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An isometric, RTWP, party-based CRPG set in the icy Staglands, where a trapped god and chosen company embark on a perilous quest.
An isometric, RTWP, party-based CRPG set in the icy Staglands, where a trapped god and chosen company embark on a perilous quest.
An isometric, RTWP, party-based CRPG set in the icy Staglands, where a trapped god and chosen company embark on a perilous quest.
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Here at the End of All Things: Demo! Launch! Thank you!


What ho, Bog Shroomers!

And at long last, Serpent in the Staglands is complete. We are extremely proud of the result of one adventurous year of learning and development. You helped us make this happen, and we are thrilled with how the game shaped up. You need but look at the original Kickstarter video to see how far the game has come. We think it’s pretty remarkable.

I would have said there really isn’t an opportunity for a 2-person team to make a niche game like this beyond being a hobby project, but with Kickstarter and you all wonderful folks that was made possible. We’re so grateful to have had the opportunity to make this game and we hope you get a sense for the type of experience we were trying to make the moment you start to boot it up. We’ve said Serpent in the Staglands is a 90s CRPG in everything but the release date, and we meant it. No handholding, fun puzzles, and we tried to make every element and feature in the game fun first and foremost — we think you’ll love it.

Alright, lets get to it: LAUNCH UPDATE.

A special thanks to all our backers who provided their mugs for the game — they brought a ton of character and atmosphere to the game.

As we’ve mentioned before, do read The Manual prior to playing. You start the game proper right out the gate, so your tutorial is in that text. We’ll be getting it packaged up for GOG and the folks with Accounts with us a standalone soon, and Steam folks will be able to download it from the link above.


We’ve included the first couple areas of the game for folks to slaughter some wildlife and explore a temple to get a feel for the gameplay! If you know someone that may be interested, pass it along!

What’s Next

We have some patches planned to smooth out some skill and enemy balancing, as well as some economy balancing, and will continue to push hard to support and polish up the game so it’s tip top in time for the free expansion! We have a dedicated forum for any technical issues or bugs, and if you find anything please let us know! We will strive to make the game as perfect as it can be, and while we did a lot of thorough testing ourselves with the help of the beta testers for early areas, we’ll need your help finding anything we may have missed.

If you haven’t already received a Kickstarter message or email from us, you will throughout the coming day. We’re drinking some cafera and continuing to go through the list through tomorrow— Steam and our DRM-Free releases early afternoon, GOG early morning (US Central Time). This is a manual process for us, as we're sending a key to each of you line by line, so we appreciate your patience and hope to have this wrapped up today!

Helping us out one last time!

One last thing you wonderful folks could do for us is talk about the game. With just the two of us wearing all the hats needed for development, we haven’t had the opportunity to spread the word as much as we would to have liked to. While the game is being distributed to various journalists and You-Tubers, we really think the word of mouth will be the best driving force behind letting more people know about it.

Whatever social media thing you’re on we’d be so grateful if you gave our game a shoutout. If you enjoyed the game and are inclined to leave a review on a distributor like Steam, that would be immensely helpful for getting traction. We’d also love to hear about what you think about it, so always feel free to let us know in email or on the forums.

Making of/Art Book

We’re currently finishing up this digital book and will have it out soon! Everyone who has a package including it will be getting an email containing account info, and will be able to just download it from the link provided when it’s available. The book turned out real fun, and is full of design decisions, tons of art, how to live off butter-coffee for a year, and plenty of small little easter eggs or things a lot of folks may have missed playing (lots of spoilers, so take heed). We’re so appreciative of everyone who continues to purchase the upgrade for this package, and we think you’ll all get a kick out of it!

Soundtrack Available!

The game’s wonderful music artist has the soundtrack available on his Bandcamp and also available on our site (all proceeds will go straight to him)! It’s a really terrific OST for the game, full of atmospheric tracks. Definitely worth your interest!

Thank You!

This was our first Kickstarter campaign and our first game of this size, and while this was a moderately sized campaign compared to a lot of games we’ve had an immense amount of support from everyone, and we really appreciate all the words of encouragement over the past year. We’ve tried to run a fun and honest campaign with our updates, and hope you’ve enjoyed the look inside development as the game was in progress. We’ll continue to post any big updates of patches or other news. Thanks again everyone.

Remember to bring a notebook and some mead, and enjoy your time in Vol!


Joe & Hannah

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    1. alx on

      got the keys and the game. will start playing it this weekend.
      for some reason I'm more interested in Serpent than I am in Pillars of Eternity, which I'm still sitting on. really looking forwards to getting into the story and world you've created.
      thank you.

    2. Tet Yoon Lee on

      Got my Steam key. Was sent at ~2130 UTC.

      Luke: I think you may have misunderstood, the link is only for the manual. It's only needed by people using Steam since currently the manual isn't packaged with Steam version. People with the GOG and site download could get it from there, but since they get it during download, there's less point. To download the game via Steam, you need to put your key in to Steam. And download via Steam as you always do. If you haven't got a Steam key, check your Kickstarter inbox to make sure you didn't miss it and just wait, I'm not sure if all keys have been sent out yet.

    3. Luke Cartner on

      So in this update it says steam downloads are available from the link above..
      The only link above is for the manual..

    4. gandalf.nho

      Waiting for my GOG key too

    5. Missing avatar

      redeicarciofi on

      Still no key,sigh :(

    6. Tet Yoon Lee on

      Sounds like keys are still going out so if you're like me and haven't received anything yet, don't worrh.

    7. Darklord on

      I'm confused, where do I get my Steam key?

    8. Jalister on

      I just received my GOG key through Kickstarter Messages. Thanks.

    9. Stefan Brauner on

      One of the loveliest campaigns I was able to support up until now!
      Lately I especially enjoyed your Interview with Matt Barton!
      Eagerly awaiting the GoG-key. My utmost respect for your fervent effort.

    10. Torment- The Enduring Exile on

      Congrats... where do we get our Steam keys?

    11. Jani Jereb on

      Can't wait to play it for real. A big thank you for all the hard work you put in.

    12. Gonchi on


    13. Zombra on

      Big congratulations, Hannah and Joe. ♥

    14. Demiurge on

      Cool, hoping to get to play this very soon :)

    15. Missing avatar

      John Webb on

      Ah, nevermind. Forgot I'm in a different time zone, lol. Great work on the game yall, really looking forward to finally playing it! :D

    16. Missing avatar

      John Webb on

      I might be real dumb or something, but the update mentions that Steam users can download it from the link above; what link is it referring to? I see a link to the manual, but that's it.

    17. Jalister on

      How and when are we getting our GOG keys?

    18. Helge Philipp on

      Now available on GOG! Waiting impatiently as well... ;-)

    19. Missing avatar

      Mike Olsen on

      Congrats! It must have been a long and difficult journey for you guys....make sure you take some time to enjoy the moment!

      Very excited to begin the adventure!

    20. Whalenought Studios 2-time creator on

      Thanks so much! Excited for people to start playing later today!

    21. Cyboff

      Congrats! Can't wait for GOG key :)

    22. mabec on

      Congrats on a long road finally reaching its goal :)