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An isometric, RTWP, party-based CRPG set in the icy Staglands, where a trapped god and chosen company embark on a perilous quest.
An isometric, RTWP, party-based CRPG set in the icy Staglands, where a trapped god and chosen company embark on a perilous quest.
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Bronze age journals fit for a backer

Posted by Whalenought Studios (Creator)

Hail Backers!

We wanted to give you a quick update on the latest patch for beta testers, and some info on the physical journal reward tier.


Yesterday we got 2 beautiful hides from a tannery to make the journal covers from and they are fantastic.

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We still have a bit of copy for the journal to write as we finish up content for the game, but it should be a wonderful guide and adventuring companion. The digital version will have some specific changes and omissions (medium aside), but will have similar content. We’re receiving the great paper we're printing on, threading, sealing wax and insignia needed for the seal soon as well, and will get some pictures up when we do! The end product will be an authentic leather journal suitable for some bronze age adventuring, with some blank note pages for yourself (for those puzzles that are more easily sketched out than written in the in-game journal).

There are a finite number of these based on the amount of covers we were able to cut, and it looks like we’ll have 25 extra from the initial cuts.

Since the Kickstarter a lot of folks have asked about the physical rewards being purchasable, and since discarding the idea of a regular purchasable book we knew they were going to be limited so haven’t mentioned redistribution until now. We’d like to give away a couple of these to some outstanding folks who have generously supported us throughout this crazy year of development, maybe do a public raffle for some, and plan on having the remaining be purchasable.

If you’d like to reserve one shoot us an email — we’ll just do this first come first serve, and shipping will be included. We’ll post an update on twitter/the website when, or if, we run out.

In the interests of our prior backers: if you have backed at a reward less than $75 up to this point through Kickstarter or Paypal, the cost will be $75 minus your current donation amount. We’ll notify you closer to the release and link you to the payment area. If anyone wants one that currently does not have a pre-order, we'll put up an option on our website down the road if we have remaining copies.



** Patching system seems to be having some issues, and we'll just send out another email this (hopefully) last time. Will be starting builds shortly for reindeer distribution. **

For those who have beta access, or maybe haven’t played since some of the earlier builds, we encourage you to download the newest patch and take a look. We’ve tackled the majority of the UI functionally, added lots of small polish items, and have finally implemented the prime NPC database, which completely rebalances the combat difficulty. This is what we’ve been using to test later game scenarios and individual enemies, and thought it would be a good time to introduce it into the beta and have you all test what the actual game difficulty was designed to be. I’d go into the details, but it would probably be best just played. If you were quick saving a lot before due to bugs, we’d advise you do so now instead for the amped up difficulty across the board, especially during the early areas you're testing. Wildlife, acolytes, and even chicken goblins can 1-hit-kill an unarmored character if the rng god wills it.

We also have a list-inspection of items on the ground near characters. A few folks mentioned wanted to toggle a menu or backpack for looting bodies, so we’ve added this UI element by pressing TAB:

Both this and normal ground-pick up also now have the closest character pick up the item. Unless you are in a combat-tense situation and are looting, all the characters share the same inventory pack so we thought grabbing the closest character to fetch it was a nice convenience. The sparkle effect on an item now also displays over all environmental art and has a text description when hovering, so you can see it even if obscured (or can run around holding TAB like in Diablo and vacuum things up as you come across them).

Another note on the NPC database was their drop rules were updated. Everyone that has something equipped will drop it if killed (or have it available for magical pickpocketing), with some marginal room for breaking and not dropping for light randomization. A spell also has the ability to make them drop their equipped weapon, so later on you can use that to your advantage for largely disabling a singular threat. With the increase in drops, we also took a pass at adjusting the economy to keep things tight on supplies, though will likely need tweaking.

Lastly, as mentioned in a previous update, the skill point allocation now distributes HP per point, with the graph indicated below:


  • Starting base: 20 HP
  • Base per level increase: 4 HP
  • Strength: +4 HP
  • Dexterity: +3 HP
  • Perception: +3 HP
  • Occult: +2 HP
  • Intelligence +1 HP

*Spells like Foul Creep or items/curses that drain your stats (permanently or temporarily) do not affect their original HP boost, however there are specific spells and curses that can.

Thanks again everyone for all the support since the Kickstarter campaign, and the testers for continuing to plunge into these stages of development. We’ll be back next year with more info and more content for testing.

Merry Christmas from Whalenought!

Joe & Hannah


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    1. Darklord on

      Ah in that case it's all good. :)

    2. Whalenought Studios 2-time creator on

      @Darklord and @Jani - The only permanent stat loss that can occur to you is something you'd do willingly. For example, if you have enough points in philosophy, you can bargain with an imp to permanently steal core stats from one of your companions. Any stat loss that occurs via spell casters or fighters in combat reverts at the end of combat, so there won't be any permanent damage.

    3. Jani Jereb on

      I agree with Darklord (heh). There should be a way around a permanent stat decrease (like Restoration) or a "suitable" explanation - cost/effect or story related event.

    4. Darklord on

      I'm not keen on Permanent stat loss, I will reload EVERY time this occurs. No way I want characters being screwed up permanently...