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We are a small brewpub passionate about creating quality craft beer and food, enjoying it with others, and impacting our community.

Plan 9 Alehouse, as a concept, was birthed with the idea that beer is a social beverage that was intended to be enjoyed with friends and family. 

With the startup of this new brewpub, we believe that we are getting the opportunity to take two things that we love, people and good beer, and bring them together to create a business that will not only be a great addition to the many awesome craft breweries in San Diego County, but also provide for our family and the employees that will join us. As a result of being laid off, home brewing took on an entirely new meaning, and what started out as a, "Wouldn't that be cool to do someday?" conversation, has slowly turned into a reality. Yes, sometimes we have to pinch ourselves to see if this is really happening. Yep. It's real. Well, almost real. And that's where you come in.  


We are thrilled to be located in the heart of historic downtown Escondido. Our building dates back to the early 1900's, and if you are a lover of all things old like we are, it just adds to the buzz of it all. Along with the charm comes an abundance of improvements. Currently the space is completely empty. We are literally building this brew pub from the ground up. That means we will be needing to purchase everything from lighting fixtures, custom bar, brew house, cold boxes, kitchen equipment, seating, kegs, glassware, not to mention the construction, plumbing and electrical work required to bring this building up to a standard that can accommodate the needs of a small brewery and restaurant.  


Our goal is to raise at least $40,000 to help us with some of the expenses already mentioned. Truthfully, we will need more than this, but if you're not familiar with the way kickstarter works, it's an all or nothing deal! That means that we must make our goal or we don't receive anything at all. We can go over our goal, but not under it. And just in case you're wondering, your credit card information is securely handled by Amazon and will not be charged until after our goal is reached. We can't do this without your help.


As a way of acknowledging the generosity of those who have given to help make our dream a reality, we want to commit up front to give back a percentage of our profits to help serve and improve our local community. Whether it's an individual in need, a school project that needs funding, or a park that needs sprucing up, we want to find ways to help make Escondido and the surrounding area a better place to live.  And for you, our supporters, well let's just say we're about to make your day seem a little brighter. We've got everything from T-shirts, stemmed glassware, exclusive growlers, tickets to our VIP celebration, and more to show our gratitude to you. Check out our rewards to the right. We hope you are as excited about this venture as we are. Please tell your friends and get the word out about Plan 9 Alehouse! We can't wait to celebrate our success over a pint with you!

Please help us make Plan 9 Alehouse a reality, and follow these easy steps:

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Our future home in historic Downtown Escondido! ©Daniel Norwood Photography
Our future home in historic Downtown Escondido! ©Daniel Norwood Photography
From the inside looking out onto Grand Avenue in Escondido ©Daniel Norwood Photography
From the inside looking out onto Grand Avenue in Escondido ©Daniel Norwood Photography


  • Glad you asked! As for our own beer brewed on site, we are planning on some typical American & European styles, with our own unique spin.

    We believe our calling is to create beer with character and depth using the simplest and purest means.

    We will strive to use unconventional ingredients, and will proudly state what we put into our beer and food.

    We are inspired by those in the brewing community who are pushing the limits of what "beer" is, and can be. That being said, several of our beers will be barrel-aged, for special releases, etc.

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  • Why yes, we will. In addition to our own beer, we will offer many of the fine examples of craft beer being produced in San Diego. There are many, many great offerings throughout the region. It will be easy to put together a beer menu.

    Also, we plan on offering potentially a gluten-free beer, as well as the occasional bottle of wine. We also will be producing our very own root beer, lemonade, and other fun sodas/juices for the "under 21 crowd" as well as fresh & local coffee.

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  • Glad you asked. Our menu options will be uniquely paired with various beers available at the brewpub. The marriage of beer and food is a wonderful thing, and we plan on celebrating that blessed union often. Many of our offerings will be familiar, but uniquely spun with our character. We believe in flavorful, local, fresh, and healthy food. We are sourcing everything locally.

    And yes, we will have a kids menu.

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    You will receive a Plan 9 Alehouse sticker so you can proclaim your love for Plan 9 Alehouse. The sticker can be placed literally (almost) anywhere. Plus, a handwritten Thank You note from the Plan 9 founder himself so that you can cherish for all time.

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    In addition to an amazing Plan 9 Alehouse sticker, your name will go on our wall. We want to be sure to thank everyone who pitches in to support us, so to do so, we are dedicating a wall in the brewpub to you, the supporters. People will be jealous.

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    By now it is clear that you are deeply commited to our success, so, we want you to have all of the above, PLUS an irresistible Plan 9 hooded sweatshirt made exclusively for our Kickstarter backers. That's right. Strut down the street with the confidence of a Rhode Island Red. You'll look so cool it may even be your ticket to sit at the popular lunch table. Converts will be made.

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    All of the above, that's right. All of the above. And not only that, but you will be invited to join us at the brewpub and collaborate with us on a recipe, brew it with us, and name it when it's done. Not to mention, our eternal gratitude! Congratulations, you can now add "philanthropist" to your resume.

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