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A series of threats are received by three independent journalists in the middle of a global check-mate to the Occupy Movement.

A series of threats are received by three independent journalists in the middle of a global check-mate to the Occupy Movement. Read More
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A 10 episode weekly Web Series that will premiere on April 28th 2013.


In December 2012, I started researching into the events during which the Occupy Wall Street movement took over Zuccotti Square in NYC during the latter part of 2011. From the get-go, it became clear to me that Occupy Wall Street was not an isolated movement, but a global phenomenon where other critical locations were being occupied around The Globe. What is historically unique about the movement, is that this the first time that people have strongly protested over an extended period of time and for common issues in different continents. 

Pretty soon I became obsessed with creating a fictional story about what could have happened to people who were and are involved in the movement in the three days leading to the emptying of Zuccotti Park. Before long, I realized that the scope of the story was going to require a 10 episode web series that would lead to more character development and deeper story telling. 

In this time of ever-restricting civil liberties, I found this story necessary.


The Plague follows three independent journalists during the last three days before the emptying of Zuccotti Park on November 15th 2011. These journalists receive a series of threats that compromise their lives. They will have to decide whether they wIll close down their operations, fight till the end, or reach some sort of compromise as the events leading to November 15th unravel a dangerous global conspiracy to check-mate the Occupy Movement.


Initially I thought of The Plague from the perspective of the journalists. The Plague was defined as: "the fear that corrupts the hearts of men in the face of real adversity." The story tests our characters, and in a way it tests all of us. What would we do when our lives are in danger? 


We wanted to involve audiences of different backgrounds by creating a story that would be intriguing and exciting irrespective of their knowledge of the Occupy Movement. That is not to say, that the whole story is fictional. The background, and actual events took place, but the three characters and their events are fictional. A thriller makes the show intriguing and exciting, and more accessible to a wider set of viewers.


The series consists of 10 episodes of about 5-7 minutes each. A total estimated running time for the show of 60 minutes. Episodes will be posted weekly starting on April 28th 2013, when we will premiere the show.


Up until now, we have shot 5 episodes out of the 10. The project was split into 2 parts. Part 1 (Episodes 1-5) and Part 2 (Episodes 6-10). I personally funded Part 1, and now we need funding to shoot Part 2. This was always the production plan for The Plague. The aim was to  shoot half of the show, create a trailer and start editing the first 5 episodes. Part 2 would be funded through Kick Starter. So far, we could not be more pleased with our footage, and the editing is moving forward at a great pace. 

The donation money will go to the following:

1. Compensation for the Crew and Cast. Everyone worked for a meal and a credit during Phase A, with the knowledge that the project would also be looking for funding to give them a small compensation for their work during Part 2. I believe that they are extremely talented and deserve to receive a little compensation for their hard work. 

2. Food. We can't neglect the importance of food in a set, and for that matter in life.

3. Space Rental. We need to shoot at a location that requires financial compensation for the use of the space.

4. Gas for the vehicles to transport basic equipment.

5. Costumes and props. Although not a lot, they will be necessary for the last episode, when more characters are involved for the finale that the show deserves.


It will be shown on Vimeo's new platform, Vimeo On Demand (VOD). We believe this to be one of the most revolutionary platforms to hit the distribution industry, and we want the show to be part of it. We also think that the show should not be completely free. The fee for the 10 episodes has not been completely decided, but it will, between $1 and $5. We want to make it worthwhile and accessible to everyone, we want to spread the content of this story to as many people as possible. However, there are costs to recover from Part 1, and we hope VOD will help to subsidize some of these. Hopefully the show will be a great success  and we will be able to continue producing projects that tell great stories like the one in The Plague. For all of you who help us through here there will be no additional charge on Vimeo On Demand. You will get the episode delivered to you electronically.


Like me and The Plague team, you find the events and format fascinating, and believe The Plague will shed some light on the world we live in.

Here are some other reasons:

1. Our story is unique to the web series format. We are creating something new and groundbreaking.

2. As of today, we will be the first web series on Vimeo On Demand.

3. You believe that small projects can have a large impact given the opportunity.

Risks and challenges

I have a total commitment to telling this story to the fullest of my ability. I have just started an association for Part 2 with Rollin Studios, a production company with many years of experience, and a large network of connections with crew members. This small independently owned production company operating out of Greenpoint in Brooklyn is a gem in the area. Check their website out.

During Part 1, we worked with an ever-changing crew. When people are devoting their utmost efforts and idle time to a project whilst maintaining regular employment, it was extremely hard for them to be available on every single day when they were needed. Their absence did not hamper the project, and by finding alternative members Phase A was finished within budget and time constraints.

We have learnt much from Part 1, and I can now say that I am confident the remaining five episodes will be delivered on schedule.

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