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A sturdy, customizable 3D printer that is easy to use and affordable for all. 3D print almost any object. There are no limits!
1,952 backers pledged $1,092,098 to help bring this project to life.

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Posted by Michael Lundwall (Creator)

RigidBot Backers,  

It has been a very long journey and with a heavy heart, I am sad to say the RigidBot is no longer in business.  

I leveraged all assets I owned in order to keep operations running including my house, my other businesses, and other unsecured debts (lines of credit).  

 By May of 2015, I personally used every resource I had and I brought on an investor. At this point I lost control of the company, however, I was still involved with RigidBot. Shortly after the takeover, I found that the investor’s priorities were not in alignment with my priorities. In June of 2016 the investor pulled out of RigidBot and defaulted on all payments. Since I was the guarantor of all debts before the investor took control, I became 100% responsible for all debts. I did what I could by selling assets to pay these debts, but the load was too great. This has forced my family and I to close all of my companies, including Invent-A-Part, Inc and Additive, Inc. In September of 2016 we filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. It has broken my family and me and we are now doing what we can do rebuild our lives.  

 In this process we were able to ship RigidBots to 52 countries. Cost on the RigidBot project totaled just over $2,500,000. We were able to complete 96% of all Kickstarter rewards including refunding a total of just over $65,000. All RigidBot employees were able to find new jobs and I hope them the best.  

 I do ask that the threats against my family and me, including death threats, to please stop.  

I am deeply saddened and sorry that I was not able to complete our Kickstarter 100%. I am very sorry for any pain this has caused anyone in this process.  

Michael Lundwall

RigidBot, LLC

Posted by Michael Lundwall (Creator)


As many of you know, the RigidBot 3D printer was originally a product of Invent-A-Part, Inc. In order to help the RigidBot reach its full potential it became necessary to split the RigidBot out of Invent-A-Part, Inc. Through great sacrifice, my family and I have put everything we have into the RigidBot, however it was not enough. I would like to officially announce that RigidBot LLC is its own separate and individual company. In this process new management will take over the majority of RigidBot, LLC operations, including a new investor.

You might wonder what that means for you as a customer. This has been a smooth transition over the last few months. RigidBot LLC has assumed all liabilities related to the RigidBot and will fulfill all of its existing obligations. Any pending refunds, warranty requests or otherwise will continue as before and will be fulfilled by RigidBot LLC. Invent-A-Part, Inc is no longer affiliated with the RigidBot or its products. 

Kickstarter and the launch of the RigidBot was a very challenging and exciting journey over the last two and a half years. We have a great product and a really incredible community. One could not be without the other. There have definitely been some bumps along the road and looking back there could have been changes made to make the process smoother. We did the best with what we had. The RigidBot that we delivered is far better than our original design. My wife and I, and the entire RigidBot team, would like to sincerely thank all of you for your support.

- Michael Lundwall

The new address is (next door to Invent-A-Part, Inc)

RigidBot, LLC
1278 N 750 W #400
Springville, UT  84663

If you have any questions please contact us at:

Shipping Options

Posted by Michael Lundwall (Creator)

International Shipments 

 We have had a lot of positive response to the FedEx upgrade option and are moving machines out the door. Tracking numbers have been provided and we will continue to have that option available. 

 There have been a few people that have provided us a USA address to ship their reward. If you have a USA address to ship your reward we can also ship that reward in 1-2 business days. Obviously there is no additional fee to do this, however we will not refund any shipping cost.  If you do have a USA address and would like us to ship to that please email with the subject - Ship to USA.  Please of course include the USA address you would like it shipped to.


 Kae has received some request for people who would like a refund of their kickstarter pledge. At this time we do not have any cash to refund the pledge amount, if we did we would have shipped your reward. However we would like to put together a plan for you to get a refund if that is your only solution. If you would like a refund you can authorize us to sell your reward. When your machine is sold we will refund your full pledge amount via paypal only and will process refunds in the order of request.  If you would like to receive a refund and no longer want your RigidBot reward - click the link below to initiate this process. If we have already shipped your reward, there is no refund available. If you have received a partial shipment, we will only refund the amount that has not shipped.

Thank you!

Shipping Update + New Baby!

Posted by Michael Lundwall (Creator)

International Shipments 

 The option to use FedEx shipping is now available. The rates are calculated from the USA to your country. We will ship your printer in 1-2 business days once payment has been confirmed. Your pledge reward has already been fulfilled and just needs to be shipped. All we are asking is for you to pay actual shipping cost of your printer. 

 A PayPal payment form with rates for each country is here: 

 The chart shows our discounted FedEx shipping rate and the total amount remaining after the $90 credit already paid. 

 The remaining machines will be shipped out as funds are available. They will be shipped by pledge level (September delivers first, etc). The time to ship will depend on how many machines need to be shipped and our available cash each week. 

 International Filament 

 If you have not received your filament yet and you are from Canada we ask that you pay shipping cost which is $39 USD. Filament is in stock and ready to ship. You can pay via the link Specify in the notes section that this is for material.

New Baby!

I am a proud new father! Eve was born the beginning of January at 6lbs 7oz. Baby and my wife are doing well.


Monday Update

Posted by Michael Lundwall (Creator)

Hello Backers,

We continue to work very hard to finish shipping out the last of the International RigidBot rewards. As many of you know we have been trying to ship from China directly to the international locations. Due to complications of coordination with China Post / FedEx and cash flow it has been very difficult getting machines out. So we have decided to ship all of the international machines back to the USA via container. The container left China December 2nd and arrived in Long Beach on the 18th of December. (Container Number AKLU6001245) It has now arrived in Salt Lake City as of Dec 29th and I am waiting for the trucking company to deliver to us in Springville.

Once the machines arrive to our facility in Springville we will handle them mach easier without the communication and coordination problems we were having in China. Your RigidBot is already boxed with your name on it, ready to ship. You can have your RigidBot shipped to you by doing the FedEx upgrade. Shipments will be processed within 1-2 business days.

We will provide the necessary information once we receive the container from Salt Lake City.

Here is a little information of where we are at with Kickstarter and post kickstarter fulfillment.


  • 86% shipped - 2134 boxes have been shipped out of 2483 
  • 349 boxes to be shipped 

Post Kickstarter (try celery pre-sales):

  • 82% shipped - 389 boxes have been shipped out of 474 
  • 85 boxes to be shipped. 

Website – The new Invent-A-Part website is almost ready and will be launched in beta mode in February 2015. The website will provide an easy avenue for purchasing any replacement parts for your RigidBot. The website will also have the RigidBot resource center which will include: 

  • Online help videos 
  • Assembly instructions 
  • Operations manual 
  •  Frequently asked questions / helpful tips 
  • Latest RigidBot Firmware 
  • Helpful stl files for download 

 Hope we all have a happy and successful New Year.

Invent-A-Part Team