RigidBot 3D Printer

by Michael Lundwall

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      Alexey Kuch on

      You deserve what you have to. You're a thief. You rposto stole the money of people who believe in you. Over 2 years, no refund, no apologies. It's karma, dude.

    2. Sebastian Struß on

      Quite remarkable that 96% should be having their rewards and i (who has paid for two machines like 1000$) haven't even got one!
      Sadly can only agree with Alexey Kuch and can only be happy to have built my own printers!

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      Ilya on

      Alexey Kuch
      I really dont't think that once Michael finally went online, it is the right time for insults. You had like two years for that)
      One of the major problems in this campaign was incredibly poor work of support and feedback (like I warned Kae several times that Fedex wont send to Russia, and EMS should be used instead but that was neglected)
      Instead maybe it's time for some discussions and solutions.

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      Platonov Danil on

      Michael, thank you for writing this post.
      I did not get the printer and lost money.
      But I wish you luck!

    5. Peta Jäger on

      Hi Michael, I got my Rigidbot and it still works great, still I can not understand how this bankruptcy could happen. The product is very good and you could have started a new kickstarter project, maybe with a higher price and that way you could have fulfill the backers of the first project. When I look around there is no better 3d printer (with the build size) for that price. Sad. Hope you come back with a new project. Would consider backing it again. Next time with better communication.

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      Ilya on

      What really makes me mad is that all MFs who threatened to sue Michael as soon as shenanigans started in 2014/15 got their refunds. And anyone who wal loyal to the end lost their money. Maybe Kickstarter is an awful place to be a good guy.

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      Peter Ho on

      Hi Michael, I'm sadden by the news and wish only the very best for you and your family. You did your very best and you and your family suffered great hardship in trying to do the right thing. For this I commend you. Many would have taken the easy way out and walked away completely as with some of the failed campaigns I've backed on Kickstarter. I know I don't have to tell you this but please focus on taking care of yourself and your family.

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      Ilya on

      Just thinking mathematical:
      $1,092,098 * 4 = 43683
      1,952*35 = 22,38
      I didn't receive my printer but I would proudly give my money to help all unsuccessful backers. While if at least every successful backer of 96% gives at least 40 USD, Michael should even receive a surplus that he needs that much now.

    9. Christian 'AgrAjAg' Hitzmann on

      Dear Michael,

      i'm sad to hear that your dream went in such a nightmare. And i can't understand the people wich send you and your Family hate and death threats. Yes, it's OK if someone is Angry about what happened to this project. But thats the Risk, if you decide to invest in someones dreams. Things can go wrong. So some backers have lost money, but Michael has lost almost everything and not only stupid money. It has broken his family! And that's the worst thing what could happen to anyone.
      So i agree with Thomas. If there is anything to donate for You and your family i would help you, too.
      BTW i'm one of the unlucky 4%
      And i hope the best for you and your future and hopefully you can fix the problems with your family.

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      Jan Braun on

      Hey Michael,

      this is hard to read. I want to let you know that the Rigidbot changed a lot for me. Now i m realy into 3d printing and even cnc..... this all because of the Rigidbot. This is now a part of me and im very lucky about this. I would love to donate something for you, this is important to me. Please share a Paypal link....
      I whish you a fast recover from all this and thank you for my passion in 3d printing.



    11. Yakov Khovalkin on

      Sounds realy sad. But I still want the refund. I didnt recieve my 3d printer.

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      Federico Noferi on

      I'm sad to hear that, I can just wish you the best for the future and let us know if and how we can donate you or fellow backers who didn't get anything.

    13. Denny The Backer on

      My comment is: simpathy for backers didn`t receive theirs RB, and I didn`t know how Michael wrongly manage the production of RB but it became banckrupt (the production outsouced to China isn`t it?)... i hope more detailed report on these would be great, will be a lesson..

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      Marco Ziegert on

      Michael, I'm one of the 96% who received their printer and I'm very happy that I have gone this adventure with you. You are a passioned guy and your family should not end up in bankruptcy. I really hope that you can rebuild your family, it made me sad to read this fact.

      I would donate to you and your family at any time.

    15. Don Hanson on

      Very sorry to hear about the pain and bankruptcy. My Rigidbot Big has been through many upgrades and provided me with many learning opportunities about 3D printing. I've used the Rigidbot in presentations about 3D printing to both my son and daughter's school classes. Thank you!

    16. Chris-Andre Fotland on

      Only a week or so ago I send another e-mail asking for an update on my rigidbot.
      I would rather have a 3d printer than my money back.

    17. Luigi Di Mare Volio on

      Sad to hear about what happened to you Michael.
      While my Rigidbot was not the best printer, it did get me into the world of 3D printing and helped me to learn all of the pieces and components.

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      Scott Briggs on

      Michael, I'm sorry this is how the project turned out and I'm sorry that you and your family are suffering because of it. No one deserves to have to declare bankruptcy over a kickstarter project and it points to your conviction in this project that you were willing to put everything on the line. I greatly respect that. I wish you the best of luck with future endeavors.

    19. Lyutayev Alexandr on

      Hi to All. I am one of 4% who did not receive 535$ Refund money. Actually I see that it was bad management from the beginning, and support include Kae was too poor. As I understood I will never see that money again, as people said here for Russia and Kazakhstan it is very big money actually this is my monthly salary. But I do not want to blame as there is no reason now, I forgive them for now.

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      Illya Danyluk on

      Well, I live in Ukraine, I found a friend in the US and sent the printer to him, and then he sent it to Ukraine by sea. It cost $50 or so. If someone in Ukraine wants to use Rigid-bot let me know, abul at ukr.net

    21. John Cruz on

      For those considering pooling money to help restore funds, at least, to those who were part of the 4%, please note that sending *those* donations to Michael is probably a mistake. I'm not saying anything bad about Michael at all here, but note that an aggressive / angry backer could tie most of those funds up in law-suits, etc. A better idea would be to have a trusted third-party handle it, but I have no idea who that would be, and this would require some way of confirming the identity and total funds claimed by each of the 4% backers.

      I'd be willing to chip in at least something for donations to that fund, and also a bit separately to try to help Michael out. This project was ambitious, and reading through the status updates could easily be "required reading" for anyone considering a crowd-source project that involves manufacturing in China.

      Above all, regardless of how stung someone feels by this, or how many months salary you risked with (and, very sadly, were uncompensated for) . . . there's simply zero excuse for threatening physical harm to this man, his employees, or particularly his family. That's just plain disgusting.

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      Andrew Waugh on

      I backed this wildly ambitious project, nothing else compared at the time, and I was lucky to eventually get a printer. I can sympathise with anyone who hasn't got theirs. It's a hard knock to take.

      The whole notion of Kickstarter is that we back risky projects which cannot be funded in more traditional ways. This means that by definition we're backing a potential dodo from the word go. So where does the idea arise that we are just going shopping for a long-lead item?

      I totally appreciate people have put in hard earned cash, as I did. But I also did that for other amazing projects and it just disappeared down a hole. For me that means 3 projects out of 12 and about GBP 1000.00 in total. It's not that I don't care - I very much dislike losing money! - however I understood the risks and was willing to go for it on the basis I could end up with nothing. The reward, on the other hand, would an item much more valuable than the initial cash - that was the great hope at least. (Plus I like backing innovation that's usually stifled by "big business".)

      Seems to me that instead of running and hiding Michael has been reasonably upfront and deserves some credit for that. I also think he doesn't deserve to be destitute - people like him should be encouraged to do great things, not put down for a failure. Where would we be if Apple, for instance, jacked it all in because of a dud product (think Newton or Lisa), or Coca Cola with it's "New Coke" or HP with its Touchpad??

      As far as making some minor contribution that's another story and I agree with John Cruz's comments on that matter, it's tricky. In closing, just because this is a Kickstarter project and therefore highly visible gives no-one the right to turn nasty.

    23. Ben Millen on

      you made a gamble and lost, sorry to hear how its affected you and your family, im very happy with the printer i got although was less so with the additional costs, death threats over the cost of a rigidbot is despicable, the people doing that are pieces of sh!t with not much going on in their lives so i wouldn't worry about them, thanks for trying

    24. Bruno L. Paim on


      I'm really sad to hear this. I do hope you Get over this situation with the support of your family. Thank you for all your effort.

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      Thomas on

      Take care and treasure your family. Thank you for owning up at least. There were other projects like ModBook Pro X and Zano that went south without even fulfilling 96% of delivery. Like what Zig Ziglar said, 'History is important because it helps us learn and NOT repeat past mistakes.'

    26. Debbie Mia on

      I'm sorry to hear what this has done to you and your family. I do wish all of you well in recovering financially. I know it's not much, but this printer has been an amazing asset to our household, especially for my young daughter who has learned so much from how to use it and, more recently, helping with tinkering/upgrading parts that have worn down. Because of access to this very printer, she has become increasingly interested in 3D printing, coding, and robotics in general.

      In short, all I can say is: Thank you.

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      Bert McMahan on

      Sorry to hear about your troubles Michael, I was one of the earlier ones to get an RB and I've loved having it. It's gotten myself and many others around me into 3D printing and it's been a ton of fun to have.

      I'm sorry some people couldn't be nicer to you and I wish you the best of luck.

    28. Stewart Rogers on

      I am sorry to hear about your financial issues. I have had my RB for since the beginning and while it is now heavily modded :) it has been great. Thank you for your work.

    29. Patrick Tomas on

      Thanks for the campaign and for a great printer. Sorry to hear about all the troubles but definitely wishing you all the best Michael!

    30. Phon Xay on

      Hey Michael sad to hear the news - why don't you put the design in github so we could continue to improve as the community. I have been backed many hardware project and they seem to fail - hey we are maker not businessman right?

    31. Brian on


      I'm really sorry to hear that your project has ended. I've seen the effort you put into this project throughout it's duration and it's unfortunate that it had to end the way it has. Never the less, your story could really inspire and help others looking to do Kickstarters. There are MANY KSers that end under the same circumstances and probably could be avoided with some help. I feel that the majority issues you faced are ones that you can't foresee without experience and are difficult to manage once they happen. If it is not too bold for me to ask, I would love to hear your story in an editorial of some sort, maybe Make Magazine or similar. Please, would you share your entire story of how a KS campaign raised 1.1M and ended up costing over 2.5M so others don't suffer the same fate. Who knows, maybe they'll pay you for it.


    32. Missing avatar

      Dylan Kirdahy on

      Hi Michael,

      Just wanted to let you know that you have my support, and judging by the number of comments, the support of many others. Launching a product of this size at this scale is really tough, and there's a lot to be proud of, even if it didn't work out. I'm really sorry to hear about your financial troubles and death threats (god, that's horrible, nobody deserves that).

      I wish there was something I could do to help, as my Rigidbot Big has given me years of printing and learning, and got me interested in CNC and electronics as well. I got a reliable and fantastic machine for the price and I am certainly grateful for that.

      If anyone in the community makes a GoFundMe or something, I'd be happy to contribute. I'm really sad to see Rigidbot end like this.

      Also, I sympathize with anyone who didn't get a printer or a refund, that must really suck. (It's no reason for death threats, though)

    33. Michael Lundwall 2-time creator on

      I wanted to thank all of you for your kind and inspiring comments. I thank you for your genuine concern for me and my family. I have always been fascinated by 3D printing and I am glad to hear that the RigidBot was able to bring some of you to this great technology. I also think that along with the kickstarter campaign, an awesome community was built around the RigidBot. I hope the legacy can continue with the RigidBot community.

    34. Wen Byar on

      Thank you for inspiring me and getting a product out there. Am so sorry that you have had to close up shop. Wish you all the best

    35. Wen Byar on

      Does anyone out there have the dirctions for assembly .. parts of mmine are still in the box and i need to make the electrical connections. If you can send pix or scan or pdfs that would be great. Wbyar@co.burlington.nj.us thanks

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      Nikalay Gromihaylo on

      you still have your kids and many organs so you can sell it to refund people who believed in you.
      In Japan the person who betrayed the trust does harakiri.

      I will never support any kickstarter project again, thanks to you

    37. Michael Banks on

      Only backers saying take care those with printers... I'm part of the 6% you fucked over... so Fuck you Michael ... I'm not listening to some pity excuse.. you fucked up with our $ & promised us that we will receive the product or $ back... you don't deserve death threats but a good fuckn beating sounds mighty fine....

    38. UberGip

      If anyone's interested I'm trying to sell mine, it's all put together but I never had the time to get it all situated properly and am just not interested in it anymore

    39. Ira on

      @michaelbanks @589171500 and the rest of the idiots - you lost a few hundred dollars, this guy lost his business, house and got in deep debts, where's your sense of proportion? compassion? empathy?

      AFAIK all the kits were in the boxes but RB ran out of money for shipments. we just got together, sent someone from Hong Kong to get our boxes from the packing company and mail them to us for a few extra $$$. I'm not mad at Michael, and I never thought to even ask for the $90 I paid him for shipment reimbursed, since it was clear he had nowhere to pay back from.

      He really had good intentions, but he was WAY too optimistic on the price of logistics and shipment. If the kits are still there in China maybe you can get them the way I did. It's worth the extra cash, it really is a wonderful machine.

      As for KS - I can tell you I have funded over 120 projects to date on KS< Indigogo and 3 other sites, this is one of the only 5 projects that "failed", and I don't think the project really failed in the most horrible way, other than for Michael and Co. and family.

    40. shane loader on

      I want to say THANK YOU Michael!
      I have a GREAT 3D printer that my friends envy and is working well. You have ran this project with honor and integrity and I feel bad for you and the flack you have gotten from a few jerks who you did your best to satisfy. I just hope you can realize you did something actually pretty impressive going form a $30K project to $2M. And I hope you can move on and recover from this forget the negatives of this and look back on the positives.

    41. James Walker on

      Hi Michael, thanks for the update.
      No worries about my lost rigid-bot / refund - I did accept when I donated that there was a significant chance the project could fail I wouldn't be able to get my money back. Anyone sending threats completely lacks perspective on the heartbreak you and your family have suffered.

      Hope things get better for you.


    42. Missing avatar

      Alvin Lua on

      Hi Michael, i opened up my unassembled big rigidbot kit only to find out that instead of 3 big stepper motors and 2 small stepper motors, your side sent me 1 big stepper motor and 4 small stepper motors instead. I am unable to continue the assembly. Can you advise how to resolve this. Or share with me the stepper motor supplier contact details or website/link so i can obtain the 2 big stepper motors that i am lacking?

    43. Frank Lumien on

      For anyone still having problems with assembly, missing parts or just need information or tips, there is a great wiki over here: http://rigidtalk.com/wiki/

      Even greater is the fantastic community here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/117996416225488251038

      Michael, thanks again for everything.

    44. Missing avatar

      Vladimir Maslennikov on

      I also did not get a printer. When there is information that you can apply for a refund, I did it. Dengi also not returned. Yes, and did not answer. The impression that you have thrown. Great timing, deception and indifference. Delivery was more expensive, while others get a printer at the expense of those who did not get anything? I have ordered a further plastic, etc. Irony? Many customers from Russia have not received any printers or money. I used to think that there is no difference where you are, if you want to support intereny startup. Thus, to promote new technologies. It is very sad to realize that it is not so ...

    45. Yakov Khovalkin on

      i still didnt get refund...

    46. Yakov Khovalkin on

      Hello, my name is Khovalkin Yakov. I am a backer of your RigidBot 3D Printer. I still didn't recieve a refund. At 14 of May 2015 I provided you all information you needed for refund. Here is it again:

      Refund Request Id: 50460
      Name: Yakov Khovalkin
      RigidBot Order #: 5784
      Expected Refund Amount: 465.00
      Paypal Account Email: pp@nexusx.ru

      When i will recive my refund? Thank you.

    47. Marius helgevold on

      i must say I am not happy ai did not get a RigidBot 3D Printer nider did I get a refund

    48. Marius helgevold on

      but atleas i did get the plastic i orderd