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Sioux City Watches are made from all-natural bamboo and oil-stained leather. Unique designs are inspired by Native American art.
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A few projects I supported and you should too!

Posted by Sioux City Watch (Creator)
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Hey team,

We want to thank you for your support and we are looking forward to bring new watches using unique materials. In the mean time here is a few projects I backed and you should too.


                         Display plants & flowers with modern hanging garden products

                                                 by Darlene & Ana Dame

Create a modern look in your home or outdoors with these sleek and trendy plant hangers. The glass ornaments create a beautiful effect in your home, outdoors, and at events such as weddings or dinner parties. They are made out of crystal so be sure they are securely hung to prevent breaking. The delicate glass is enough to catch your eye without being overbearing. Our cotton rope plant hangers are a modern twist to the traditional macrame. We love the cotton rope not just because of the look, but because it's a natural and safe fiber that is disposable and earth friendly. But to be honest, it is mostly for the look. All other rope hangers, like polyester and hemp, look cheap.


                         The World's First Sleeping Bag Hammock || Bison Bag

                                  by Lance & Julia (soon to be) Williams

"Co-Founder Lance is getting married here in the next couple of weeks. Him and his, soon to be wife, are running a fun project right now for any of you that are into the outdoors. It's the world first Sleeping Bag Hammock! Super comfy and cozy. Anyway I know they would appreciate your support in this rad project. Thanks!"

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