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A sturdy, customizable 3D printer that is easy to use and affordable for all. 3D print almost any object. There are no limits!
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Monday Update #65

Posted by Michael Lundwall (Creator)


We continue to stay very busy shipping machines and we have now shipped about 95% of the Kickstarter pledges.  

We are working on all of the trouble tickets AND we have brought on a new person to our staff to help out!  Jeni is now helping with trouble tickets and customer support.

New Firmware Update:

We have released the most up-to-date firmware for the RigidBot.  Here are the key changes made in this version of the firmware (1.1)

  • Added "About" menu screen with printer/firmware info, and show also as splash screen on startup
  • Added button repeat for pressing and holding a button 
  • Added smooth axis jogging support 
  • Reversed order of USB file listing to show newest file first
  • Added continuous extruder feed modes for filament loading/unloading
  • Added filament load/unload/clean nozzle/switch extruder
  • Changed Y travel to 248 (actual max travel on most machines) 
  • Added options for single/dual extruder preheat modes 
  • Replaced "Disable Steppers" option in bed leveling with "Jog Axis" mode (to eliminate re-homing on resume) 
  • Changed infinite timeout to long (2 min.) timeout on bed leveling, jogging, and filament change modes 
  • Changed preheat extruder defaults to 200/230 (PLA/ABS) 
  • Changed coarse adjustment increment (left/right buttons) to 10 (instead of 5)
  • Fixed PID values for less temperature oscillation
  • Implemented EEPROM defaults reset on re-flashing, and incremented settings version to 8

I put together a quick video on how to upload the new firmware, see below.

Download the new Firmware here.

International Shipping

We are still working with China Post to resolve this issue.  I have posted links to the information we have and the shipment order in which the International machines were sent out.

Shipment One - Prepared 6-25-14 - Tracking Numbers

Shipment Two - Prepared 6-26-14 - Tracking Numbers

Shipment Three - Prepared 6-27-14

Shipment Four - Prepared 6-28-14

Shipment Five - Prepared 6-30-14

Shipment Six - Prepared 7-1-14

Shipment Seven - Prepared 7-2-14

Shipment Eight - Prepared 7-4-14

Shipment Nine - Prepared 7-5-14

Thank you for all of your support, we will keep you posted on the updates we find with China Post.

Michael and Team

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    1. Zack Hoo on

      I received my plastic ABS/PLA last week
      A check of my shipping ID from china post, CP297808663CN, it was not listed in the shipping list of #1 and #2.
      From invent a part, my order number is in shipment 9. IS my shipment lost in no where?

    2. Stephen Holinaty on

      hmm... can you Really advertise the rigidbot as a 10x10x10 printer? you mention that most people can only get 248 out of it.
      so to prevent false advertising, maybe you should update the IAP site to say 9.75 inches? (since false advertising and mis-leading people is bad...)

    3. Gary Craig on

      Beware! I installed the new firmware and my primary extruder melted. I ran some tests and the old firmware holds temps more stable than the new (melt your stuff) firmware, at least on my RB Big. Michael, please look into this. I have had to revert back to the old firmware and now have only 1 extruder functional.

    4. Travis Stalnaker on

      Addendum to my previous comment:
      I'm excited to get it all together!! Michael, after putting this thing together you can tell how much detailed thought and precision went into it. There's a few minor hiccups but you can tell it's a quality product. Kudos to you friend!

      I hope my post didn't sound so much as a rant, but more as a FYI for fellow assemblers :)

    5. Travis Stalnaker on

      Received my email confirmation last week and got my BIG kit last night with upgrades (dual extruder, LCD, spool rack), including the white PLA spool. (Nov 2013 backing level) It took me a lot longer than I anticipated to get the thing put together, and I still have more to do tonight before I can fire it up.

      Some advice/notes for assembly: Don't over-tighten the screws on your fan on the extruder head mount!!! The directions say not to, but I almost cracked mine before I realized. The fan has 4 bolt-holes, but you only use 2, so it hangs just slightly open at the top, and I thought if I tightened it up I could get it more flush, and stopped when I started to see stress fractures appearing in the plastic of the fan mount. I backed the screws out slightly and don't think I ruined anything, but it was close.

      If you get a BIG kit, your gantry rods (the longest ones that go along the x-axis that your print-head glides along) are NOT included near the others in the side-wall of the packing! They're elsewhere. I think this is due to the modular packing between standard Rigidbots and BIG upgrades. I discovered mine completely hidden, nested inside the wall struts of corresponding size. I kept picking the wrong rods since they have no labeling, until I discovered the hidden rods when I got to the frame assembly step. I then had to go back and undo what I had done. FYI: with the z-rod upgrade, Longest (2) rods go along your longest horizontal dimension with the print head, the middle-sized (2) rods go along the other horizontal dimension with the baseplate, and the smallest (4) rods all go up vertically near your Z-rods. --It sounds really easy saying it like that, but unpacking the kit I was thoroughly confused until I figured it out by a process of elimination.

      The blue plastic-wrap used on the baseplate for the heated bed is bad. I don't know what was up with it, but it wouldn't peel well, and I had to rip it off in itty bitty stretch-tears. Took way longer than I thought, and left an unsightly mottled appearance to the metal (I will probably clean it). The beige/brown packing tape used on the decorative side-walls is also really bad. I'm going to have to get some Goo-gone to get rid of the residue and torn detritus it left behind on the side panels. Michael, I'm not sure if there's anything you can do about that in the future, but the tape being used just awful. A simple low-tack masking tape would have been much better to secure the pieces in the box - or better, individual plastic bagging. The plastic film covering the heated bed was *much* better and came off in one 3-second pull, so that was nice! :)

      I also assembled my standard extruder (following the directions) before realizing this was a bit superfluous with my dual-extruder assembly still in the package... tonight I will probably undo my gantry and get that added in, as I finish up.

      Other than that, I am not positive but I think my kit was missing a few 1033 screws. I had to leave a couple out in strategic places where I thought they wouldn't be missed. I will probably make a request for another baggie of those. Hoping to get it all finished tonight!

      By the way, does anyone know if any of the screws used in the kit are standard? Can they be purchased at a local hardware store, or not so much?

    6. Missing avatar

      Michael Kirsten on

      Ist der Backer aus Shipment 5 aus Trier hier aktiv?
      Ich bin auch in Shipment 5 und komme aus Wittlich.
      Vielleicht können wir uns ja mal treffen.

    7. Joe on

      I got a note from Jeni about my ticket, the same day I was sending the faulty Z-Rods and Nut back. The same day Michael commented to send the parts back with ticket number on box. I am ALSO missing 6 bearing holders. She said
      We will be happy to send you replacement parts. If you believe the z-rods are damaged, we will need you to send them to us before we can send you replacements. Go ahead and send them to:

      Invent-a-Part, Inc.
      C/O Devin # xxxxxxx
      1278 N 750 W #300
      Springville, UT 84663

      After we get those parts, we will gladly send you any of the replacements.

      After that message my ticket was closed. The system re-opens the ticket when I replied to Jeni's message. Now I am probably back to the bottom of the list, great system!!!!
      unless the parts are not around

    8. Missing avatar

      Paco on

      @Stephen hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I didn't think that way: Michael is saving my life!

    9. Stephen Holinaty on

      @Paco that is my favorite comment so far.
      but: does that mean that once your printer arrives, they are going to stab you? is it Safer then to delay your printer? ;)

    10. Missing avatar

      Paco on

      My little cousins laugh at me because all the things I am not printing on my invisible 3d printer. Sometimes they put over their heads invisible hats and yell at me: this was printed on your invisible machine, idiot! Sometimes they pretend stabbing me with invisible knives that I presume they have obtained on my invisible machine. When they feel tired, they just pull the trigger of invisible guns. This is not funny, Michael, I don't know what else they cannot print on my invisible 3d printer just to hurt me.

    11. Vincent Lange on

      @Thomas Thanks for the info.

    12. Leandro Zaccaria on

      @Jeff, yes you're right. Mine was only a vent. If list 5 parcel had already been shipped, from china to italy will take at least 30-45 days...

      In the meantime I'm monitoring the two parcel already sent out, but with no chance:…

    13. Jeff Petre on

      @Leandro I think you are too late there - one, because the "Get me out of here" chance was given months ago, and two, China post has already picked up shipment 5. I think we've waited this long, we can wait a little longer (this coming from an early backer on list #9).

    14. Leandro Zaccaria on

      Well... I'm in the 5th list... This is very disappointing. I'm considering to withdraw my pledge too. I'm a May 2013 bidder and 15 months seems enough to me.

      4987 - 100866 - RigidBot - Capoterra - Italy

    15. J on

      @Sebastian, yes it would be nice to get Michael to check. However, word on the net is CP are doing additional security checks at the moment and this has slowed things down. This may account for them only picking up 25 a day. Hopefully it will be sorted soon, printers are trickling in, fingers crossed they'll be flowing over the next couple of weeks.

    16. Missing avatar

      Sebastian on

      I wish Michael would go back to China and check for himself if everything has been sent out and get the tracking numbers. I don't think it takes more than two to three days to have a few hundred already paid packages picked up just in case that they are still sitting there.
      If everyone was willing to spend 2$ we could even have Michael fly over there for free and pay for the hotel. I think he already spent almost everything to get the printers fixed over and over again.

    17. Thomas on

      @Vincent: 1-6 are supposed to have been shipped already, the rest is on hold waiting for China Post.

    18. Missing avatar

      Piccoro on

      I'm not on the shipment, Do I have to create a support ticket ? (RigidBot Order Number 5749)

    19. Ira on


      I know mine is on the way, and I have 8 tracking numbers of shipments to Israel, but I can't tell which one is mine. kind of ridiculous...

      But at least it's out of China and maybe HK (the tracking sites are not very clear about that). About time.

    20. Vincent Lange on

      Glad it was only a copy paste error, turns out my order is in list #5. That's a relief, though have these shipments all been sent and they have simply yet to get tracking info from CP for shipments 3-9? or have 3-9 yet to be sent at all?

    21. Robert Andrew Adams on

      So what does 64 mean Michael? And you still haven't answered why I still haven't shipped when I was one of the September backers... (No. 5619) ???


      the 1st thing I want to print (if I ever get it) will be my middle finger and send it to your offices!!! What a heap of lies this has turned onto.

    22. Benjamin Klock on

      looks like they have updated list 5 as I was in it before and 8 but not in 5 anymore, wish I was still in 5

    23. Missing avatar

      Menno van Dellen on

      I'm also on list 5, glad is was just a copy past error.

    24. 黃至聖 on

      Hi Michael,

      My RigidBot Order #4940 is not in international shipping lists 1-9 .
      Do I have to create a support ticket?

    25. Missing avatar

      Raymond Khoo on

      List #5 has been changed and My pledge(5086) is listed in it.

    26. Lorenz Aschaber

      List #5 has been changed
      now i am just on list #8 which probably means that my printer is still waiting in china, ah well wouldnt be the first time that my shipments were held up by CP ;)

    27. Don Hanson on

      I have not been contacted about my Limited Special - Big fully assembled RigidBot. Is there some way to confirm I should sit tight and wait for notification?

    28. Missing avatar

      Lucas Fowler on

      @Kay Egloff: well spotted. I posted that on the g+ follow up questions, so hopefully Michael will get the info.

    29. Missing avatar

      Kay Egloff on

      Well isn't it rather optimistic to say that you've shipped 95% of all pledges? The prepared shipments 3 to 9 contain a sum of 849 shipments. Let's assume that everyone of them is a printer to one backer than that is roughly 43,5% of all pledges, which reduces your "already shipped pledges" down to to 56,5 %. That's some difference in the numbers...

      And for those who can't find their order numbers: Check shipment list 5 and 8 carefully and you will see that they are the same. IAP obviously got some problems with copy and paste. BTW my number is missing too. Still hoping...

    30. Leandro Zaccaria on

      Hi antimix, my order number is not listed and then I'm supposing that my printer has already been shipped. The first and the second batch of printers where sent out by Michael itself when he was in china and these two batches were not logged correctly.

    31. Missing avatar

      Michael Restle on

      Is there a way to see to see the rigidbot ordering number #**** in the tracking numbers?

    32. Andrey Igorevich Ershov on

      order 6236 is not in international shipping lists 1-9
      What I must to do?

    33. Missing avatar

      Daniel Leblanc on

      What's the deal with canada kit shipments? Have not heard anything about this and have not received and shipping notification.

    34. Jose A. Rich on

      Does this list " of 95% shipped" include the "*Special - BIG * Complete RigidBotBig 12"x16"x10" PLA Kit. "?

      >> if so still waiting. . . . if not then i'll wait longer :-)

    35. Missing avatar

      Raymond Khoo on

      My pledge(5086) is not in th shipment list. Already email via InventApart web side. Pls check.

    36. Missing avatar

      Steve Nordhauser on

      @Aryeh, that is what I was hoping for. It was just not on the shipping list I got. I knew another person would respond quickly. Thanks.

    37. Dmitry Komoltsev on

      5079 - 101302 - 64 - St. Petersburg - Russian Federation
      Oh, you still have not updated delivery address even after several months have passed since I've asked to changed it. This is such a disappointment :(

    38. Tamas Nehr on

      People not find their orders.
      Did you pledge/order for an assembled printer?
      Assembled printers will be shipped from Utah and this list is for shipping from China (kits)
      Also don't forget to check the tracking numbers.

    39. Missing avatar

      simon belbeoch on

      I'm not on the shipment, is that normal ? (5130)

    40. Missing avatar

      Aryeh Greenberg on

      @Steve All the items from the stretch goals come with the rigidbot (Heated bed, upgraded power source, white spool of pla and the spool rack) any additional plastic ships separately.

    41. Missing avatar

      Steve Nordhauser on

      My kit is finally at Fedx in UT (U.S. shipment) although it has been stuck there since last week. On the shipping notice, I didn't see the stretch goal spool of PLA or the spool rack. Since my order for ABS/PLA hasn't shipped, I was curious from one of the people who already received their printer whether the stretch goal stuff comes with the kits. Otherwise, I may have to order a spool from somewhere to play.

    42. antimix on

      Hi Leandro,

      how did you understand what item is yours ? I am another Italian backer, and looking at China Post tracker for the only two numbers with -IT there is nothing else than numbers. No names, no city, ..nothing.
      Best Regards

    43. Leandro Zaccaria on

      @Paco, then like me, there is a chance that your parcel is already on its way to you.

      My order number is not listed like yours.

    44. Missing avatar

      Duane Davison on

      LoL@Paco-well..giggles anyway

    45. Robert Andrew Adams on

      And why have no UK backers shipped?

    46. Robert Andrew Adams on

      Where is Michael in all of this to answer questions? Why are the september backers last in all of this?

    47. Missing avatar

      Paco on

      "Is this going to be forever?" David after dentist.

    48. Frederick on

      September kit backer, shipment 9 ...

    49. Missing avatar

      Paco on

      What does it mean that my order number does not appear on any of the lists (I am an international customer)?

    50. Leandro Zaccaria on

      Hi, for people like me that is not listed into prepared lists from 3 to 9, I suppose there is a chance that our kit as already been sent out.

      Well, because I live in Italy, I was looking for a tracking code on the list of those already shipped that was sent to my country. I actually found 2 and one of them was the last XD

      Maybe you could find useful the list I did with tracking code and destination country.

      CP297805313CN - AU
      CP297805242CN - AU
      CP297805432CN - AU
      CP263669812CN - HK
      CP297805123CN - AU
      CP297805485CN - AU
      CP297805052CN - AU
      CP297805256CN - AU
      CP297805171CN - AU
      CP297805477CN - AU
      CP297805199CN - AU
      CP297805415CN - AU
      CP297805605CN - DE
      CP297805579CN - AU
      CP297805066CN - AU
      CP297805503CN - AU
      CP297805137CN - AU
      CP297805083CN - AU
      CP297805494CN - AU
      CP297805392CN - AU
      CP297805534CN - AU
      CP297805582CN - FR
      CP297805525CN - AU
      CP297805211CN - AU
      CP297805551CN - AU
      CP297805035CN - AU
      CP297805389CN - AU
      CP297805565CN - AU
      CP297805450CN - AU
      CP297805049CN - AU
      CP297805429CN - AU
      CP297805596CN - AU
      CP297805295CN - AU
      CP297805021CN - AU
      CP297805548CN - AU
      CP297805070CN - AU
      CP297805097CN - AU
      CP297805517CN - AU
      CP297805273CN - AU
      CP297805110CN - AU
      CP297805185CN - AU
      CP297805401CN - AU
      CP297805619CN - AU
      CP297805208CN - AU
      CP297805106CN - AU
      CP297805239CN - AU
      CP297805225CN - AU
      CP297805287CN - AU
      CP297805154CN - AU
      CP297805168CN - AU
      CP297805300CN - AU
      CP297805260CN - AU
      CP297805463CN - AU
      CP297805145CN - AU
      CP297806424CN - FR
      CP297806804CN - KZ
      CP297805741CN - GR
      CP297806659CN - CL
      CP297805755CN - HU
      CP297806375CN - DE
      CP297806415CN - FI
      CP297806631CN - KZ
      CP297806486CN - AU
      CP297806923CN - JP
      CP297806194CN - DE
      CP297806968CN - JP
      CP297806818CN - NL
      CP297805707CN - IL
      CP297807005CN - MY
      CP297805724CN - GR
      CP297806044CN - DE
      CP297806605CN - DK
      CP297806177CN - DE
      CP297806985CN - JP
      CP297806027CN - DE
      CP297806897CN - JP
      CP297805809CN - DE
      CP297806353CN - DE
      CP297806702CN - AU
      CP297805945CN - DE
      CP297805769CN - DE
      CP297806061CN - DE
      CP297806849CN - IT
      CP297805715CN - IL
      CP297806234CN - DE
      CP297806614CN - DK
      CP297806129CN - DE
      CP297805636CN - IL
      CP297806225CN - DE
      CP297806251CN - DE
      CP297805667CN - IL
      CP297805622CN - IL
      CP297806305CN - DE
      CP297806075CN - DE
      CP297806279CN - DE
      CP297805786CN - FI
      CP297806937CN - JP
      CP297806852CN - JP
      CP297806150CN - DE
      CP297806336CN - DE
      CP297806163CN - DE
      CP297805640CN - IL
      CP297806146CN - DE
      CP297805962CN - DE
      CP297806733CN - CZ
      CP297805738CN - HK
      CP297805993CN - DE
      CP297805980CN - DE
      CP297805931CN - DE
      CP297806954CN - AU
      CP297806101CN - DE
      CP297806115CN - DE
      CP297806089CN - DE
      CP297805772CN - DE
      CP297805976CN - DE
      CP297806455CN - AU
      CP297806755CN - AU
      CP297805790CN - ID
      CP297806866CN - AU
      CP297806058CN - DE
      CP297806662CN - AU
      CP297806676CN - AU
      CP297806565CN - AU
      CP297805653CN - IL
      CP297806543CN - AU
      CP297806906CN - AT
      CP297806680CN - BE
      CP297806557CN - EG
      CP297806588CN - DK
      CP297806203CN - FR
      CP297806132CN - DE
      CP297806490CN - AU
      CP297806509CN - FR
      CP297806971CN - LB
      CP297805830CN - DE
      CP297805675CN - IL
      CP297806319CN - DE
      CP297806282CN - FR
      CP297807019CN - MT
      CP297806367CN - FR
      CP297806693CN - CL
      CP297806530CN - AU
      CP297806835CN - AU
      CP297806407CN - DK
      CP297806999CN - MT
      CP297806910CN - AU
      CP297806720CN - BE
      CP297806384CN - DI
      CP297806764CN - BH
      CP297806248CN - FR
      CP297806035CN - DE
      CP297806795CN - AU
      CP297806472CN - FR
      CP297806185CN - DE
      CP297806526CN - DK
      CP297806747CN - AU
      CP297806574CN - AU
      CP297806217CN - DE
      CP297805891CN - DE
      CP297806092CN - DE
      CP297806398CN - FR
      CP297806628CN - JP
      CP297806438CN - FR
      CP297805914CN - DE
      CP297805865CN - DE
      CP297806322CN - FR
      CP297806013CN - DE
      CP297806645CN - AU
      CP297806716CN - AU
      CP297806441CN - AU
      CP297806591CN - FI
      CP297806781CN - AU
      CP297805826CN - DE
      CP297805684CN - DE
      CP297806512CN - FR
      CP297806296CN - DE
      CP297805928CN - DE
      CP297805905CN - DE
      CP297805959CN - DE
      CP297805812CN - DE
      CP297806778CN - DK
      CP297805874CN - DE
      CP297806469CN - FR
      CP297805888CN - DE
      CP297805857CN - DE
      CP297806265CN - DE
      CP297805843CN - DE
      CP297806340CN - DE
      CP297806000CN - DE
      CP297805698CN - HK
      CP297806883CN - IT