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A sturdy, customizable 3D printer that is easy to use and affordable for all. 3D print almost any object. There are no limits!
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Monday Update #33

Posted by Michael Lundwall (Creator)

Hello Backers,

I have an updated production chart.  If there are not any unforeseen delays or problems we should have all of the parts to start kitting by the 15th of January.  The factory that is kitting the machines is prepared to start working on the kitting process and they expect it will take a week to complete.  

I hope everyone will have a very happy new year.

We are finalizing our assembly instructions and will post them when they are ready.  We are also going to make several videos for reference.


Michael and Team


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    1. Stephen Holinaty on


      i believe it was mentioned in other updates but (to the best of my memory):

      being kitted in China (got to put it into a box to ship anyway, why not put it into the final box!)

      Assembled printers: kit (or box, but i think kit) in china, ship to USA, assembled in USA, re-shipped to you.

    2. Missing avatar

      Bert McMahan on

      Thanks for the updated timeline!

      Any updates on assembled printers? Also, where are the kits being, er, kitted? Is that a Chinese factory or an American one?

      Also, are the assembled printers being kitted, then sent over and assembled, or are they being shipped as bulk part lots for you guys to assemble in parallel with the kitting operation?

    3. Stephen Holinaty on

      much excite! I really hope that at least Some get shipped before the CNY celebrations (specifically mine! haha)

    4. Missing avatar

      Markus P on

      YES! Looks like we´re gona get a good start for 2014. Happy new year... und n guten Rutsch.

    5. Brendon Gee on

      Awesome. great job.

    6. Missing avatar

      Gerald Fountain on

      Thanks for the update Michael. It looks nice to see the list with all "Done" or "In Production". Only one last rework on the list and I think from your prior update that was under control.

      For us USA deliveries, can you share a bit on final timeline assuming the January 15th goal is met. One week for kitting might mean that the printers are in a container about January 27th. It looks like about 17 days China to Los Angeles with another week thrown in for additional handling. This means the absolute earliest you'll likely see the printers would be about the first week in March.

      Does this meet with your timeline? If so, perhaps another 2 weeks before the September deliveries might see their deliveries? Mid to late March? It would be great if you could confirm anything on this hypothetical timeline...