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Learn UAV principles, piloting best practices and aerial cinematography maneuvers from Spark Aerial, proven flight and cinema experts. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on September 9.

Learn UAV principles, piloting best practices and aerial cinematography maneuvers from Spark Aerial, proven flight and cinema experts.

About this project

What we're Building:

We're creating an Aerial Cinematography video training series and accompanying online resource center for aspiring Drone pilots. 

No matter what your expertise, the Spark Aerial online portal will let you watch all of our training videos, track progress and share your experience with other operators. 

Our goal here is simple; we want to teach the world how to have fun, fly safe, and capture amazing content. The series covers everything from the basics, like choosing a copter and taking off for the first time, to more advanced piloting maneuvers that will make your video the talk of the town. Join us and become a part of the Aerial Revolution!

Backed By Industry Leaders:

Chris Anderson - Founder of 3DRobotics

Flytrex Systems - UAV Black Box Technology

EZDrone - Reseller

Aerial Media Pros - Reseller

Who we are:

Founded by three University of California, San Diego Engineering graduates, Spark Aerial uses the latest in remotely piloted drone and video technology to remotely capture vivid and vibrant airborne video footage from around the world.


Where does our experience come from?  

Some places our work has been featured.
Some places our work has been featured.

Our many years of hands on experience with Drones and Aerial Cinematography started at the University of California San Diego National Geographic Engineers for Exploration program.

Searching for Genghis Khan's Tomb - Mongolia Expedition
Searching for Genghis Khan's Tomb - Mongolia Expedition

Since then, we have evolved into a full service Drone and Aerial Cinematography consulting service. We design, build, program and fly unique aerial concepts around the world, and we want to use this expertise to help you get off the ground. Our work has been featured on CNN, TechCrunch, Buzzfeed, Good Morning America, the National Geographic Channel and many more. 


Where will your Kickstarter support go?

We're building the first integrated video series and web site for learning to pilot and sharing your progress with our growing community. And to build the best system, we wanted to turn to you, our fellow enthusiasts to help get the blend of material just right.  

We'll offer several videos, including: 

I.  Quadcopter/UAVs 101

II.  Aerial Videography 101

We need your help to digital media and post production resources for:

  • Video Editing and Animations (identified) -- We want to make sure you're getting the best and safest learning experience -- We've got loads of experience in the air, but need some post production help to get the teaching elements just right
  • Web site developers (identified) -- We like to think we know our way around a web site, but a web application? We wanted to call in the pros.  
  • New equipment for getting our videos just right -- So many existing drone instructional videos don't do a good enough job of keeping the production value high throughout the learning experience.  We want to.


The Rewards



Do I need to have any flying, photography and video experience for this course?  No! Our course starts with the basics and best practices of quadcopters, drones and UAVs. All you need is a passion for Aerial Film making, and we take care of the rest. We think hands-on experience is the best teacher so we've got packages complete with our favorite training software and even mini quadcopters to practice the methods we teach.

Will the course videos include captions/subtitles? Yes. And we aim to support multiple languages in our videos. Depending on user input, we will support a variety of languages.

Will you ship internationally? Yes! There is a small additional fee, but our Drones and training program are for everyone across the world.

Will the course itself cost anything when it's released? The video series basics are going to be free of charge and available to view on our website and a select few video hosting sites. Some of our more advanced piloting technique videos will be available for purchase from when they are released in December.  

Is this going to be some series of product plugs with little actual training?  While we're hardcore gearheads, this series is instructional.  It is not affiliated with any specific manufacturer or vendor, although we do offer two vendor products in our packages.  We've determined these to be ideal for training, and have no official affiliation with the manufacturers.


Help us by backing our Kickstarter!

Thank You! 

-The Spark Aerial Team

Risks and challenges

Spark Aerial is proud of our track record with safety. While our goal with the Cinematography Flight School is to get you flying quickly and safely, there are risks and challenges involved whenever something is airborne.

It's important to note that this web series is for instructional and recreational purposes only. We are not accredited by the FAA, and we encourage all aspiring pilots to look up and abide by their local flying regulations.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


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    Maverick – A Rebel with a cause. Join our backers page to show your support for our mission; to get people flying safely and producing amazing content

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    Pre-Flight – You like what we do. You believe in Drones, UAv's, and you want to support the Spark Aerial team. To show our thanks, we’ll add you to our backers page and send a laminated Spark Aerial Pre-Flight Safety Checklist, and some stickers in the mail. Thank you!

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    Pilot in Training – Look at you. You dig the mission and have an eye for a great quality T-shirt. As a bonus we'll throw in the Pre-Flight Checklist, stickers, and give you a nice big thank you on our website’s backer’s page.

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    Mission Control. You've scoured YouTube for all the training videos you can and it's time to get organized with your approach to flying. You get access to our Quadcopter 101 and Aerial Videography 101 videos and one of our flight checklists.

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    Flight Cadet – The simplest way to get in the air. You want to learn to fly safely from the outset, and to help you on your way you'll get access to a Premium level video of your choice, the Flight Crew T-Shirt, Pre-Flight Checklist, stickers, and of course a Thank You on our backers page.

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    On Your Way – It's time for some hands on experience. You'll receive the Spark Aerial trainer drone to practice your moves. Additionally, you'll get access to 3 Premium level videos. You’ll also be getting all the swag included with the previous packages (t-shirt, pre flight checklist and a big thank you on our website)

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    Pilot’s Wings – Better get a pair of Aviators, because you’re ready to fly. We'll be including everything you need to get off the ground. You’ll get everything included in the previous package, plus a 1 hour online group hangout with our flight experts to answer questions and offer advice.

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