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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Aug 5 2013

Our Vision

Posted by Dungeon Lair (Creator)
Hi Guys!

This is Simon, I am the writer/blogger here at Dungeon Lair and I wanted to reach out to you all and thank you for your support, we are so happy that so many of you like what we are doing.

This update is going to be a little lengthy, so I hope you will bear with me. The reason I am doing this long update is because I have failed you guys in my write-up. I didn’t do a good job of explaining our vision for our company.

We definitely want to provide amazing pieces for you guys to use in your games but that’s not the end of it. We want to eventually build a community at our website that allows table-top players of all games to interact and share. You can go there and start using the forums right now if you want and please do if you are interested.

It’s deeper even than that though. We also envision a place where people can post content like their own art, short stories, game rules, etc. and then get feedback from others. We want an online haven where people can come and revel in all things fantasy gaming, no matter what game they are playing. We want to have web comics, stories and eventually our own Dungeon Lair game that takes advantage of our awesome pieces. If that sounds awesome to you, please reflect that in your pledges, and try and get your friends to come and pledge as well. Remember, you aren't just pledging for the rewards, you are helping us kick off our business. We hope once our Kickstarter campaign is completed, you will follow us on our website,, and see what else we have in store for you guys.

However, that doesn't mean we aren't going to be focused on offering amazing game pieces. We have big plans beyond what is shown in the Kickstarter. We have a corridors set in the works right now that we hope to have as a stretch goal if things go really well, but it doesn't even stop there. Some of the really cool board pieces ideas that we can move forward with once we get funding are:

Modular Rooms - pieces that have the same quality and feel of our stand alone pieces, but can be put together to form enormous rooms.

Colored tile rooms like the black and white and orange tiles that you have seen in the video and in some of the pictures.

Environment pieces - Set pieces like portals, throne rooms, pits, pools, altars and other environmental pieces that fit with our board pieces.

Themed Board Pieces - Right now everything is a dungeon gray, but we have plans on themed pieces: Caverns, Sewers, Ice, Lava, Dwarven, Elvish, Goblin, Orcish etc.

Lots more and I mean LOTS more accessory sets. Furniture, barrels, fireplaces, weapon racks, gold piles, the list goes on and on. All the things you want to have in a dungeon to make exploring your game fun. These things are all just ideas but once we have the funds we have the means to get them into your hands.

But game pieces aren't all we want to do. Some of the other ideas we are working on:

Coins – yes dungeon lair coins. Quality, hefty coins to use in your game play.

Miniatures – yes we want to get into figures, we have an especially cool idea of offering mob sets for your adventurers to slaughter.

And the list goes on, trust me, we are not short on ideas and if we ever are, I am sure you guys have enough to keep us busy.

So as you can see, we have big plans and we hope our Kickstarter backers want to come along for the ride. We hope you will stick around after the kickstarter is done and visit us on Thank you so very much for your support. Tell your friends, tell your mom, tell whoever could possibly be interested and let’s make this happen.


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    1. Dungeon Lair 2-time creator on

      robert green - keep 'em coming! weapons are going to be a big thing we will be doing and absolutely we will be doing armor racks. Actually, one set I specifically want is a blacksmiths workshop, which would include a lot of that.

    2. robert green on

      Armory room would be good as well. Armor racks, weapon racks, bows and quivers, various extra weapons especially swords and hammers as you only have axes and a polearm

    3. Dungeon Lair 2-time creator on

      robert green - A mage's/alchemist's lair is already in the plans, that is what the Bookshelves were initially going to be part of and it's still in the plans just not going to be part of the Kickstarter. So yes, those! We will definitely be doing the classic sets!

    4. Dungeon Lair 2-time creator on

      Hello Lin - Yes, Yes and Yes! We already have plans for some of what you are talking about!

    5. robert green on

      Accessory/Theme rooms that would be great:
      Library (already suggested)
      Crypt- Sarcophagi, perhaps some wall pieces with inset slots filled with corpses to make a sepulchre.
      Torture Chamber- Rack, iron maiden, etc.
      Alchemists lab/mad scientist

    6. Lin Liren on

      Going to throw two quick ideas before the coffein in my veins fades and I forget them.

      Dice! Have Custom Dungeon Lair Dice with Monsters/Heroes Faces instead of 6 to indicate super-duper successes!! Or for something less extreme, medieval/futuristic dice that fit the setting.

      1) Coupled with setting specifice Coins,these dice would add so much more atmosphere to those ever-so-frequent Bar-Gambling Scenes!

      2) Tavern Terrain: Related to the above, not to mention the obligatory bar benches, succulent wild-boar roasting on a spit over the fire, along with Beautiful Bar-Maids, Musicians, Bartenders and Town Drunks you can get into a hilarious brawl with!!

      3) "Derelict Space Station Dungeon Terrain" Once we get this show well on the road, how about a trip down that old Space Hulk to hunt some Genestealers? In Marvelous 3D terrain no less!! And for extra scary? Have them glow in the dark, along with the dice (with the numbers kept black, of course!)!

      Just three silly thoughts thoughts.

    7. Dungeon Lair 2-time creator on

      robert green - I totally agree. If we do make the $40,0000 threshold, we will know the size of the order we will be making for them, then we can release pricing for those who want more than just the 2! Also, no matter what happens they will be part of a future accessory set available on our site. As a matter of fact, a library room is a great idea for a set. Thanks for the idea!

    8. robert green on

      Well, If you get up to 40k and the bookshelves become available, if you give them a price I would throw extra onto my order to get a couple more (2 bookshelves are nice, but do not a library make). Those are the types of add ons that will definately up my pledge. Who knows, maybe i will get the 4x accessory pack later though.

    9. Dungeon Lair 2-time creator on

      Michael Martin - This is Simon - glad to hear you are excited about the game! We are too, we are planning on doing some unique things with it. The game has been put on hold for kickstarter and probably will be on hold until we get everyone their stuff. But definitely still in the plans, you can absolutely help though by letting us know things you would like to see in a game. What doesn't work for you in the games you are playing and what you really like but maybe would like to see done a little differently. We want to make what you want to play, so we are very open to feedback, no guarantees it makes it into the game, but we will always listen to what you have to say.

    10. Dungeon Lair 2-time creator on

      Quuids and robert green - This is Simon. Thanks guys for the suggestions. We are actually working an expanding the Pledges options as we speak. Also we are trying to come up with something special for the board pieces, hopefully we can pull it together. What we don't want to do is offer something that isn't at the point of going to production and then have to delay getting you your stuff. That's why we have up what we have up, it's stuff that all we are short on is the funds to produce. But we hear you on offering up pledges for multiple sets. So be looking for some changes to that shortly.

    11. robert green on

      I agree with quuids. I am down for a treasure item set and would probably buy more add ons of decorations (I spent way to much on the dwarven forge kickstarter, now need to fill their tiles).

    12. Michael Martin on

      Very excited to hear you are working on a game! HeroQuest and WarhammerQuest is super pricey to try and pick up if you missed it, and I'm always on the lookout for a new dungeon crawl.

      Any vague timeline for the game, maybe even a beta?

    13. Quuids on

      Dungeon lair haha I've being playing too many video games

    14. Quuids on

      Hey Simon,

      I think you and Dragon Lair have excellent ideas. I would love to be a part of that community. I am hoping this kickstarter gets much bigger because it benefits both you and I. With that being said, help us help you. Offer add-on packages, multiple set pledges, anything else that would generate more money per backer. That is my two cents, best of luck to you guys/girls.