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A sturdy, customizable 3D printer that is easy to use and affordable for all. 3D print almost any object. There are no limits!
1,952 backers pledged $1,092,098 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping Update + New Baby!

Posted by Michael Lundwall (Creator)

International Shipments 

 The option to use FedEx shipping is now available. The rates are calculated from the USA to your country. We will ship your printer in 1-2 business days once payment has been confirmed. Your pledge reward has already been fulfilled and just needs to be shipped. All we are asking is for you to pay actual shipping cost of your printer. 

 A PayPal payment form with rates for each country is here: 

 The chart shows our discounted FedEx shipping rate and the total amount remaining after the $90 credit already paid. 

 The remaining machines will be shipped out as funds are available. They will be shipped by pledge level (September delivers first, etc). The time to ship will depend on how many machines need to be shipped and our available cash each week. 

 International Filament 

 If you have not received your filament yet and you are from Canada we ask that you pay shipping cost which is $39 USD. Filament is in stock and ready to ship. You can pay via the link Specify in the notes section that this is for material.

New Baby!

I am a proud new father! Eve was born the beginning of January at 6lbs 7oz. Baby and my wife are doing well.

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    1. Tom Keating on

      Where does one find their order number? I don't believe I got any...

    2. Ben Millen on

      "We will ship your printer in 1-2 business days once payment has been confirmed."

      i paid last friday, extra shipping appeared on my account shortly after (the only confirmation i got that i had paid, not even an automated acknowledgement email!)

      its now wednesday and the printer isnt showing as shipped...

    3. Missing avatar

      Vitor Martins on

      Congratulations for your new born.

      Apart from that, after having paid the FedEx extra cost and without any news, printer and reasonable answers, and with tickets open without answer also, I will not put any more money into your hands until I have my print b. If I don't receive it until the end of february(2015!) you will have to refund me.
      And this is the most "respectful and considerate" I can be.

    4. Manuel Conti on

      I have already paid for the option fedex in 10 October 2014. But here it never arrived nothing. order 5410-101105
      You never reply to tickets! I'm sick

    5. Alex on

      Hi Michael, Mexico is not the list. Order #5795

    6. Missing avatar

      Kirill Atroshkin on

      Group on for Russian Backers
      Группа в ВК для пользователей из России

    7. Missing avatar

      Igor Chichyov on

      I am from Russia. I am very disappointed with this project and tired of waiting. We now have currency fell by half, because of what the postage is already exorbitant. Plus I had already cool to the idea of 3D printing. So please return my deposit for subtracting the cost of yarn (which now I have nowhere to do).

    8. Missing avatar

      Raymond Khoo on

      Congratulation 8-)

    9. Andreas Klintberg on

      *It's sad to see that some people *commenting* should

    10. Andreas Klintberg on

      Huge Congrats! It's sad to see that some people should not buy stuff off of kickstarter but instead buy things in a regular store. Kickstarter is for making dreams come true, and if you've read earlier updates you've seen that Michael poured his life (and money) into this to make it come true. Producing hardware is extremely difficult on scale, and you would know that if you'd follow some other hardware kickstarters. I'm just extremely glad that there is a second round of FedEx and I can finally get my first 3D printer :)

    11. Bernie Clapcott on

      Congratulation on the birth of your child.

      I'm glad I took the option to pay additional for FedEx shipping in September. The additional cost for shipping to Australia was US$66 - this has now increased to US$268. That's a hell of an increase in 5-6 months!!

      BTW... Someone, somewhere along the line is being ripped off for international shipping. By using the package weight & dimensions that you provided, and assuming that the package is being shipped to Australia from Minden NV (a 8hr drive from SLC), TNT Express will ship for $182, and DHL Express will ship for $179. Both options are based on the figures provided by a freight forwarder ( You're quoting $358 with FedEx.

    12. amigacooke on

      Is there an option to apply for a refund for when you do have the money?

      Personally, my enthusiasm for 3D printing has now gone after this fiasco.

    13. Chris Fourie on

      ...I paid for FedEx shipping in September last year. I waited patiently and now I'm running out.
      Please ship my printer ASAP.
      If this drags out any longer I will ask family in the US to initiate legal procedures agains IAP.

      I an so tired of hearing promises and not receiving anything.

      I have paid in full everything you needed. Please just keep your side of the bargain and SHIP MY PRINTER!!!

    14. Missing avatar

      Jean Roustan on

      Please Update me about my order #5828, I asked you many times and no answers, that's not fair for people that helped you!!

      Seems that I'm not the only one, It is a Rigibot Big Fully Assembled...
      I'm OK to pay shipment, but SEND THEM !! Last time you ask us to pay in September and nothing was ready.... and seems the same now.

    15. Missing avatar

      Kirill Atroshkin on

      @ Michael , thanks and congratulations for being a father!
      @Backers from Russia, let's organize and get our Rigidbots! drop me an e-mail to and we will try to find the way together

    16. Ira on

      Congrats! Kids are much harder to build right...

      Q: I'm one of the 4 Israelis who shipped from Shenzen directly via a private agent, will we have some or all of our $90 refunded? (Shipment to Israel ended up costing just under $150, btw. the $90 estimates were a bit optimistic :-)

    17. PolPPol on

      My order ID is 5151
      And I already PAID for this expensive FedEx charge since
      Date: 23 Sep, 2014
      IAP Ticket #576055

      so please ship my printer!

    18. Missing avatar

      Pasi Vallittu on

      Hi Michael,
      I have wrote you couple of times asking for refund with no reply from you.
      Please refund my pledge, thank you.

    19. B Alan Eisen on

      Congratulations. Some things still cannot be 3D printed!

    20. Luis Miguel Cuéllar Káram on

      Hi Michael,
      Congrats for your new family member. Mexico does not appear in the list.

    21. Missing avatar

      Daniel J on

      Hi Michael,
      Congrats for your new family member.

      About the international shipping.
      I am very disappointed by how this project turned out for international backers. We have waited patiently for more than a year and now we should pay another considerable amount to finally get our reward. Really? There is no way i am going to pay an additional ~$180 ($90 already subtracted) for this.

      Please offer other shipping options. For example with USPS:
      Shipping the box to Switzerland is only $121.30 total. (USPS Priority Mail International; Online-Price; 40lb 36x16x14). => $121.30 - $90 = $31.30

      If that is not an option/possible, I have to request a refund!

    22. Michael Lundwall 2-time creator on

      Thank you for the congratulations on our new baby.
      @ Robert Korden – I wish we could get that low of a rate! The problem is you didn’t use the correct dimensions or weight for the package. This is the same problem we have obviously ran into. When we calculated shipping for our Kickstarter before we launched it on Kickstarter we didn’t know the final weight or dimensions of the RigidBot and packaging. We guessed like you did and came up with an average rate of $90.00. It is amazing how a little more weight and a bigger box dramatically change the freight cost. The real weight of the RigidBot is 40 – 44 lbs and the box is 26 inches x 16 inches x 14 inches. Also the quote you provided requires us to get it to a distribution center is that a long distance from where we are located in Utah, so there would be additional freight cost then what is quoted.

      @Russian machines –Russina machines have caused a lot of problems and we don’t have a solution yet. We have shipped 5 machines to Russian. One machine made it and the other four machines were held by Russian customs and destroyed. They charged us $800 per machine to destroy them and we obviously didn’t get the machines back. We don’t have the cash to refund the machines and we don’t have a good way to ship them so if there is a good suggestion for getting your machine to Russian please email Kae. –

      @KJ Hamblin – Haha, we have defiantly learned a lot along the way and I would love to share our experiences both positive and negative with others. We will probably not write a book about it anytime soon though.

    23. amigacooke on

      I can't help feeling I would have been less enthusiastic if the shipping cost on the KickStarter had been $248.

      If I'm not inclined to increase my payment by a third will the printer be shipped at some time in the future?

    24. Missing avatar

      Ali Görgün on

      Hi Michael,
      Congratulations on the new addition to your family. I wish you all well.

      On a more businesslike note, this update adds to the huge disappointment of having paid for the previous FedEx option in September, but neither having seen the box, nor having heard anything about what happened to it.

      I hope you either read this post or the mail I sent to the support mail address, and find a few moments in this busy time to let me know whether I can expect the shipment soon or I should just keep feeling foolish for paying for the FedEx option.

    25. Missing avatar

      Steven on

      Hi Micheal, I've been waiting patiently for my filament to arrive and now that you have changed your original commitment and having your supporter pay extra to get their already paid filament/shipping, I would like to cancel my pending filament order.

      I just PayPal your new shipping rate, but turns out that it will be faster and cheaper if I buy it elsewhere. If you still want to make good on your original promises, please send out my filament and just refund my $39USD shipping price. Please include the 2 missing hotbed spring.

      RigidBot Order ID: 6005

    26. Robert Korden on

      Not that I will be paying any extra for shipping, as I have requested a refund and am currently engaged in conversation with my solicitor about this matter, But people should be aware that they are getting ripped off with the fedex shipping.

      Through using a shipping calculator I got a total of $194 to send my order, not the $358 as stated on the IAP website.

      So beware. IAP is attempting to overcharge me by $164. I strongly suggest you check out the cost of shipping the unit to your address yourself and not trust IAP.

    27. AlexNoir on

      I already paid 125$ for shipping, not only 90$ for my Okt. fully assembled BIG as it was requested in the KS campain. So I only paid now 124$ instead (to Germany) - this will hopefully work.

    28. Missing avatar

      Milos Vajdic on

      I havent received my filament yet, Australia.
      I paid $1000 already and I simply can't afford to pay more for shipping.

      I guess if you can't afford to pay shipment a full refund is completly out of question?

    29. KJ Hamblin on

      Congrats Michael!

      Have you considered authoring a "Lessons Learned" for other project creators? You've gone through a great deal with RigidBot, not all good, and I think the community could learn a lot if you were open to the idea.

    30. antimix on

      Hi Michael, congratulations for your new born.
      I understand that it should have been difficult to follow the RigidBot project & the New Baby project in the last two months....
      But now, please focus to finalize the RigidBot project. There are still people NOT from Canada that have not received the filaments.... ;)

    31. Tim Taylor on

      Congratulations Michael! Your children are beautiful.

    32. Missing avatar

      Marco Ziegert on

      Congratulations for your new born Michael!
      It was quite difficult to get my Rigidbot Big, but after some modifications (especially PSU) I'm pleased with my RB big.

    33. Yakov Khovalkin on

      Hello. Thank you for your new update. I am from Russia. There is no Russia in list of countries to ship. I think you will not send this 3d printer in my country. Is it possible to cancel my order and get money back?

    34. Vladislav Ross on

      I don't see Russia in the list. Order #5158

    35. Gustav Askengren on

      I won't be able to make this payment. This whole thing seems like a big scam for us international backers. How do i go about for a full refund?