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Ester Vasquez defends the world against demons and monsters from the seat of her wheelchair.

Hellwatch: Season One is a supernatural horror novella series with a strong disabled protagonist, broken into 9 novella 'episodes'. The Pilot Episode is free to download here! Each of the remaining 8 episodes will come out monthly, starting in January of 2012. Your support will help me make that happen! A schedule of Season One can be viewed here.

This Kickstarter project will fund episodes 2 AND 3.

The Story:

A young disabled woman in a wheelchair protects an unaware world from demons and monsters.

Ester Vasquez, 25, was born with arthrogryposis. As a child she showed a natural aptitude with computers that eventually led to the online underworld of hacking, where she became a star. Though she was never caught, she decided to turn her skills to more legal endeavors, attending Arizona State University and offering her services as an online security specialist. A successful early career followed. Roughly four years ago, however, something happened within her family that shook her to the core and brought on some drastic changes over time. She still refuses to talk about it.

After several years as the ‘It Girl’ of online security, she all but gave up the profession and took up a more peculiar one – hunting demons and monsters. She continues to live on the money that her company makes, though she has very little to do with its day to day functions and dealings, leaving that to a business manager and several other young hackers hired on to take her place after she walked away just over two years ago. A former Catholic priest turned demon hunter in Boston named Jacob Bridges took her on as a student and became her long distance mentor.

Ester met Samuel ‘Sammy’ Lutui, a registered nurse, soon after when his grandmother hired her because she was convinced that he was possessed by a demon. Grandma was old and old fashioned, and being gay was something she just couldn’t come to accept. Funny enough, it turned out that there was a demon in Sammy, but it had nothing to do with his being gay, and Ester easily got rid of it. In his gratitude, Sammy became Ester’s live in care provider as well as her demon hunting assistant, and in the two years that followed they’ve become best friends. Together they protect the unaware masses from the monsters and demons that lurk in the shadows and prey upon them.


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