicker, is also financially a burdon on IAP. I therefore have to give this option the chance to work. So I will provisionally go to China on Tuesday 23rd if there is a quick response. If we need more time to get a response I will travel on Saturday 27th. 

Deadline to use FedEx - I need to sort the paperwork for the changed shipments so there will have to be a deadline at the point when I go to the airport as it will be difficult to coordinate this from China.  So if I do leave on the 23rd then we will not be able to change shipping methods after that date.  Or if I leave on the 27th that will be the deadline.

Whatever the method I will ensure that everybody has a tracking number.

I would like to say thank you to all of the backers who contributed to the discussion of this plan and also to the backers were so keen that they sent the payments as soon as the page was availble, thank you for beta testing and for your trust.

Michael and Team


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    1. amigacooke on

      Glad to hear some printers are trickling through.

      I have backed another technology KS, but this one is managed in the UK and manufactured in the UK, so I won't be helpless in the face of non-delivery in case of problems.

    2. Hayal Oezkan on

      Please! We need updates!!

    3. Missing avatar

      Achim Oppelt on

      I received my RigidBot (order #5038) this week via FedEx even though I did not even ask for that option. And it came from the US and not China. A very nice surprise for Christmas - Thank you very much guys! I realize this whole project did not work out for you as you had planned. Again, thank you for making this work against all odds.

    4. Missing avatar

      Shahar Tamir on

      Is it really so difficult to respond to emails, or (heaven forbid) post an update?
      Where is my fucking printer?

    5. Alex on

      We need updates!!! We deserve updates Michael!!

    6. Missing avatar

      Askar Aryngazin on

      Please make one more FedEx shipment option.

    7. amigacooke on

      Any news from anybody?

    8. Pedro Lourenço on

      Hi Michael and Team,

      Unfortunately I've been out a while so just saw your email now. This means that already I missed the various shipping deadlines.

      What alternatives left to me?
      Shipping is for Portugal (RigidBot Order # 5870)

      Yours sincerely,

    9. amigacooke on

      Any news from China post?

    10. Missing avatar

      Tommy Nilsson on

      Created a ticked about my printer at invent. And they are waiting on the mainboards. After assembly it will get shiped from Utah.

    11. Missing avatar

      Ivan Gromov on

      Did anyone get a tracking number or a refund in the past few month? Or at least any reply from IaP?

    12. Dan Wu on

      I was really disappointed at your support! One month past, no tracking number, no update…

    13. Chris Fourie on

      Don't kick yourselves for not getting the FedEx shipping - I did, and I still don't have my printer. It's stuck at the factory for no apparent reason.

    14. Stuart Lees on

      @Travis - come over to the Google+ RB group- there are plenty there that can offer advice & assistance to get you up and running.

      Not much detail to go on, so cannot tell if a "small blob" represents a dribble of filament (and there is some issue with the feed), or a tangled blob indicating you are currently having adhesion problems.

      Both are discussed & solved on the G+ page

    15. Liam on

      Wow. Just wow. I just got a reply from the helpdesk regarding my change of address request that I sent back in... August. I had resigned myself to accepting that it would arrive at the wrong address and I'd have to organise things from there. A pain but whatever, no big deal.

      Knowing now that it hasn't shipped and it'll be an unknown period before it does, well, it sucks. :(

      More amusing (?!) is that the reply I got asked me for the details I included in the request. Sigh.

      One day, RigidBot, one day you'll arrive.

    16. Dae-Hyun Kim on

      When can I receive the tracking number? It's been 1 year!

    17. Ira on

      Crap. I guess I should have paid for the FedEx option when I could...

      Michael, time for another update. from the G+ group I understand CP is not shipping any more boxes? Or is it the warehouse? Is it just a cash flow issue or is it something else?

    18. Travis Works on

      Still haven't managed to get anything printed (other than a small blob of plastic). I may not be perfect, but I followed the instructions and don't think I could have possibly screwed it up this bad. Anyone else have this kind of problem, and a solution?

    19. Missing avatar

      Paco on

      Hola! For those who are waiting for their printer to be shipped from Utah (local or non local), they are waiting for the mainboards. It will take a few weeks.

      Have a nice weekend!

    20. Tom Keating on

      So, I guess the FedEx option is not valid anymore? P.S. Not everyone used G+, so can you post update here or via email?

    21. Missing avatar

      Lucas Fowler on

      If you think you should have received a box by FedEx and you are not in the list below, please mention your box number here:

    22. Missing avatar

      Paco on

      Sooome newwws, everyone.

      Reading on the google plus group, I have found this comment from inventapart:

      "Guys look, the Invent-A-Part team is working really hard to get this done. The bottom line is we need need $100,000 to $140,000 more dollars to get the remaining shipments out the door. I know you don't like that answer but it is the truth. I work all day everyday trying to find money and a solution, because I care about my backers and will fulfill their pledges. It gets very difficult when we have endless complaining during this process. I have to find another $140,000 in DEBT and even when I do, people are still unhappy and dissatisfied. I have put everything I have into this Kickstarter and I am still very passionate about the RigidBot and what it can do.

      I know that +Marvin Stuart is dissatisfied with us because of the main board problem. +Marvin Stuart we sent you 4 main boards, the last two were specifically tested on a RigidBot and checked for functionality before we shipped them out. There comes a point when we can't continue to replace the main boards, especially when they were tested before they leave our facility. We appreciate all of the help that you have put into the RigidBot, more specifically with people who need help setting up their RigidBot.

      +Lucas Fowler talking to me everyday is not the way I function. I am not hiding, running away, or trying to avoid this situation. I spend all day trying to figure the solutions out. Like I have said before, it is pointless to go to Shenzhen before I have the money to ship the product, it will accomplish nothing.

      The Big's have arrived however they do not have main boards.

      We are completely out of main boards and working to come up with $35k to make 150 more main boards. The US manufacturer is somewhat willing to work with financing but it is not buying the components, so I am working on that.

      Filament was not in this shipment and is on another container that will arrive Oct 31. There are 1200 spools on that shipment. There is an open balance of $18,000 that needs to be paid to the shipping company.

      Obviously the RigidBot has cost us way more than ever anticipated. We are not giving up, running away, hiding etc we are taking on huge amounts of DEBT to fund the rest of this project. That we hope to pay back with future sales.

      Just remember we are a small company and we are doing our best. We don't have the resources that big companies have."

      I have read it while listening to this:…

      Due to a problem, my rigidbot have had to be shipped from Utah (not from China). I paid the proper fees a month ago. Nothing have arrived yet. But this remains in the web of inventapart: "RigidBot Regular 10x10x10 Frame Kit - will ship in 1-2 Business days!!!"

      Being as fucked as the most fuckeds, not being famous for my patience, I thing we should relax a little bit the pressure. We know the problems (barely), let's work with the reality. I mean, we don't want to get this worst than it is. Should be good for us not to back him to a corner.

      This is just my opinion.

      Have a nice week, folks!

    23. Tom Keating on

      Is the FedEx option still available so I can get the printer I ordered?

    24. Liam on

      Putting it politely, I'm not a fan of the lack of updates.

    25. Luca Crotti on

      Shame on you michael, and SHAME ON IAP!!!!

    26. Missing avatar

      Philippe Messmer on

      1 month and no answer !!!! Nice, professional, serious !!!!

    27. Missing avatar

      Lucas Fowler on

      @Ben Millen,

      We are trying to keep up the pressure. Any help welcome.

    28. Ben Millen on

      @lucas fowler, there seem to be about 3 G+ groups and the only one that seemed relevant seemed full of the happy few that could afford the extra shipping and are happily using their printers

    29. Missing avatar

      Marco Ziegert on

      @Luca Crotti
      I don't know if it is your problem, but I found out that if you use Opera Browser, you are not able to login to inventapart and sending a ticket is not possible, too! Opening a ticket looks fine first, but it is lost! I had this problem, then changed to Firefox and everything was fine!

    30. Luca Crotti on

      Another week, another delusion.
      No info,
      no shipping,
      no refund
      No printer



    31. Missing avatar

      Lucas Fowler on

      @Ben Millen: Come over to the G+ group. We have been interviewing Michael on a regular basis to get updates.

    32. Ben Millen on

      you know what, this fucking blows! i was quite happy getting the updates on Tuesdays even if there wasn't much news, but you decided to abandon that because of the shouty people hurting your feelings, now because i cant afford the fedex option im left in no mans land, 3 weeks since this last update...5 weeks since a proper one. really really disappointed in the way your handling this michael

    33. gerald carosati on

      Received mine on Wednesday ... will assemble tomorrow ...

      To the ppl complaining about custom fees, do complain to your respective countries, IAP has nothing to do with that ...

    34. Missing avatar

      Lucas Fowler on

      @alvin lua:
      Go here:…
      Enter the 6 digit Invoice/box number from the IAP account, then country and postcode and leave the rest blank.

    35. Missing avatar

      Alvin Lua on

      Mine is in shipment 8. Should be sent to me in singapore via Fedex. But i haven't got any tracking number. Only number i have got is this 5274-101114 from inventapart How do i check with Fedex???

    36. Stuart Lees on

      To clarify for those asking, my printer (arrived Monday via FedEx) to Australia was originally batch 9- I'm pretty sure batch numbers went out the window for those that opted for FedEx.

      No additional taxes at all for Australian deliveries. That may change in the next year or so, but is the current situation for Oz.

      Build is currently going well, only missing part so far appears to be the spool holder (one of the stretch goals). However I will reserve my final opinion to at least when the first print happens!

    37. Missing avatar

      Aldo Visini on

      Moving house, but "apparently" my printer has been shipped according to IAP customer service but not on the website. Told the new owner to enjoy his printer when it comes next year maybe. So over this, worse than One Plus One's campaign, at least they were active communication and refunded issues.

    38. Leandro Zaccaria on

      An update to my previous message: it seems that IAP failed to specify the shipping costs in the attached invoice. Then italian customs apply by default all the fee to the invoice total. Another great failure achieved by IAP. This has no excuses because I was aware of this behavior and promptly notified via IAP ticket service to be very clear about the real cost of the parcel. I already asked for a refund and if IAP refuses, I'll withdraw the previous payment for the fedex shipment.

    39. Leandro Zaccaria on

      Ok, this time I'm really angry. FedEx just knocked to my door with my rigidbot. They claim 178 euro of customs fees (roughly 225$).

      Someone is interested in my rigidbot? I'll sell it for only 650 euro (820$)

      I don't want to see it anymore. I'm really tired to loose time and money with this failed project.

    40. Missing avatar

      Kay Egloff on

      I am in shipment 5 and did not receive a tracking number either. I'd also love to know in which shipments the backers were, who already get their printers via FedEx.

    41. FERNANDEZ Laurent on

      I was wondering what shipment those that received their RigidBot through Fedex were in... because I am in shipment 6, have paid the extra shipping cost for the Fedex delivery the day it went online and am still waiting for a tracking number...

    42. Luca Crotti on

      No news
      No mails
      No information
      No shipping date
      No confirmation if shipping or refund
      No refund
      No printer

      It's impossible to have a normal relation with you



    43. Missing avatar

      Jan Braun on

      THANK YOU!!!! I received my rigidbot standard kit yeatderday via FedEx. Everything looks good. Very good quality! Started to set it far very easy and perfect to handle. Cann´t wait to get it finished....

    44. Sam Parker on

      Mine was just delivered, can't wait to get home!!!

    45. Missing avatar

      Takahiro Nasu on

      I received a RigidBot kit today!

    46. J on

      Tan Ing Siang: Batch 4 went with china post and they weren't very good with the tracking numbers.

    47. Missing avatar

      Takahiro Nasu on

      I got a FedEx tracking number!
      My RigidBot kit was departed GUANGZHOU and arrived Narita Airport.

    48. Tan Ing Siang on

      So, is everyone in shipment 4 left with no tracking number still?