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"D-Day Sergeants" is a story based, card-driven, WWII skirmish boardgame. Where you command your own squad.
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    1. Rob Koch on

      @JB: Trying to make the change to Swift from Obj-C/Cocoa ... similar pains but nowhere near that level!

    2. Rob Koch on

      @Paul: That was codese ... if you're a Software Engineer/Code Monkey it was perfectly clear. :)

    3. Jeff Billings 3-time creator on

      @Lee I never tell people its broke if I have no answer for when it will be fixed. I have found that I spend a great deal of time dealing with questions that cannot be answered, leading to rumors leading to urban legend that then becomes "Internet Established Fact" which is completely wrong.

      I would rather know something before I speak. Maybe that is a personal flaw but at this point in life I doubt I will change that very much.

      The rules are on track for Monday.

    4. JohnnyD

      I certainly feel your pain on the software end. I have had to change/program so many things the past year switching from 32 to 64 bit that my head is still spinning!

    5. Paul Schwartz

      was that english

    6. Lee Sweeney on

      Well thanks for letting us know, next time please tell us upfront though that you have hit a snag.

      Also can you nit do any more upgrades until after it has shipped ;).

      Because as we all know in any system an upgrade will break the one thing needed to meet a deadline on a project.

      Hope to see the rules soon.

      So there is a slight chance I may have it before the Con at the end of October?

    7. John Fisher on

      Greeting Jeff: I feel for you my brother - and know the pain - having been working in Software Development (firmware and hardware) for about 23-24 years now. I feel your pain and appreciate all that you have done and continue to do to make your Team - Product - Company a success! John Fisher

    8. Missing avatar

      Barry Kendall

      It's things like this that make me wonder if someday, people will look back on this era and ask: "Why on earth did they make new versions that did not mesh with existing versions? Why did people even buy the things when they were so much trouble?!"

      Infernal machines. Glad people like Jeff have the patience to unsnarl such messes; if it were up to me, we'd be carving playing pieces out of balsa wood.

      Looking forward to opening that DDS box one of these months!