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A CRPG featuring cyber-espionage and horror. Turn based combat with timed actions, stealth and chainsaw arms.
A CRPG featuring cyber-espionage and horror. Turn based combat with timed actions, stealth and chainsaw arms.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Jabberwok on

      I appreciate having the save option - in fact, I hope we'll be able to manually save as well - but it would be nice for the final game to also have an ironman checkbox when starting a new game. Then I could be certain I wouldn't be tempted to reload.

      For example, I save scum a lot of games, yet it's hard to imagine enjoying the new X-Com without playing in ironman, another game built around playing through. If they hadn't included that option, I might never have played that way...

    2. Whalenought Studios 2-time creator on

      @Gabriele: Thanks man! It's been a lot of iterating on how to make those original pitch systems play nicely together.

      @aratuk: Probably worth a post on the Community Page for this one to gather more thoughts, but we did design the main campaign to exclusively use "play it out", we based the map layouts and gameplay off that for its entirety. That continuity of challenge was the idea, and player's would restart if their builds go South — in this case you certainly start to lose parts of your humanity as you keep chugging along as some kind of terminator. Either death option removes a complete player-driven save-scumming option due to the player not being able to control when the game is saving, which is does frequently and when you do anything but get in combat or die.

      We asked a few folks we trust with more p&p knowledge than us a while ago their thoughts — the idea was emulating interesting tabletop ideas where a DM can come up with interesting ways of keeping players kicking instead of just re-rolling and make interesting situations out of that. Since we can't fudge numbers to get 'close-enough', we can fudge the idea of completely restarting.

      What we did hear as a common concern was that there may be immediate frustration if you just want to try a fight again quickly, to try new tactics immediately after. We use that for testing anyway, so we just added that option for now.

      That's not necessarily the goal of what we're doing for a challenge in the game though, but it’s what people are used to and having both during testing could be a way to ease into the idea until we smooth it all out. The Alpha map(s) just have an on-site clinic for the play-it-out option, but the beta maps are the actual city and I think we can get some better feedback from you guys once we open testing for that. Player feeeeeeelings matter about as much as gameplay ramifications for something like this, so it's worth developing further with testing.

      We’ll put up a post tomorrow on the Community Page so there can be a running discussion, this has been a fun thought exercise for us throughout development and would love to hear more ideas.

    3. Whalenought Studios 2-time creator on

      @Ano: We're just referring to the tile-volume system the game is made up of as the engine, but we're using Unity. We will be releasing on Mac, PC and Linux though. We build a low-end Linux machine to test it on and are keeping up with that.

    4. aratuk on

      The "play it out" death system sounds like it would make ironman mode a lot more appealing. It could be pretty interesting, in fact, if that were the only option to play the game.

      A system that encourages continuity (without necessarily starting over) and disallows save-scumming could be a lot more fun.

    5. Gabriele Svelto on

      The game is looking more and more interesting with every update, I dig it even more than the original pitch.

    6. Missing avatar

      Ano on


      I'm impressed by the game capabilities/features!
      It's a (multi-platform) custom engine, right? As per