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CD Release Party

Posted by Kathrine Becker (Creator)

Shimmy shimmy cocoa puff,

The CD Release Party is happening two weeks from tonight. New Yorkers, mark your calendars; Californians, buy a ticket. 

June 21 @ The Duplex, 7pm (61 Christopher Street, 1 Train to Christopher in the West Village). Gorgeous cabaret room, perfect for orchestral-pop on a grand piano.

The Band: upright bass, cajon, cello, viola, violin, and guitar (Pete O'Connell, Alex Beckmann, Jiliane Russo, Trevor Wadleigh, Josh Henderson, and Anthony Rubbo respectively)

Cover: $5 + 2 drink minimum..... so like $15. 

RSVP: Don't miss the chance to see us before we hit the road! Reserve tickets here.

Share: Bring your friends, eh? Invite them on Facebook, or send them to our classy dot com. The fan to bring the most friends gets in free!

Many out-of-towners have already received their foam fingers, tshirts, posters, CDs et al in the mail. New Yorkers, come get yours at the show! They're all labeled and enveloped, ready for true lovin. This includes Rube Tube donors. 

We're bringing reams of new material to this gig, and will have great news to share when the curtain goes up. Hope you're there to hear it first :)

Yes I spell it without an 'e' in the middle,


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