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2-5 pirates looking for treasure and fighting off natives, cannibals, and dinosaurs with muskets, cannons, and swords.
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    1. Dylan on

      I have a problem: I am currently at one address, but I will be at another address in two months. The main problem is that I need the games at THIS address as others are purchasing them in bulk with me - but if I am not here, then it would entail changing the address and international shipping and Armageddon and whatnot... so when do you estimate these will be in the mail to us? The fate of the world depends on your answer...

    2. Matt Smith on

      For backers who are picking up their game at Origins, will the extra KS-only cards be included? I know you mentioned the t-shirt/stickers, but I really want my ninjas and giant gorilla. :)

    3. Matt Smith on

      He said "ship to here", not "be here". I.e. the games will get loaded onto a ship in China and start the long ocean voyage to the US no later than Monday. It usually takes 3-4 weeks for a cargo ship to go from China to the US. Then 7-10 days for customs and ground shipping. Only then can Jim start shipping the games to backers.

    4. Jason Preder on

      So, I'm a bit confused. Will you will have ALL copies of PvD in your warehouse on Monday, or just the ones for Origins?
      Very excited for this game!

    5. Jolly Roger Games 6-time creator on

      Games will ship to here no later than Monday. They'll ship 24 hours after they arrive here. I'll try and get pictures--but I don't have the camera to do that with at the moment.

    6. Jared Bond

      Pictures or it didn't happen :)

    7. Jason Preder on

      Are you having them all airshipped? Sounds expensive. Anyhow, I can't remember if you said or not, but what is your newest ETA to begin shipping to non Origin KS backers?

      Thanks for all your updates, you don't know how appreciated it is to hear what is going on at all steps of the process.

    8. Missing avatar

      Kevin on

      Great news! Any chance you could upload some pictures of the final product? I'm excited to see how everything turned out.