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I've got a beautiful new album in the works--Everything You Love Comes Alive. I need your help to fund it!
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Staci Frenes

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Pre-Production=Getting the Songs Ready!

Hey Friends,

We're on our way! Everything You Love Comes Alive WILL be coming to life in the coming months and I'm excited to keep you in the loop! 

Since making our goal and getting funding, my producer, Nate, and I have been putting our heads together to create a timeline for the making of this record. We think we've got something that will work with our schedules and allow for a summer release. 

Before we head into the studio, there's pre-production work to be done for a few weeks. That's kind of fancy talk for a couple of key things that need to happen before Day One of recording. These are the two main areas we'll be focusing on: 

1. fine tune/finish the writing  Some songs might need a bridge, a change of melody in the chorus, different chord changes in a certain section, a new pre-chorus, shorter or longer verses, etc. In sculptor's terms, it's like the shape is there, but we need to get out our smaller tools and work on the subtle curves and nuances of each piece. 

2. finding the groove/vibe of each song. This is hard to describe but really crucial. The groove or vibe of a song is like the flavor; you have to find the flavor or the song sounds--well, vanilla. Although, technically, vanilla is a flavor, in this case you try to stay away from vanilla. : )  Usually this flavor thing happens best when my producer and I play through the song a few times together and get a feel for where it lands. Then we start imagining and/or building some basic rhythm ideas that help enhance the groove. 

Pre-production work is worth every second, because it's where the songs get firmly defined and we get more confident about what direction to take them in the studio. It  really helps determine the overall style of the record. I'll be going to St. Paul, MN to work with Nate on this during the final days leading up to recording. Until then, we'll be doing some video sessions as well. We want to be armed and ready with our best ideas when we head into the studio with these songs.

I'm excited and blessed to have you guys on board! I'll keep you posted as we go....