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A sturdy, customizable 3D printer that is easy to use and affordable for all. 3D print almost any object. There are no limits!
A sturdy, customizable 3D printer that is easy to use and affordable for all. 3D print almost any object. There are no limits!
1,952 backers pledged $1,092,098 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Tim Taylor on

      Well said, Brett M.

    2. Missing avatar

      Madmolar on

      Shame on you Lundwall.

    3. Jonathan Jelinek on

      I feel bad for all of the backers who haven't received a 3d printer. I received my printer around September 2014. After a handful of successful prints the power supply failed. Support was responsive and I mailed back the bad power supply and received a new power supply within a month of sending it in.
      I think Mr. Lundwall had great intentions and was successful at producing the printers for awhile. I'm not sure what happened in the years that followed.
      R.I.P. Rigidbot

    4. Brett M on

      Why do you people think you are entitled to a printer for your contribution? I am just curious because the nature of crowdfunding is that you are supporting a project with no commitment of any kind that the reward will be realized. this is just crowdsourcing 101 and is well documented in the kickstarter terms of service. Just curious why you think you are entitled to the reward when by contributing you agreed you were not entitled to anything other than contributing. sorry it didn't work out for you, at the same time.

    5. Missing avatar

      Ilya on

      I think it's a right time to launch a legal suit kickstarter campaign X_x

    6. Missing avatar

      Ilya on

      Pardon, the number is 11

    7. Missing avatar

      JavierEdo on

      Did anyone get their money back? I've been trying to email them on either and their address and I never got any replies and all emails bounced back.
      I would like to either get my money back or get the printer but really paying $425 and getting nothing in return is about as bad as it can get.

    8. Missing avatar

      Wolfgang Bastic on

      Still waiting my money :/

    9. Missing avatar

      Wesley on

      Yeh still waiting for refund. It's been 3 years now? They have not made any contact with me, despite several attempts at contacting them. Very poor business practice. I hope someone from the USA with more connections can make these guys get what they deserve for running such an amateurish, poor excuse of a company then bailing with all our money....

    10. Missing avatar

      Thomas Dick on

      Does anyone really have the hope to see money or the printer? What is going on here is clearly a fraud. More money to be asked for is in this case an extortion, because a refund does not work. Pay more or get nothing. Meanwhile, probably pay more and get nothing. This campaign was for me a lesson. Bad for my opinion about kickstarter.

    11. Missing avatar

      Madmolar on

      OK guys, it looks like the Department of Justice is already looking into another Kickstarter with failed promises to refund or deliver: I would suggest that we start filing complaints with. The web address for Utah DoJ is: Lastly, don't forget that Michael has tried to hide behind a new company name: Additive Inc This will cost them more in legal fees than they owe us, maybe they will react rather than ignoring and hiding.

    12. Yakov Khovalkin on

      Where is my money?

    13. Ross Webb-Wagg on

      Still waiting on refund :(
      Number 6 of many.......

    14. Karel Vitek on

      5th. They are looking like dead

    15. Sergey Karasyov on

      4th. Seems many peoples from Russia expect to get refund and get nothing like others :-(

    16. Missing avatar

      Michael Kirsten on

      Lets start counting:

      Who has ordered a rigidbot, called for a refund and is waiting for money ?

      Me: 1

    17. Missing avatar

      Ilya on

      But I ain't done much healing

    18. Missing avatar

      Ilya on

      They say that time's supposed to heal ya

    19. Denny The Backer on

      i have got my printer, 2 of RB Big ( and i am ordering 1 RB big and 1 RB small) talking about bad logistic and end up good for me... well the board dead anyway. hope you all got luck... oh And by the way i am lucky i just donate for the shipping cost last time, but they send me with fedex :)

    20. Missing avatar

      Ilya on

      To go over everything

    21. Missing avatar

      Ilya on

      You'd like to meet,

    22. Missing avatar

      Ilya on

      I was wondering if after all these years

    23. Missing avatar

      Ilya on

      Hello, it's me

    24. Missing avatar

      Ilya on

      At least now we all know that FedEx cannot into international.

    25. Ross Webb-Wagg on

      Waiting for refund, too

    26. Missing avatar

      Nikalay Gromihaylo on

      Waiting for refund, too

    27. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      I wait money back too( he can`t shipp. to Russia). email ignored. Anyone can face2face talk about it with Michael Lundwall?

    28. Missing avatar

      Madmolar on

      Here's where our printers probably went:,-95.677068,4z/data=!4m3!8m2!3m1!1e1
      A local school, "For a third of the price"...

    29. Missing avatar

      Madmolar on

      They are hiding. Expect them to apply for Chapter 7 bankruptcy soon. Michael is kidding himself if he thinks he has broken the link back to Invent-a-part. That may be the only way we are going to see any money back.

    30. Missing avatar

      Anne Yang on

      Since I wasn't getting my refund, I emailed them to ask about shipping it to my friend in the US instead... and still no response. Any idea how actually reach Michael? I also message him directly on the kickstarter platform but again, nada.

    31. Missing avatar

      Madmolar on

      Time to start looking at legal avenues I think. They owe us money and they have assets they can sell to pay us. No excuses any more.

    32. Michael Banks on

      Still waiting for my refund... Applied for refund over a year ago

    33. Missing avatar

      Anne Yang on

      Also waiting for a refund. My emails have been routinely ignored. I hope that they keep their promise.

    34. Joris Daedalus on

      How do I get a refund?

    35. Missing avatar

      Vladimir on

      Just should have backed Oculus)

    36. Missing avatar

      Vladimir on

      Let's see what's Andrew says month ago, about starting RB2 sales:
      "Great news everyone! We have an amazing deal if you are interested in a RigidBot 2 Kit!
      We are running a Beta Program of 50 machines for feedback about assembly. This machine is much easier to assemble. In fact, we think it's the best kit on the market.
      And for those that want to say "don't sell anything new till you refund or ship everything": we are still working on refunds and committed to refunding everyone who backed us on kickstarter and couldn't get their machine (about 2% at this point).
      So we're moving forward and I thought some of you would be able to provide some good feedback if you're interested."

      It's from Rigidbot G+
      So, he's saying that they're not forgetting about us, there 40 of us, and we have to wait. OK, that exactly what I'm going to do. Because I'm tried to contact them, different approaches, no response.

    37. amigacooke on

      Also still waiting for a refund.

    38. Jeff Shaffer on

      Waiting on a refund...what's the status? Are they ever going to happen? SHould we write that cash off or what?

    39. Ross Webb-Wagg on

      I have also requested a refund and can no longer log into the inventapart site. I did get a email stating the refund will go ahead once it has been sold and they are now selling Rigidbot 2. I am waiting on a reply from my email asking why I can not log into the Rigidbot website.

    40. Lyutayev Alexandr on

      Also wait my refund. It was because shipping is 400$ to KZ the same as printer.
      It is too much for me. They promised to sell it on the market and then refund. Actually not good experience at all :( Hope my grandson can get it back ;)

    41. Missing avatar

      Alexander Scheid on

      I also wait for my printer or refund. There is also no possibility to log into the inventapart account.

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