RigidBot 3D Printer

by Michael Lundwall

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    1. Øyvind Selbek on

      Interesting... development!

      Developments are good, in general - as there have been very few the recent years.

      Who is this RigidBot LLC? Who owns it and does it have a website and/or email address where it can be contacted?

    2. Michael Nelson on

      I gave you several hundred dollars of my money and you raised some 1.1 million dollars! I have NEVER received my 3d printer years later...

      Will I receive the printer I paid for? Where did the 1.1 million dollars go?

    3. Øyvind Selbek on

      The trademark application for RIGIDBOT that went live on 28.08.2015 has these names an addresses:

      RigidBot LLC
      1278 N 750 W #400

      AddressRaj Abhyanker P C
      451 N Shoreline Blvd
      Mountain View, CA 94043-4605


    4. Michael Lundwall 2-time creator on

      Michael Nelson please email support@rigidbot.com. I don't have any record of your kickstarter survey.

    5. Missing avatar

      Normen Hansen on

      I'm sorry to hear you had to put so much of your personal money into this. I'm even more sorry to still see such vile attacks happen to you despite that. I hope this is a good solution and wish you and your family all the best for your future.

    6. Scott Kennedy on

      I hope that you and your family are still able to benefit from your sacrifice and hard work producing the RigidBot. I certainly appreciate it, and really enjoy mine.

    7. Kuson Sintusingha on

      Dear Mike, Thanks for your wonderful product with amazing value. It will inspire much more people than you imagine. Sorry to hear about the operation pains/growing that effected you and some. Need to also thank the wonderful support group on google plus that helped us with the support on getting the machine setup. Hope it was valuable in creating more great things in the future.

    8. Greg on

      Michael- glad you get to close this chapter in life, I hope there's been no permanent damage done to your personal life and finances. I believe you had the best of intentions from the outset, and I'm happy with my RigidBot Big. Good luck in the future.

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      Antonio Soto Miranda on

      Amount pledged was: $1,149.00
      Reward: *Early Bird Special - BIG* Fully Assembled PLA RigidBotBig 12"x16"x10". Get a fully assembled and calibrated RigidBot ready to print. Includes 6' of PLA material. Add $175 for LCD / SD card reader. Add $75 for shipping in the USA or $125 for International Shipping
      Estimated delivery: Sep 2013
      international shipping FEDEX for me is 439USD but your page http://www.inventapart.com/rigidbot_int_payment.php
      only discount 90USD i have not a solution
      Now, september 2015 only want REFUND
      when you or rigidbot will pay to my paypal account

    10. selim13 on

      Pledged 340$ + shipping + options (about 600$ total) for the reward: *Special* Complete RigidBot 10"x10"x10" PLA Kit.
      Never received the printer, despite waiting till this year.
      Waiting for the refund for five months now...

    11. Sebastian Struß on

      I too want to know what does this mean for refunds?
      I was waiting years now for my printer to arrive and months for refund.
      The only thing i was told is that i had to wait for the printer to be sold.
      As many others i have spend over $1000 on this thing (with additions and second printer).
      All i want is clear information what will happen now.

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      Galibov Vladislav on

      It was my first deal on kickstarter. I got only abs plastic. I wait a refund. How i can get it? Support ignore me.

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      Marco Ziegert on

      I'm happy with my Rigidbot BIG - it is still special to own a printer of that size and the community is awesome!

      I wish you good luck Michael!

    14. antimix on

      Hi Michael,
      it is not clear to me if you are still "inside" the new RigidBot LLC (with any different role) or you have lost at all your creature ?

    15. Missing avatar

      Vladimir on

      I don't want refund, I'm waited patiently for two years for my RigidBot. You finally telling me I'm never receive it?

    16. Missing avatar

      Antonio Soto Miranda on

      Michael answer me.I wrote to support@rigidbot.com but dont answer

    17. Ira on

      Interesting way to announce the transition. you say goodbye, nobody says hello.
      Who are the new/old faces to interface with?
      Are the new owners going to just kep selling spare parts or are they developing new generations?
      Will they stick to Open Source RepRap or go the Bre Pattis way?

      On my own personal note: I'm one of the 4 Israelis who paid a local Shenzen agent to pull the printers out of the warehouse and send them to us separately. Will the new LLC reimburse us the $90 for the shipment that never took place?

      For all those that didn't get the printer yet - I hope you get yours soon, it's a great product, I only wish Michael had not been burried in this by the product's own success. I know you'll enjoy it once you get it (and replace the PSU), because it's worth every penny, well, once it's in your hands.

    18. Missing avatar

      Ruwan Egoda Gamage on

      Thanks Michael for the wonderful product! Hope all the very best in your (and family) future endeavors!

    19. Michael Nelson on

      At this point I want a REFUND and will back some other person who will actually deliver!

    20. Yakov Khovalkin on

      I am from Russia, and I still didn't get a refund. How long should I wait? It is not funny anymore.

    21. Missing avatar

      Alexander Scheid on

      I'm from Germany and until now I haven't ever reached the RigidBot. Payed 420$ and haven't seen a refund or the printer. Sorry guys, but this is not funny anymore. Please give us a RigidBot or refund our money! This should be fair for all backers who helped you with your printer!

    22. Missing avatar

      Andriy Buryk on

      I'm from Ukraine and still did not get RigidBot or refund.
      Moreover, on December I asked when I will be able to receive my RigidBot and on January I received answer that they have sold my machine to someone else.
      However they have said that they will have new machines in a few weeks and will provide me with another machine.
      BUT almost 3 months have passed since that time and there are no actions or answers. They even do not answer on my email where I ask about date when they will send me my RigidBot.