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workin out the kinks

Posted by Kathrine Becker (Creator)

At last! News :)

Hope you've all had a beautiful Columbus Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Advent, Christmas, Boxing Day, New Years, New Astrological Sign Day, etc. (I'm now a Pisces? PsshhfkyeahRIGHT...)

I've refused to update you all until I had real news, and here it is: after much deliberation, I've decided to change the name of the album from "bare minimum" to "the great why not?" There's a great back story to this decision, which you'll all read somewhere, someday... alas, not January 25, 2011. I do hope you enjoy, however, the new title and spirit of the project. I wanted to embrace a sense of abandon in creativity, and willingness to surrender to the ideas that work... rather than cling to ideas I want to force into working (ie, stop being so damn stubborn, Kathrine.)

I know, I know, 18 months go by and all I've accomplished is a name change? Fret not! I have more. Meghan Keane, a highly esteemed colleague of mine from my Paris days (insert pretentious chuckle here), has agreed to lend her artistic talents to the cover of "the great why not?" née "bare minimum." Ms. Keane completed her own Kickstarter project last February ( and has displayed her various works in several publications and international exhibits... more on Ms. Keane at

For now, feast on this newly released track! I hope you digs.

More soon I promise,

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