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For our backers!

Posted by memobottle (Creator)

To all of our amazingly patient memobackers!!

We've been working hard within the factory in Taiwan for the past 4 weeks - putting the final refinements on the memobottles and working through production.

Here's a little vid of what we've been up to and some behind the scenes of producing the memobottle:

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As you know we have been posting an updated timeline on our comments wall for the past couple of months. Being perfectionists at heart, we temporarily halted the packaging production line for one final refinement that we feel completes the user experience. We hope you love it. The great news is that we'll be shipping out from our manufacturers late next week.

Get excited! You guys are the best!!

Thank you.

Jonathan and Jesse

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    1. memobottle 2-time creator on

      Hey there!
      We hope you are well. Please note that this comment wall is no longer being monitored. If you have any queries about your Kickstarter orders or about the memobottles themselves then please get in contact at
      Thanks again.
      The memobottle team. :)

    2. memobottle 2-time creator on

      Hi @Fatma please contact us

    3. memobottle 2-time creator on

      Hi @maxine thanks for the feedback

    4. Missing avatar

      fatma sema yücel on

      I was happy because of the men will product different and useful thing. And then I supported them. My friend and I bought A5 memobottle at same time in last year's October. Now it was a year. My friend's memobottle is sent. But! But where is mine? Please, send my memobottle. If you give me an e-mail address, I will my bank payment notification in October,2014. Please, send! I will wait :(

    5. Missing avatar

      Maxine Symes on

      Hi Guys I love my two bottles, the A4 and A5. And everytime I use them someone comments on how great they are, so I am promoting you like crazy. It was worth the wait and I appreciated the constant updates on progress. I am delighted I was able to back you through the process, and well done for your persistence with this wonderful project. Cheers Max

    6. Missing avatar

      Dijana Jaksic on

      Hi I have changed my address since the last update, sometime in may i think, where can i update my shipping address now? thanks you

    7. Missing avatar

      Shilena Battan on

      Waiting until all orders have been fulfilled before shipping is absolutely ridiculous. If you have the product, and you have angry/unhappy/dissatisfied/irritated customers, why not ship as soon as possible to keep good press around your campaign? I will not be purchasing any other product from your company again, in fear of, false hopes and promises.

    8. Ruth Lee on

      So I just searched Kickstarter's FAQ, it's our responsibility to assess if you guys can complete the project and make good the promised delivery of the bottles. So seems to me that no one is taking active monitoring of the money involved.... it is an honest system then. Will you honour to complete this project?

    9. Ruth Lee on

      You think we can still get excited? It's been a lost one year. Have you ever thought of planning your fulfillment process before you launch the project and made the promise. I am sure not all of us are patient voluntarily.... can we expect to get the bottles Xmas 2015? If not, please refund.

    10. Missing avatar

      George Li on

      Im moving out of the country in a week. So can I change the delivery address?

    11. Charles on

      @memobottle - I don't think anyone has a problem with shifting timelines... it's how your story keeps changing, your lack of transparency and communication, and how you don't acknowledge what you have said in the past as an update.

      Example: On February 3, 2015, you advised that the first production batch of the A5 bottle **was COMPLETE**, and you posted pictures of packaging and orders prepared to be shipped out »

      I've posted a complete chronology of your updates... but you have no explanation except that your bottles are "shipping soon!" And "we're excited to get your bottles to you!"

      How long do you think you can post the same things with no follow-through before you are seen as having no credibility?

      (And... if previous patterns hold up... you will ignore this comment, also.)

    12. Or Wai Sum on

      Hi I haven't received the bottle yet

    13. memobottle 2-time creator on

      Hi all,

      Thanks for all of the comments - and we apologise for the late response to the queries below. It’s been a massive month for us organizing the memobottles for the final delivery. There will be a Kickstarter status update going out in the next few days to provide details of shipment from our distribution warehouses. We’ve been responding to address changes and specific individual queries as much as possible via private message. Over the course of the campaign the timelines have changed a number of times, this is due to our estimations based on the estimations from our manufacturers; because this is a unique shape to blow mould while maintaining a good clarity level it has been a learning curve for ourselves and for our manufacturers. We have tried to make the best estimations we can along the way, but obviously these timeline estimations had to be revised and updated along the way as we moved through each process.

      In regards to queries around Oscars and bloggers - we have used pre-production samples (sample bottles made at each stage of refinement) for marketing and various forms of endorsement. These ARE NOT the final product. Kickstarter customers will definitely be the first with final product in hand! Pre-orders are available from our website, but will not be sent out to customers until all Kickstarter orders have been fulfilled - they are essentially a registration of interest.

      Once again we hugely appreciate your patience and support - we know its been a long wait! If there are any specific questions about your individual orders then please private message us - otherwise please keep your eyes peeled for the next update. :)

    14. Missing avatar

      taylor99 on

      still have not got my bottle , any news please for delivery to UK

    15. Jens Amende on

      Did not received my bottle, what happened? Some information would be nice. Waiting after the last updates (delivery date in may) is a torture.

    16. Missing avatar

      Sarah Farnfield on

      Any update? I have not received my bottles.

    17. Alex Black on

      This is without question or peer, the worst Kickstarter campaign I have ever supported. Communication and management of supporter expectations has been incredibly poor and over the course of the last year, each update has made me weary and incredibly irritated by the litany of excuses put to buyers. When this product entered the market, I liked the principle and concept and it seems a lot of people agreed - including a number of Asian manufacturers who have successfully got an equivalent product to market so far in advance of memobottle, it's laughable. With modern CNC machine technology and the relative simplicity of the design, I didn't think there was much risk in this being delivered. Allegedly, the bottles shipped 3 weeks ago from the manufacturer so I would have expected an update or confirmation that they were being distributed. Increasingly, I'm of the belief that memobottle is fraudulent. Caveat emptor.

    18. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      It is a little worrying to hear that the memobottle has been replicated and that cheap knock-offs have been created. There are a few sites listed in the comments in this forum that demonstrate that 'pictures' of memobottles are being displayed on other sites.

      However, as stated in a comment by the creator they smash, leak and can be crushed easily (unlike the ones in the video). Let's wait until we receive the real deal and see where this leaves the so called 'replicas'.

      If memobottle is having trouble with getting the word out overseas then please consider asking some of the more positive backers to blog and tweet. Word of mouth marketing is not to be underestimated.

      The memobottle looks so cool!

      Yours sincerely,

      Andrew Scullion

      For all the negative Nelsons on this forum:
      Haters gunna hate,
      y'all backers just gunna have to wait.
      Go buy cheap bottles if you gunna work yourself in to state

      End. Of. Transmission.

    19. Missing avatar

      Celine Tan on

      It's been almost a year since I've yet to receive this bottle. Granted, the bottle was to arrive late last year, however, it's been 6 months into the new year and this is definitely too long a wait. There is also a poor follow-up on updating us backers on the product development of the bottle. The past few updates that we've received have most certainly amounted to multitudes of bs when we're seeing this bottles coming up everywhere.

      Yes we may have backed the bottles at a price lesser than the supposed retail price but it is important to note that we made the development of this project happened. Besides, shops in Singapore like are selling the bottle at prices lower than the price we backed the product at. I am pretty sure that the massive delay in delivering the product to us is ridiculous. A refund would be much appreciated if you are unable to deliver the product as promised since there are various other viable platforms where we can purchase the product at already.

    20. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Lee on

      Hello I am a backers in Hong Kong. It's already June and I am still waiting for my bottle. Is there any update? And may I know when can I get it? Thanks a lot.

    21. Michael Kimpton on

      Hi Memo Bottles, can we have an update. How come I'm seeing other non kickerstarters receive bottles? Such as Rebecca Judd. We backed your project before it started and you reward your followers with no updates and no product. Pretty poor form.....

    22. Missing avatar

      Gerald on

      Hey all backers, dont you get it? You guys paid a lower price for what they could sell commercially now. So you all wont get any priority for the bottles....all go to the retailers, they pay a higher price than you guys. Get it???

    23. Missing avatar

      David on

      Did you guys send the bottles already?

    24. Missing avatar

      Nuraini on

      How long do we have to wait? Gonna be almost a year. Patience

    25. Han Yew Hock on

      Where are the bottles going to deliver? Anyone have receive it yet? We need updates!!

    26. Tim Clark on

      Come on guys, we need an update.

    27. Missing avatar

      Justin Gray on

      I would really like to see a response regarding the below comments noting that memobottles are being sold/shipped on other websites.

    28. mandom on

      From Hong Kong. Where's my bottle? I've waited for a long time.

    29. Missing avatar

      Dmitriy Bogdanov on


      I am backer from Russia. I waiting my memobottles so long.
      Maybe you have tracking number of my order. If it possible, send me it, please, and I'll can track it.

      Sincerely, Dmitriy.

    30. Missing avatar

      Danny Leung on

      I'm a backer from Hong Kong. Any news for the delivery? Hong Kong is very near to your factory Taiwan. Where are my bottles? We Have waited for a long time

    31. Sadie-jane -sj Alexis Nunis on

      so it's been more than a year. we've been EXTREMELY patient. now we're seeing the bottles popping up at other web sites... in fact, i just received an email about it.
      which then reminded me... oh yes... i ordered 2 bottles from the original kickstarter project.

      so.......... where are they?

    32. Marc on

      Hi, i'm from Antwerp Belgium and would like to now when do you expect the delivery for Antwerp Belgium . Thanks to come back tu me. Marc

    33. Missing avatar

      Vincent CHENG on

      Hey guys,
      I'm a backer from Hong Kong. Any news for the delivery? We are waiting so...........long!

    34. Missing avatar

      Nanda on

      Dear Jonathan and Jesse,

      As it is June already I wonder when the bottles will arrive.
      I can inderstand that things are a bit behind, but this is taking way too long and without any update or apologie..
      Not a very nice way to thank your backers.

      Could you please respond to comment of Pricilla Tan of May the 27th. Strange to see that there is a website that seems to be able to deliver Memobottles
      As most of us are respectful and considerate in our responses, it seems to me that you should do the same by at lest answering to the made comments either here or in an update. Your long silences aren't very respectful in my book.


      Hope yt

    35. Missing avatar

      Ada Tong on

      What happen to my memobottle? We have much patience during these 8 months and the informed delivery date has been passed. May I know if delivery to Hong Kong is on the way or you guys are still producing the memobottles? Please reply.

    36. Benjamin Chua Bok Keng on



    37. Missing avatar

      Lester Wong on

      I would really like to receive my order soon. It was initially set to send before Christmas last year and up till now nothing in sight. I have to admit patience is really starting to run out. Please do your best in producing the item soon. I expect it will really be a quality one since you guys keep emphasizing on that.

    38. Erik Frankhouse on

      Andria, normally I would totally agree. My question is simply that they have stated to shipping soon more than once and then go silent.

      I'd just like a date if there is one or if there isn't just to let us know why and when we can expect to be updated.

      Hope the final product is ready soon because I have lot of traveling soon and I'd love to bring my memo bottle with me!

    39. 黃柏銘 on

      I would like to know if I will receive my bottle before the end of the world, thank you

    40. Missing avatar

      A. Overbeeke on

      I think that everybody here needs to be calm and polite please.

      I personally have backed some twenty KickStarter projects, and I do it because I want to support small enterprisers who have great ideas to bring them to market.

      I don't do it because I need a product urgently, If I only needed a shopping fix then I could do that in an ordinary shop, on line or otherwise but KS isn't like an ordinary shop.

      I feel that I need to tell other backers what my experience of KS has been: more than 75% of inventors run into trouble with their projected times, generally it involves changes made to tooling or tweaks made to the product during late testing, but these tweaks make the product better in the end. Sometimes the delay is with the packaging or delivery companies.
      Almost every delay I've experienced with KS has been out of the control of the inventors.

      Experienced KS backers realise that inventors are in a bind: if they want to allow for all contingencies and put on a longer finishing date on a project then potential backers will think it's too long to wait and not back them, if they put on a shorter one then backers can get upset if it runs far over.

      Backers need to be a patient breed. Ideally every project would run 100% to plan and there would be no hiccups or unplanned delays, but breathing new life into a project that goes from the drawing board to end product doesn't often go ideally.

      That's life and the reality of KS and if this doesn't suit anyone then maybe they are not really suited to being a backer.

      I'm as keen as the next person to receive my Memo-bottle, but KS is in the business of bringing dreams to fruition and that can be complicated, messy, emotional, stressful and can take time. I'm imagining that the inventors must be the most frustrated of us all so the least we can do is be patient, hope that they keep us regularly updated and wait for the day when the dream becomes a reality.

    41. Ted Chow on

      And this is the last time I back on anything

    42. Erik Frankhouse on

      Great production video. Now, it's May 31st and we are heading into June. Do we have a shipping date because I would love to have this for convention season.

    43. Brad Anderson on

      Hey guys - Thanks for the update and the video, testing looks to have been extremely thorough if a little unorthodox! Pay no attention to all the negative and offensive rantings, if people choose to back Kickstarter campaign they really should understand what they're doing and not behave like spoilt brats when there are delays. Great campaign and a great product, can't wait to get mine.

    44. memobottle 2-time creator on

      Hi guys - we acknowledge all of the below queries, however the negativity doesn't help, nor does it speed up the process. We have been busting our guts to manufacture and refine the memobottles - and we would prefer to focus our attention on this rather than respond to nasty comments. We have done our best to keep you informed of all processes. Everyday has been a massive learning curve for us, and we have grown a lot from the experience. With the benefit of hindsight, yes we were optimistic with our timelines and expectations. We were also perhaps naive in the amount of hurdles and delays we have faced along the way. This is Kickstarter, not a retail shop front. This developmental process is what Kickstarter campaigns are all about - and a lot of these processes are new to us. Kickstarter is supposed to be about the journey of bringing a product to market.. with the highs, the lows and everything in between. As we said in our previous comment, we will notify all backers when the memobottles reach the distribution warehouses - freight forwarding is via sea. Thankyou once again to you all for your support and patience - we couldn't have produced the memobottles without our backers behind us - it is truly appreciated!

    45. Missing avatar

      Devos on

      Hi guys, Dont't pay to much of attention to negative comments, these are people who don't know what running a Kickstarter and a company and a manufacturing is about. Keep on going, your project is great and I guess you're not a huge company to handle all the after-sale service. Hang on! You're reaching your goal!

    46. Priscilla Tan on

      I'm trying my best to be really patience with the already very late deliver of Memobottle but guess what? I have came across on another site that Memobottles are being sold albeit it doesn't look legit to me and they are all receiving the items.

    47. 黃柏銘 on

      I'd like to know if I will receive the bottle before 2016, thank you.

    48. mauricio fernandez on

      Some people should NOT back up any kickstarter projects if they don't have the patients or the professionalism to leave comments. Take your ass to the swap meet or 99 cents store and shop there!! I know it can get a bit frustrated but to cross the line and straight disrespect or offend is totally uncalled for. Pay no attention to negative comments or people with no common sense. Soon, I know we will all get our bottles. Good luck guys and looking forward to toast a drink from my bottle to you....

    49. Missing avatar

      K.iwi on

      You can post MULTIPLE COMMENTS and expect us to be patient and nice to you? YOU are expecting TOO MUCH from us who have paid for the product more than EIGHT months ago.

      OFFENSIVENESS is not equals to unfair and unreliable services PROVIDED by you guys.