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A card game for people who are into Killer Kittens, mayhem, armageddon, seeing your friends cry and being the last one standing.
An exciting card game for people who are into Killer Kittens, with a Video Game gameplay style... and a fresh perspective on card gaming. #NextLeftStudios
An exciting card game for people who are into Killer Kittens, with a Video Game gameplay style... and a fresh perspective on card gaming. #NextLeftStudios
352 backers pledged $15,010 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Simone Reggiani on

      @Next Left Studios, no answers yet :( I try to contact you also on facebook, but no answers...

    2. John nugent on

      I think a no edit video should be created of a few play throughs. I'd like to see how some things are handled as they come up.

    3. Simone Reggiani on

      @Next Left Studios, no answers yet :( I can't play the game without some explanation :(

    4. Simone Reggiani on

      @Next Left Studios, thank you very much! :) Also other videos will be appreciated!
      I suggest you to create a video with an entire game example (3-4 players) :)

    5. Next Left Studios Creator on

      Hi Simone,
      My apologies - I have not been on Kickstarter for a while - focused on building the sales network for the game. I'll review your questions and provide answers to any outstanding Kickstarter questions over the weekend. More than happy to create new videos as needed.
      Kind regards, Andrew

    6. Simone Reggiani on

      @L Warble, I already see the youtube videos but they do not answer to my questions...
      From my questions on July 11 no aswers yet :(

    7. L Warble

      @ k.ri & @simone, I had similar questions to yours while playing a 4-player game. In the updates, the creator made reference to some YouTube videos he made to answer some earlier questions from other backers. I found these very helpful to us and highly recommend them! We discovered we were using the "extra life" cards wrong! :/
      A search on YouTube for the game name turns up most of the videos in question. Happy gaming!

    8. K.ri on

      Same question as Simone (question #3), please.

    9. K.ri on

      I played a couple games this weekend : 2 players and 3 players.

      I will definitively say that this game is fun with a minimum of 3 players; and we had to make some home rules :
      - Armagedon card doesn't make sense for us. It's end the game in under couple few minutes. The player who receives it and doesn't have enought defense card, will just give up all his cards and stop playing. We just decided to put those cards back to the boxe.
      - I'm not sure if we did it right but if player 1 attacks player 2 with an Attack 2, then player 2 put another Attack 2, does it means player 3 receives 4 Attacks? If yes, this will only goes the same way as Armagedon cards so we decided to just let the last card be the one to consider. That means, in this example, the player 3 receives 2 Attacks and not 4.

    10. Simone Reggiani on

      Hi, yesterday we have tried the game for the first time and we have a lot of problems with the gameplay :(

      1) I play an extra life, I replace it with a card drawn from the deck and then the next player draw 1 additional card from the deck before his turn, is it correct? (on the card I read: he gains an extra life... it means he draw an extra card before he play?)
      2) I attack with a +2 attack card, I draw from the deck; the next player put another +2 attack card, he draw from the deck (now the attack is +4); the next player put a x2 attack card, he draw from the deck (now the attack is +8); the next player can:
      a - use defense card (only 1? or he can play more card?)
      b - play a skip to nullify the attack? and then draw a card from the deck...
      3) I play an attack card +2, I draw a card from the deck; the next player loose 2 life then discard 2 cards... can he play another card? or he must pass the turn?
      4) I play an attack card +2, I draw a card from the deck; the next player play a defense +1, loose 1 life then discard 1 card... he have to draw only a card to replace the defense? can he play another card? or he must pass the turn?

    11. ThrillaGorilla

      I have not received anything yet?

    12. K.ri on

      Perfect. Thanks Andrew. I played the first game correctly lol.

    13. Next Left Studios Creator on

      Correct Carrie.

    14. K.ri on

      Hi creator,
      So if I don't get wrong, if i'm attacked by 4 and have only 1 card of defense (let say Toyminator which represents 2 defense), I can use that card + loose 2 xtra lifes.
      (It means I've put 3 cards in the middle of the table).
      Then I can only draw back 1 card from the pile, am I right?

    15. Next Left Studios Creator on

      Hi Daniel,

      These are great questions. The key to any card game is to keep it simple and not get too creative or complicated. Otherwise, frustration sets in and people abandon the game.

      So - with that context - let me answer your questions and I'll also prepare a video reply and post it on our YouTube channel.

      Q1 - If attacked with +4 Kittens - can I use 2 defend cards (+2) to defeat the attack.
      A1 - Yes - and you get to draw as many cards from the draw pile as you used in a successful defense.

      Q2: Can you send me a private message? I'm not sure I'm following the question. I am eager to understand so I can create a video to help others.


    16. Daniel Sjöberg

      @creator: After playing a couple of rounds with friends I got some questions that the rules or videos didn't answer.

      Q1. If I get attack with +4 kittens (Ninja, doubles or just 4x +1) can I use 2 defend cards (+2) to defeat the attack?

      A1: If possible, will that give me 2 cards from draw pile or just 1?
      A2: Counted as sacrificed cards and not replenish?
      A3: If not, what happens if I use a defend +2? Just sacrificing 2 more cards?

      Q2: If someone puts a ninja kitten in play, all others have to play ninja kitten, kopy kat, double to increase the 'kill bonus'? An armageddon is useless in this scenario? What I mean is that the original attacking card is whats needed to be used for forwarding attack bonuses (?)

    17. Daniel Sjöberg

      I got mine today (in Sweden) and no extra customs added. I think $35 just went under the radar.
      Now it will to take it with me to work tomorrow and play som lunch games.

    18. George Nunn

      @Werner, yes I had to pay £12+ customs in the UK. Though £8 of that was a Royal Mail 'handling fee'.

    19. K.ri on

      Wow that much? What was the declared value on the package?

    20. Werner Van der haeghe

      Had to pay 28.86 € .Welcome to Belgium.

    21. K.ri on

      @Werner, you had to pay a custom fee on a Card Game value of 20$/35$? Not cool....
      I think you were just not lucky.

    22. Werner Van der haeghe

      Not sure this was EU friendly , but had to pay customs .
      Anyone else had to pay custom s fee's ?

      Not happy with this .

    23. K.ri on

      @Trevor, Nice !!

      I just opened the NSFW deck, a little bit disappointed that the deck is not a 100% NSFW; and actually it's a SFW.

      @creator : I've msg you for the standard deck.

    24. Trevor Daniel Anthony Gregory on

      @K.ri mine just arrived as well.

    25. Missing avatar

      Liam McKeown on

      Got my copy yesterday - excellent quality and looks great but the nsfw deck is just the exact same deck as the standard deck. No nswf cards. I assume this is an error?

    26. K.ri on

      Got my package. I'm in Canada.

      @Trevor and @Emmanuel, yours should arrive soon.

    27. Alejandro on

      Any idea when reach to Costa Rica my pledge? Im still waiting for my game. Please let me know the time average to wait before start to worry?

    28. Next Left Studios Creator on

      Hi Everyone,

      Well finally the overseas packages are arriving - I seen Denmark, New Zealand and Australia. From the direct messages I have received, it looks like Canada has still not been delivered. That's so crazy to me given how close Canada is. I'll check in with the US Mail today and see what light they can shed on this. I'll post a mailing update this week.

      Kind regards,

    29. Missing avatar


      Ah, you already did in Update #30! I'm sorry!

    30. Missing avatar


      My copy just arrived here in Denmark.

      Nice, thick box, cute graphics on the cards, nice quality cards - overall great production quality.

      But what in tarnation has possessed you to print the rules in a way that they don't fit in the box along with the rest of the game? That is simply not professional!

      Could you possibly release the rules as a PDF so that I may print a set of rules that actually fit in the box?

    31. Andrew Robinson

      I got my copy in new zealand today looks awesome cant wait to play

    32. Grizzly Lizard on

      as an aussie who buys a ton of shite from the states, delivery times can vary, but basically anyone from usps will tell you 1-4 weeks, and that is pretty accurate

    33. Next Left Studios Creator on

      Hi Gwen - all US based pledges have been mailed and received by backers. I will check our records on your package and message you directly. I have had some reports of damaged or lost packages - and we have replaced those free of charge.

      The overseas packages are taking longer - so I'd image that the majority of folks not in the USA will be receiving theirs in the coming week or so - based on their local mail carrier timeframes. I can't really control that.

      I'll reach out to you on Saturday once I pull the records and cross reference with our mailing file for US backers. We'll sort it out one way or another.


    34. Gwen Rodig on

      Ok. I've been reading all the happy "Up dates" sent out by the creators.
      But I have not received anything in the mail. Should I have ?! ?!!
      Now I'm reading all of you guys comments. It seems I'm not alone. I'm really looking forward to my Rewards - when will they arrive ? !!

    35. Next Left Studios Creator on

      @Zach - thanks for messaging me back. Keep an eye on your mail and I can replace the package if he somehow got lost. Happy to resend at no extra cost.

      @Emmanuel & Travis - Canada shouldn't take too long. It was mailed parcel post - so it might be a few more days. But its on its way.

      @Sam in the UK + @Franco in Australia - I can confirm mailing - but I have no idea how long it takes for overseas mail. I'll stop by the USPS tomorrow and ask for general delivery times.

      Thanks so much everyone.

    36. K.ri on

      Trevor and Emmanuel, where are you guys in Canada?

    37. Missing avatar

      Emmanuel Chastellière on

      Thanks for the replies. :)

    38. Trevor Daniel Anthony Gregory on

      hi Emmanuel and K.ri. fellow Canadian as well. hopefully the wait isn't to much longer.

    39. K.ri on

      Hi Emmanuel, I'm in Canada and still waiting my package too. Nothing to do except wait :)

    40. Missing avatar

      Emmanuel Chastellière on

      Hi Andrew,
      I just wanted to let you know that me too haven't received my copy of the game yet, here in Canada.
      Is it normal?



    41. Missing avatar

      Zach Schwartz on

      Hi, I saw your post from may 28 stating that all 35$ pledges have been shipped but I still haven't received it. Is anyone else still waiting?

    42. Samuel Luke Burford on

      Hi. Really looking forward to getting this, but it still hasn't arrived here in the UK. Could you let me know when I can expect it?

    43. Next Left Studios Creator on

      Thanks Joseph - I'll message you for more specifics on your questions so I fully understand. The only reason to flip a top card is to create a physical discard pile.

    44. Joseph Lalli on

      Just wondering, at the start of the game before anyone plays a card, why do you flip the top card of the draw pile?
      Also I like the fact of the rules and card list are on a single sheet and can fo fit into the box, however, some wording of the instructions either needs to be reworded or explained more just to clarify some confusion that might go on.
      One last question, the extra cards that were rubber banded and not in the boxes, are those just extra cards or cards that can replace cards in a deck to change the game play?

    45. Next Left Studios Creator on

      Hi Franco - I'll look into it and message you.

    46. Franco Caverzan

      Hi Andrew,

      I just wanted to let you know that I haven't received my copy of the game yet.

      Is there any delay on Australian Deliveries?

      Please advice,



    47. Next Left Studios Creator on

      Hi Roberto - thanks for watching the video. Yes - it does have a cumulative system which makes the game very exciting. In the video scenario - only one player would be out; the rest are still in and playing. Does that make sense? Kind regards, Andrew

    48. Roberto M. Petrella

      Hi Andrew, so I watched the second video you recommended me to watch and I notice the game has a cumulative system like Uno. But say that scenario of your video happens on the first round, wouldn't the game be already over? Less than a minute of actual play

    49. Next Left Studios Creator on

      Roberto - I ready through your question. Can you kindly look at the short videos on our youtube channel here:

      You will get a lot of value from this video in particular:…

      Kind regards,

    50. Next Left Studios Creator on

      Hi Dan & John,

      Here is a link to the video I have recorded and uploaded to answer your question related to a hand with a lot of XTRA Life Cards. I hope this is helpful:

      65 cards are action and game control cards - while 55 are XTRA Life cards. We purposefully structure it that way to have XTRA Life cards on hand to respond to attacks. If we had any more action or game control cards - the game wouldn't last long at all.

      Please see my video on advance game play that shows how a game can end in one rotation of play:…

      I'm working on other videos for additional questions below.

      Thanks so much,

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