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A unique platforming adventure about friendship, running through the forest of dreams. For select iOS & Android mobile/tablet devices.
A unique platforming adventure about friendship, running through the forest of dreams. For select iOS & Android mobile/tablet devices.
A unique platforming adventure about friendship, running through the forest of dreams. For select iOS & Android mobile/tablet devices.
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Android Build Available, Free This Weekend!


Howdy Sunbreakers!

Finally, the moment has arrived, the Android version of Buddy & Me is ready for you to play! 

We had a few technical glitches yesterday, but as of this morning I can verify that Buddy & Me is now available, worldwide, for Android via the Amazon Appstore

And as promised, for this weekend (through Sunday, 12/22/2013), the game will be FREE so that Kickstarter Backers can download it!

How to Get Your Backer Reward Copy 

It’s easy to get your copy of Buddy & Me, but to get it free you’ll need to download it before Sunday at midnight. On Monday morning, the price will go back up. 

There are two ways to do it: 

The first way is to search for Buddy & Me on the Amazon website on your mobile/tablet device. However, the Amazon website you’ll use depends on what country you’re located in. For international Backers, here’s a list of Eligible Countries for each International Amazon Store:

The second way to obtain your copy is to try downloading the Amazon Appstore App for Android, and browse the store that way. Instructions are here:

Why Amazon Appstore and not Google Play? 

Sunbreak’s first responsibility is to provide you, our Backers, with the free copy of the game we promised. As we’ve discussed in previous updates, Amazon is the only option that allows us to do that in a straightforward fashion. 

Also, Google has additional restrictions on file sizes, and requires larger Apps like Buddy & Me to be split into 2 parts. That will take some extra time, but we didn’t want you to have to wait until next year! 

But most importantly, Amazon’s been a great partner in helping us get together Kindle and Android builds. They love indie developers, and are constantly improving their features and services. And of course, they love Buddy & Me too! 

Their online service, GameCircle, has all the great features you’d expect from a mobile game (Leaderboards, Automatic Updates, and soon Achievements, etc), which is easily accessible by just using your existing Amazon information. 

It’s also convenient that the Android version is an Update of the Kindle Fire version… we don’t have to create 2 different versions of the game. And that means, as a bonus for our Kindle backers, if you’ve already purchased a copy, you’ll now be able to play it on other Android devices too! 


Let me just quickly reiterate what we talked about in our last update… Buddy & Me should work fine on most Android 2.3+ devices. But it won’t work on all of them. 

Some of those we can fix over time, but realistically we probably won’t be able to fix all of them. If you find out that Buddy & Me doesn’t work on your Android device, please contact us. We’ll get some information about your device, and see what we can do.

Miss Your Chance? 

If for whatever reason you’re unable to download it for free this weekend, please contact us next week, and we’ll issue a refund so you can purchase the game when it’s more convenient. This will of course take a few extra days to process, but we want to make sure you don’t have to pay extra for the game, as promised. 

Other News

Buddy & Me on iOS is also for sale for the winter holidays, for $0.99. Be sure to tell your friends that haven't played! 

Lastly, if you're wondering about "What's Next for Buddy & Me?", we'll talk about that soon. We're not done yet, we still have to finish with our Backer Rewards, and complete the Google Play version. We've still got lots of fun ideas to add to the game too. And now that we'll have a little vacation time to relax, we'll still post interesting news and behind-the-scenes stories about Buddy & Me on Kickstarter. Stay tuned! 

Thanks for your patience everyone! Enjoy playing the Android version! 

Jason Behr 

President, Creative Director 

Sunbreak Games

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    1. Call on

      I played it and showed it to 2 small children, they love it 8even if they were frustrated when the "bunnies" dropped the child twice in a row haha). Good job guys !

    2. Sunbreak Games Creator on

      @Dwelfusius, That's great news!

      After you've purchased/downloaded it once from Amazon, you should be able to get it again from their Cloud service at any time.

    3. Dwelfusius | Were-axlotl of Original Sin on

      was a bit worried that it wouldn't load but it did (i have a freeloader based tablet dual-core and 1.5gb ram)..looks very beatiful guys, although I'm not quite sure how i would be able to get it free again if something were lets say to happen to my tablet..any suggestions/solutions for that.. :) hope this game is only the beginning of a wonderfull adventure for you guys

    4. Sunbreak Games Creator on

      Thanks Adrien, we'll take a look! We may contact you if we need some more information!

    5. Adrien Louis Pirmez Combecau on

      I could download via amazon app and install with no problems. But after the nice looking loading screen, at the first game screen when the 'dreams' light appears.. it crashes. Tested again and again and no way to get started. I'm using Galaxy S3 I9300.