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A sturdy, customizable 3D printer that is easy to use and affordable for all. 3D print almost any object. There are no limits!
A sturdy, customizable 3D printer that is easy to use and affordable for all. 3D print almost any object. There are no limits!
1,952 backers pledged $1,092,098 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Tom Keating on August 24

      It arrived today! Wohoo!

    2. Creator Michael Banks on August 21

      Still nothing at my end here in Australia

    3. Creator Denny The Backer on August 19

      Glad to hear that Tom..

    4. Creator Tom Keating on August 19

      Just got confirmation of shipment!

    5. Creator Tom Keating on August 13

      Right, there is hope. I emailed and they found my kickstarter pledge. I went online as directed and paid the extra Fedex charge, so, it's ordered now. Fingers crossed, it arrives. I'll update here when it arrives.

    6. Creator Tom Keating on August 12

      You won't get an answer at the Google Hangout either :-(

    7. Creator Shlomo Haddad on August 1

      After more than two years, waiting for a printer ...
      And still: No printer and no refund ...

    8. Creator Michael Banks on July 30

      Everyone needs to send messages to the RigidBot Google hangout. You will not receive answers here

    9. Creator Michael Kirsten on July 22

      Hi there,
      I too opted for a refund after more than two years, waiting for a printer ...
      And still: No printer and no refund ...

    10. Creator amigacooke on July 17

      Six months on from the refund offer from Inventapart (which I accepted) and still no news.

    11. Creator Tom Keating on July 11

      Ever, not Every!! :-|

    12. Creator Tom Keating on July 11

      Like myself Kanpoj, I doubt you'll every see a printer. I've been trying to ages but with no luck :-(

    13. Creator Kanpoj K. on July 9

      My name is Kanpoj Kornpariphan
      I backed the project on kickstarter TWO years ago and now I still HAVE NOT received the printer

      Backer No #286

      What's your solution on this?
      I'm looking forward for your reply.

    14. Creator Tom Keating on July 8

      Michael, no I haven't paid extra for delivery, I have tried to but no luck plus no communications when I have asked :-(

    15. Creator Alvin Lua on July 8

      Anybody in Singapore or Malaysia who wants to get this 3d printer kindly contact me at +6590716060 as I still have 1 that never open yet, have not set up and still in shipping box. (RigidBotBig 12"x16"x10" PLA Kit. Includes 6' of PLA material. With LCD / SD card reader kit.)

    16. Creator Michael Banks on July 6

      @ Tom
      Did you pay extra for delivery ??

    17. Creator Tom Keating on June 10

      Still nothing :-( A case of take the money and run I guess. �

    18. Creator Guillaume on May 26

      Hi all....
      Incredible... I just got my rigidbot Big today.... I thought that i Would Never get it...
      just a little problem.... The rigidbot was not well packed... And it came with some broken pieces.... Hope that inventapart has spare pieces to make the repair...
      Pierre from Switzerland

    19. Creator DiGMi on May 26

      Do you have any ETA?
      I still haven't got my printer and I'm starting to think that I'll never get it.

    20. Creator Tom Keating on May 17

      Thanks Michael, went to the Google Hangout, found a link to submit a ticket for the printer that I didn't receive. Let's see what happens.

    21. Creator Michael Banks on May 9

      Ok I must apologise.. It seems that the sale is to help fund outstanding backers have their rigidbots shipped.

      NOTE: Please read the latest UPDATES. ( I simply failed too .. Dooh !! )

    22. Creator Michael Banks on May 9

      InventaPart have decided to have a SALE ... They're selling Rigidbots on the cheap.

      Before any sales proceed... Michael Blundells's company " InventApart " should fulfill all KickStarter backers.

      All sales fro this sale should go directly to the delivery of our rigidBots... Use the sales profit to deliver out RigidBots.

    23. Creator Michael Banks on May 9

      Everyone needs to goto the Rigidbot Google hangout.

      There is an InventAPart person on the forum to answer all questions...

      Forget using this Kickstarter Comments section... it's dead... move to the Google Hangout

    24. Creator Michael Banks on May 9

      You will never get a refund.. impossible. If you want your Rigidbot you must pay extra $ for postage out of U.S.A

    25. Creator Michael Banks on May 9

      @ dae-Hyuan Kim @ Carsten - Have you paid the extra $$$ to have your Rigidbot sent to you ?

      if not... you will never receive it. if you have paid the extra delivery fee, it should have been sent. Have you read the latest update ??

    26. Creator Dae-Hyun Kim on May 6

      What can we do? I told kickstarter staffs about this situation, but they answered "sorry" only. No one is responsible about this?

    27. Creator Carsten Kaestner on April 29

      Any news on shipping. Didn't receive anything.

    28. Creator Dae-Hyun Kim on April 20

      What's going on? They don't answer to my mails.

      No one knows?

    29. Creator Ross Webb-Wagg on April 17

      Checked my account and it is not showing any order number or tracking number, anyone else has this problem? I have also requested a refund the $570 that I pledge.

    30. Creator Federico Noferi on April 13

      No answer on refund either (I was told to wait few weeks months ago...)...

    31. Creator NETIUS on April 11

      3D Printers has always been troubled in Kickstarter and there is another one that maybe questionable coming to market soon. Its beginning to making wave now and if your interested in the project links are below for discussion. It does look a little more promising but RB started that way as well.

      Kickstarter Project -

      Official Facebook Page -

      Open Discussion by Fans -

      I know some may be hurt from RigidBot especially on a International Level. Where do we stand with this currently - sounds like RigidBot has given up and offered a FedEx option that you must choose to get your printer. Which I think is completely wrong - has anyone received their printer recently on a International Level without paying the FedEx Fee? I see selecting the FedEx Options they go out fairly easily with some custom issues.

    32. Creator Tommy Nilsson on April 8

      My mail contact with invenapart has been good. Skipped my printer and its stuck in customs atm but thats becuse they value the pakage over 100% more then what i payd for it. so 2 more days and i should have the printer. And i payd to get it shipped with FedEx

    33. Creator amigacooke on April 7

      Nothing from the refund programme as yet. Mr Lundwall has had an interest free loan from me. I hope he appreciates it.

    34. Creator Hayal on April 6

      same same ... still nothing and no response

    35. Creator Tom Keating on April 5

      Karel, I'm afraid like many of us your money is long gone and your getting nothing for it :-(

    36. Creator Karel Vitek on March 28

      I didnt received rigidbot, when you will shop it. Pls I need it asap. Karel vitek

    37. Creator Tom Keating on March 18

      I haven't paid the FedEx cost but willing to pay it to get the printer but no contact from Michael. Really disappointed of the lack of communication. I have no issues with the risk of investing in a kickstarter project but when there is no communications it speaks volumes of something not right.

    38. Creator Guillaume on March 18

      here is the same ... nothing received... and no response......
      I think that Kickstater should better protect backers.......against
      such guy like Michael... I pledged... 1025$.... It is a lot of money... and being not informed is not acceptable....
      Tom do you have paid extra for the Fedex shipping?
      As I do not want to pay extra .... and not receiving and loosing 200$ more........

    39. Creator Tom Keating on March 17

      Still nothing and no response. :-(

    40. Creator Tom Snäll on March 16

      Well after paying the extra for FedEx shipping I received mine a couple of weeks ago. Took a couple of evenings to build it. No serious problems, other than all of parts 1015 were 15mm shorter that thy were supposed to and parts 1014 were 15 mm longer than supposed to. 1015 were not a serious problem, just meant that the "lower case" ended up very tight packed and the side panels could not be used as they were too wide. 1014's being to long was easily fixed.

      That was all the bad news. The good news is that the printer is working perfectly. After building and a quick calibration, the first print was perfect. I wasn't hoping too much of the print result, but I'm honestly impressed with it. Far better than what I expected.

      Still, a initially cheap printer ended up as being as expensive as any other thanks to all the shipping problems...

      The printer works like a charm, and produces better quality than expected, so I guess there is a happy end to all of this....

    41. Creator Koji Sasaki on March 16

      I haven't revived any. Does anyone actually receive it?

    42. Creator Tom Keating on March 7, 2015

      Still nothing after 2 years... :-(

    43. Creator Dan Henderson on March 2, 2015

      I just got off the phone with IAP about an error in an order I placed, and an error in one of the rewards I selected (extra spools of printer material)on your end. After having to hunt down the reason my material had not been sent for months and months with no update, I found that I had to pay to have them shipped, which should have been included (I understand the changes in shipping rates etc. and I was fine paying for this) but I received only 3 spools correct, and 2 spools wrong, and after filing a ticket and waiting a month, and having to hunt this down AGAIN, I am told if I want the correct spools, I have to pay to have these ones shipped back, and pay to have the correct ones shipped out again.

      In the future, I would advise you to please please please instruct your sales staff to inform customers about shortages of colours and materials, rather than just keeping silent and sending them the wrong items.

      There are a number of people in the comments disgruntled, and these sorts of mistakes are easily avoided by sharing information up-to-date with your phone-in customers and backers.

    44. Creator Artem on March 2, 2015

      Андрей, Кирилл, Илья - я смог получить доставку только на американский адрес. Письма о доставке а Россию игнорировались. Но, как только написал о доставке в США - ящик уже стоял под дверью на 3й день. Посылка весит 18 кг, ребята наверняка не рассчитали стоимость доставки. Так что, в Россию вряд ли что-нибудь пришлют. Я бы рассмотрел вариант посредников типа шипито и иже с ними, плюс, готовился бы к головняку на таможне. Удачи!

    45. Creator ILYA MANEYEV on February 27, 2015

      I have tried every option to contact IAP but haven't got a response since the beginning of the year.
      I understand all the complications and can wait even more if it is necessary, but i definately need any information on what is going on and whether Chinapost is still an option.
      I clearly understand that logistics may be a killer to the project, so please, IAP, contact me, we all have the same goal goal here.
      Don't turn your project into a scam.

    46. Creator Michael Dandy on February 22, 2015

      I haven't got my pledge yet and it has been 2 years. I created already a ticket on invertapart website, and it has been ignored for more than a year. I updated the ticket once in awhile. Occasionally someone responded saying that we're taking a look at this case. But nothing happens so far. I'm thinking that this is actually a scam, and considering to report it to FBI. I want my money back.

    47. Creator Gary Craig on February 14, 2015

      Michael Lundwall, could you please inform us if IAP is planning to stay in business and continue to create/sell Rigidbots, or are you finishing the campaign and selling off inventory and shutting down the business?

      I ask because you do not respond to emails or answer the phone at your place of business, so I question what your plans are and if you are going to stay in business at all.

    48. Creator Chris Fourie on February 9, 2015


      After a looong wait, I am happy to say I received my Rigidbot and am very happy with it after a few weeks of use.

      Thanks to the IAP team for pulling through.

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