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A non-fiction book of essays, poetry, and art depicting real life superwomen, written and illustrated by women, for women.
A non-fiction book of essays, poetry, and art depicting real life superwomen, written and illustrated by women, for women.
30 backers pledged $1,029 to help bring this project to life.

Oh, we’re halfway there! Oh-oh, livin’ on a prayer!

Posted by Alyssa Waugh (Creator)
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“Hi Alyssa!! My name is Keisha and I am a firm feminist! You inspired me beyond expression! I think you are doing an AMAZING thing!”

This project is not big or flashy. But seeing that kind of message in my Facebook inbox reminds me that’s not what this project is about. It’s about reaching the woman who needs it the most.

We don’t have a ton of backers, and the ones we do have aren’t pledging large amounts. They’re pledging $15 or $25 for free digital and print copies of the book, or $50 for the special dedication reward, which allows them to write a line in the book for someone: “John Doe would like to dedicate this book to Jane Doe, the smartest, strongest wife in the world.” People seem to  respond to the uniqueness of a gift like that, rather than resorting to the old standbys of flowers, candy, and jewelry. This offers a way to show someone-maybe their mother battling breast cancer like a champ, maybe their struggling trans friend who needs to hear supportive stories like the ones this book will feature, maybe their sister going through a divorce and showing incredible emotional strength—that women’s issues are important to them. And isn’t that so much more meaningful than chocolate?

At any rate, this project is being funded by regular women—every superwomen! And I wouldn’t want to get it done any other way. You guys are awesome, and together we are going to make this happen. 

Right now we’re nearly at $500–half the goal—and nearly halfway through the campaign. If we can raise the same amount on the back end in the same amount of time, we will reach the goal. But it will be down to the wire. I have been working nonstop, trying to get the word out. In hindsight, I maybe could have found another job and worked it for a month to make the $1000, and it would have been easier. But I wouldn’t have been getting the word out to anyone, let alone the girl who needed to hear it most, like Keisha.

So in the end, it’ll all be worth it. As long as the goal is met. Most backers come from feminist and women’s rights groups that I’m a member of on social media, and they are spreading the word there. But we need a new way to reach people in the second half of this game. Please send the link along to anyone not on social media, to anyone at all you think might be interested. And remember, you can up your own pledges if you decide you would like another reward. 

Thanks team, and stay strong. <3

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