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A sturdy, customizable 3D printer that is easy to use and affordable for all. 3D print almost any object. There are no limits!
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Monday Update #67 - Actually Tuesday...

Posted by Michael Lundwall (Creator)

Hello Backers,

We continue to work around the clock to get out RigidBot and replacement / missing parts.  We have shipped over 200 replacement parts packages alone last week.  

Domestic / Canada Material - We have run out of some of our inventory of ABS material.  So if you have ordered a 5 pack of material with the ABS RED, ABS White, ABS Green or ABS Blue and have not received your 5 pack we would like to substitute that color with another available color so we can finalize shipping those material orders.  We will start shipping these materials this week with the substitution, if you do not want us to substitute with an available material then please open a trouble ticket and we will hold your order until the new shipment of ABS arrives (likely 6 weeks). 

International shipping from China Post - We still are unable to get tracking information from China Post and they are being difficult to work with.  I am planning to travel to China around the 5th of September to resolve this issue.  

Thank you for all of your support.

Michael and Team

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    1. Gustav Askengren on

      Hi Michael and the rest of the team,

      I consider myself a pretty patient guy, but after two weeks with no update I am getting pretty annoyed. I can't imagine it to take longer than a couple of minutes to sit down and compose one of your famous monday updates, if you are in China it is understandable but can you please ask your co-worker/wife to update us like you have done in the past.
      I think leaving all your international backers hanging is unacceptable.
      The only valid explanation I can think of if is something happened to you or your family, which I really hope isn't the case.

      Please keep us posted.

      Best regards
      A (still) very hopeful/exited backer

    2. Missing avatar

      Marco Ziegert on

      If he is in China he may not be able to post an update or is still talking to CP. This is the second time in nearly 100 updates he was not able to post in time, so calm down!

    3. Ben Millen on

      another Tuesday no update!

    4. Chris Fourie on

      I have placed multiple (5+) phone calls to IaP and left three messages, with still no response.
      I have constantly been telling myself to just be patient. But this is getting rather tiring.
      I honestly understand that you have a million hurdles to jump through, but leaving your international backers in a void - by missing your weekly updates which have barely had any info in the last two, and making promises of visiting China to sort out the issues in shipping for almost two months...
      I am not sure what to expect any more.

      I do not think you are trying to pull a scam or something sinister, but that you are simply overwhelmed with the size of this project.

      But please, hire a PR guy and respond to the concerns of the international backers. ANSWER your phones when I stay up late to phone you.

      The mess with you telling me I have to pay $400 (!!!) extra for shipping, delayed international shipments which have supposedly been packed months ago, asking backers to PAY for parts which are broken/not included - all of these have seriously harmed your reputation.

      I am EAGERLY awaiting the day my Rigidbot is on my desk, but since I am moving to South Korea next year, I fear that day will never come. It it almost a year since the estimated delivery date.

      I am a very patient supporter of Kickstarters, but this one has left me quite disappointed.

      Please sort out the shipping issues and get those printers out!

    5. Sam Parker on

      starting to think it is Russian roulette bot instead of rigid bot :(

    6. Linus Mårtensson on

      Highly curious as to what's going on. I paid a fair bit over $1000 for a Big RigidBot with addons back in 2013, and getting that lost in shipping to save a couple bucks isn't okay. :\

    7. Ben Millen on

      Exactly, not really an insurmountable issue!

    8. J on

      I'm sure he could find someone within the company he can trust, he's had his wife do it in the past.

    9. Stephen Holinaty on

      @Ben Miller
      they would require Michael's username and password in order to do that.

    10. Ben Millen on

      .......and now we're not even getting a Tuesday update, worrying! This one was late and the next seems to be MIA, can't one of the other people post an update if Mike is indesposed?

    11. Stephen Holinaty on

      @matthew Johnson
      either call or put in a ticket. kickstarter messages dont seem to ever get answered.

    12. Troy Baverstock on

      @Mark Swales, what shipping list you were in or what was your rigidbot order number, just trying to figure out which shipments are arriving in aus

    13. Jayden Barke on

      @mark swales what backer level were you?

    14. Matthew Johnson on

      I backed at the $340 level, but didn't pay for shipping... I'm in the US. Haven't received any information about shipping. Sent two messages to Michael via Kickstarter already.

      I either need to get you guys the $50 for shipping and get my Rigidbot, or get my $340 back.

    15. Missing avatar

      Damir Ajdukovic on

      "Domestic / Canada Material - We have run out of some of our inventory of ABS material."

      A year after the kickstarter you run out of material ? Yet at the same time you tell us everything has been shipped? Don't you contradict yourself a bit too much ?
      Asking us if we don't have received our 5pack ? We are completely in the dark thanks to you. Your IAP shop doesn't give us proper information. There are no shipment notifications. People are getting there stuff out of the blue. The Listings you have shown in the past only show around 1000 shipments, that is material and hardware combined. Yet this project has 2000 backers. Your numbers simply don't add up.
      You are continually reminding us about the international shipping from china. I went for an assembled unit and i thought those are being send from the US. Why can't i see it on any of your listings?

    16. Missing avatar

      Paco on

      @Mark; Madrid is 12 hours distance from Beijing by plane, the same as Sydney! If pi is still 3,141592 and 25 women are aproximately 50 boobs, perhaps, and just perhaps, I will receive my printer... let me check my maths... ehm... I don't know. Congratulations! Enjoy it for both of us, please.

    17. Missing avatar

      Mark Swales on

      Sydney, Australia - Damn, just received mine at the door. The wife and I had plans tonight, so needless to say she's a little miffed. Will go through the packing list tonight. Thanks Michael.

    18. Missing avatar

      Marco on

      I am international backer. Within your online shop the order status is "In Shipping Queue". This status is set for MONTH ! I would propose you add an additional status like "We do not know how to deliver the stuff to you and of course we do not know a status. But thanks for your money". Man I am totally pissed off. Every monday only addtional blabla but not progress, no results, nothing ! This was my first and last kickstarter project and for sure the last order to your "company" !

    19. Stephen Holinaty on

      sorry, cant keyboard today: @Ronald**

    20. Stephen Holinaty on

      @Romand Azcarate:
      the google plus group does a weekly call with Michael for clarification on some questions. Apparently if your USA/Canada/Mexico printer has not yet shipped, you should call IAP or file a ticket, as you may have fallen through the cracks,
      OR as this update explains, if you have the colors that are currently sold-out, contact them and possibly arrange an alternate color.

    21. Missing avatar

      Ronald Azcarate on

      When is California shipments going to ship? I still have not received my printer

    22. Missing avatar

      Gary on

      Hi @Tracy, glad to hear you got your printer, out of interest which shipping list where you on?

    23. Mikko Kangas on

      I told you about China Post, but did you listen to me? IF you can get those packages to ship from warehouse, that does not count a thing. From my expecience, packages this size may take 2-3 months to arrive, if they arrive at all. Those that will make it to the international backers are likely to be less or more damaged for poor handling. It is also possible that shipping containers and printers within them are just vanished and China Post does not know where they are anymore. I personally would have been willing to pay some extra bucks for decent delivery option (UPS, DHL, FedEx).

    24. Stephen Holinaty on

      @Ira: if they HAD left china, there would be no need to have to go to china.

    25. Missing avatar

      joel la paz on

      I have one week with the Ticket #369367 without answer, my Rigidbot order wasn't in any of the tracking information that you provide in Monday update #65 and i need to know when i would have my Rigidbot shipped. Rigidbot order #5852

    26. J on

      Thanks for an update. More detail on what measures you're taking/considering re international shipping would be nice. Even if it's not concrete information it's good to know you're still thinking of us.

      Also, since you seem busy replacing parts, it would be good if you could release information relating to the number and nature of issues.

      What are the most problematic parts? How severe are the issues?

    27. Ira on

      We can live with no tracking numbers, but the shipments HAVE left China, is that right? are the filaments and RB in the same shipment or two separate ones? if I have a Regular RB and 10 extra KG of material, is it coming in 1, 2 or 3 shipments?

      I can live without tracking number, I'd like to at least know how many boxes are coming, and if they shipped.

    28. Zack Hoo on

      Received my abs/pla, but not the machine...
      Is the plastic and machine suppose to ship together or seperately. My filaments tracking number was not in any of the shipping list. Whereas i see my order in shipping list 9. What had happened to my machine?

    29. Missing avatar

      Michael Wawrzinek on

      Whats wrong with the fucking china post???

    30. Daniel Keegan on

      Any updates on the remaining 5 assembled Big internationals?

    31. mrlipton on

      Since they declared the entire cost of the machine and filament for just the machine, I wonder if they are going to declare the cost of the filament on the next shipment so we get dinged with duty twice on it?

    32. Missing avatar

      vincent on

      Moon Festival for Chinese,all the China.

    33. Missing avatar

      vincent on

      5th of September to China? 6th-8th of Sep in China is the holiday.......

    34. Missing avatar

      Neil Dickson on

      I guess I better finalize the inventory of pieces I'm missing and submit a request! I had been holding off until things cooled down, since I know they're very backlogged, and I'm not in a big rush, but I should make sure that I don't forget. Best of luck to Michael and all, sorting out the remaining issues! Despite the big bumps along the way and still to come, a lot of people seem to be enjoying their Rigidbots.

    35. Martin Goudreault

      For ticket resolution and timeline, they have a lot to do and a limited staff. I put a ticket on july 30th and received an answer on august 16th. They do the job but be kind, they had problems with china shipping, assembly, design, manufacturing... They do what they must to get those printers in your hand.

    36. Missing avatar

      vincent on

      To Michael:
      I think you can know how many kits and which kits was taken by the CP.So ,would you like tell us these infomation?

    37. Missing avatar

      Kyle on

      Any idea on when you get a response to a trouble ticket? I opened one last week because it said all of the domestic orders have shipped but I haven't heard anything back.

    38. Stephen Holinaty on

      How do you run out of a color when they were confirmed and locked in months ago?

    39. Tracy Engwirda on

      Mine arrived in Melbourne, Australia last week, via China Post! I didn't get an email with tracking number or anything, it just showed up. So maybe more are on their way, and the issue with China Post is more with the communications than the delivery.

    40. Ben Forta on

      Is there somewhere I can check the status of my printer? Still nothing, and no shipment details.

    41. Sam Parker on

      I've been pretty cool and calm about this for a fair while now, but as an international backer I'm starting to get pretty tired of no updates or no status of where on earth my kit is...
      I assume by tracking information, you mean that it has been shipped at least? Due to the timeline I assume it has gone by boat?

    42. Missing avatar

      Joe Juhasz on

      So will the substituted plastic be the same color in PLA? Or will it just be random colors? I have ABS red and green on order so it would be nice to have those same colors in PLA instead.