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A sturdy, customizable 3D printer that is easy to use and affordable for all. 3D print almost any object. There are no limits!
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Monday Update #66

Posted by Michael Lundwall (Creator)

Hello Everyone,

This is a very short update.  We have shipped out all of our domestic orders, so if you have not received shipping information for your domestic order create a trouble ticket and we will make sure that your RigidBot ships quickly. This week we are shipping out replacement / missing parts.  

For our international backers who have kits in China we are still trying to get more information form China Post.  They are extremely difficult to work with.  I am likely to fly out to China soon to resolve this situation in person.

Thank you for all of your support!

Michael and Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      J. Grinkley on

      Haven't received anything nor a response. This is getting old, I want a refund…

    2. Sam Parker on

      Still no printer for me here in Australia, I noticed some below have got their though??? What a mess this has become :(

    3. Elizabeth M Lewis on

      Haven't gotten shipping info. Haven't gotten printer. Opened trouble tickets. Sent emails. No response.

    4. Stephen Holinaty on

      @Michael Brennan they DO have a phone number listed on their website... (# to search, MIC for michaels line. Kae usually picks up)

    5. Michael Brennan on

      I have not received my RigidBot in New Jersey and have failed at every attempt at using your website to contact you.

    6. Missing avatar

      Tom Lancaster on

      I paid in May 2013 according to Kickstarter.
      No printer yet.
      Tom Lancaster
      Albuquerque, NM

    7. Dan Wu on

      I've not received my RigdBot/Material yet, please help me to oconfirm the shipping status, thanks!

      RigidBot China Post #8: 38. 5322 - 101202 - RigidBot - Tainan City - Taiwan
      RigidBot China Post #9: 25. 5322 - 101200 - 64 - Tainan City - Taiwan

    8. Ben Millen on

      Anyone in group 6 got theirs?

    9. Øyvind Selbek on

      Ahh, nevermind my previous post. I now see David Bizer has received his (he was in the same batch as myself), so presumably, I should be as lucky eventually :)

    10. Øyvind Selbek on

      Does anyone keep track on where we are with the fullfillment of "early fully assembled" rigidbot-backers? (International)

      I've lost track in the jungle of delays and excuses :(

    11. B Alan Eisen on

      Please ignore my former post. I had to break apart the switches.

    12. Missing avatar

      Lucas Fowler on

      @Zack: Crazy. Who knows. Nothing surprises me any more.

      I would call direct or open a support ticket.

    13. Missing avatar

      Dale Sheedy on

      Fyi to Aussies, power supply comes with international plug, you'll need either an adapter or a lead from jaycar or tricky dicks

    14. B Alan Eisen on

      I am also missing my 2.0 kg PLA

    15. B Alan Eisen on

      Thank you. I am missing 2(ywo) #1042 Limit Switch PCBs

    16. Zack Hoo on

      @Lucas Fowler
      I received my plastic ABS/PLA last week
      A check of my shipping ID from china post, CP297808663CN, it was not listed in the shipping list of #1 and #2. This is so weird... Maybe my package is lost?

    17. Missing avatar

      Dale Sheedy on

      I was in number 4

    18. Brendon Gee on

      Nice Dale, Which shipping batch were you in? I was in 5 but after the correction it appears that I'm in batch 8 now. Also I'm down the road on the GC.

    19. Missing avatar

      Dale Sheedy on

      So far so good, looks complete so far

    20. Missing avatar

      Dale Sheedy on

      I'll update you if any missing parts

    21. Missing avatar

      Dale Sheedy on

      I'm in Queensland Australia. Just picked up my rigidbot big

    22. Missing avatar

      Lucas Fowler on

      @Zack Hoo, most of us are also having fun deciphering the cryptic international shipping lists.
      If you have received your filament then it was probably in list #1 or #2, which contained shipping numbers and no order numbers. Perhaps the shipping number is on the label and you can find that in the list.

    23. Missing avatar

      Zachary C. Fletcher on

      I would appreciate if your support staff did more than say hello and talk about the problem. I called in and had a address changed, she said she did it and turns out she did not and the stuff was sent to the wrong place.... I then had ticket for missing parts made, all I got as a reply was a question on whether I had been helped already when obviously there were no replies before her and closing the ticket.... Not even trying it feels like ffs....

    24. Zack Hoo on

      I am on list 9. My plastic came in last week, but not the bot. And in the track order, my plastic and bot is under the same order number.... Any help here?

    25. Chris on

      As i stated before:
      if you order the cheapest shipping solution known to mankind you receive the cheapest shipping solution known to mankind.

      4yi: i know CP and they're not incompetent. It's you Lundwall who is incompetent. Trying to save the full $5 per shipment? CP offers full tracking and air-shipping of a package like the rigidbot for less than $50. But no. You ordered the the cheaper solution to get even more from our money.


    26. David Bizer on

      i received my international rigidbot assmbled early bird last week (germany). didn't get any tracking info before so i was quite suprised. so far i'm pretty pleased. the built quality suprised me a lot. far better than excepted. it's truly rigid. the aluminum platform wasn't completely flat so i needed to cut a glass plate and put it on top in order to be able to level it, also i burned the power supply directly (it's preset to 110V - international backers take care) anyways the included one seemed pretty crappy so getting a replacement was a good thing anyways. however considering it's built area is larger than the makerbots it has a heated built platform and costs about a fith of it, it is an incredible bargain even if you count in VAT. I don't think there's any comparable option. overshooting the goal by almost a year wasn't especially motivating, but at least for me the final product made up for everything. thanks.

    27. Luca Crotti on

      I don't trust ANY of your words!
      Obviously after 1 year of delays you still think that international bakers are stupid...
      It's time you start thinking SERIOUSLY to refund people...
      Also today no information... after 66 weeks no information and no printer!!
      Come on Michael... when will you become adult and face the real problem?

    28. Missing avatar

      Marco Ziegert on

      Call China Post every 10 minutes if they already shipped it or not.

      I already ordered several things from China in the last month and I received all of them. A month since packaging is way to long!

      Maybe you should make a partnership with one of the big companies like, give them 1000$ and they will send it under their label. Just call them and have a quick talk about the CP problem. That's my advice.

    29. Stephen Holinaty on

      @jeremy (and others)
      tickets are at

    30. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Herskowitz on

      How do I create a ticket number because my limit switches are not correct? Thank you.

    31. Алексей Заикин on

      Thank you for that continue to produce updates, but damn, did this week was impossible to get a little more tracking numbers ??

    32. Troy Baverstock on

      Can some local firm in china not be hired to sort out the shipping problem or to at least to get information on the situation. The last information I have is that on Jul 6th my printer in shipment 8 is awaiting pickup by CP. Anyone have any updated info? I heard shipment 4 is starting to be delivered.

    33. Missing avatar

      Donna azevedo on

      Does that include filament? I have not received my filament and received my printer 2 months ago

    34. Missing avatar

      vincent on

      'Likely to fly out to China'? Oh,noooooo,asap,plz.

    35. Tan Ing Siang on

      We are tired of the "they are extremely hard to work with" for almost two months now. The printer should had made two round trip around the world already by now....

    36. Stephen Holinaty on

      Thanks for keeping us updated.
      Whats the deal with assembled printers? (No tools received, and i only got the shitty heater block. no replacement included. yes there are tickets for both, just hoping to clarify if i Should have gotten tools -- maintenance and to assemble my dual extruder, and why I only got the Bad heat block.

    37. Missing avatar

      Milos Vajdic on

      What about International Assembled printers?
      I have heard nothing about my assembled printer to be shipped to Australia for months.
      Just say what is happening, where they will be shipped from, I don't really care 'when' anymore.

    38. Missing avatar

      Kevin Berger on

      My printer is still trying to find a location to begin making... ALL THA THINGS!, and some fine tuning of the extrusion system... Then, I hopefully am off to the races... I mean ... Ah... Well... Thingiverse... :-( my cad skills are rusty.

    39. Missing avatar

      Ryan Blair on

      Thanks Michael. Does Canada count as 'domestic'?