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Socially responsible shoes that don't compromise on quality, style, or affordability.
Socially responsible shoes that don't compromise on quality, style, or affordability.
Socially responsible shoes that don't compromise on quality, style, or affordability.
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    1. Adelante Shoe Co. Creator on

      Hi Kristina,

      Thanks for reaching out! We've been attempting to contact you the past month via two different email addresses. In order to ship the shoes, we need a phone number for UPS to contact you if there are any issues. Please email us at so we can proceed on shipping your shoes that we have been holding here!

    2. Missing avatar

      Kristina Major on

      Hi, just wondering if you're still having problems sending out the granadas. I haven't received any further emails. Please help. Thanks a lot, and cannot wait to wear these shoes!

    3. Adelante Shoe Co. Creator on

      Lisa, no problem at all! We'll follow up via email.

      Caitlin, your Granadas shipped yesterday! Enjoy :)

    4. Lisa Stuart

      I got my Granadas! Thank you!

      I know that you are still fufilling orders, so I understand an exchange will be awhile but can a women's shoe be made larger than a 10? I usually wear a men's 9 and these women's 10 just fit but are too tight to wear.

    5. Caitlin Cerra

      Hi! I just wanted to check on status for fulfilling the Granadas. I have not yet received any tracking/status info and know you were hoping to have everything delivered by the beginning of next week. Is that still a tenable schedule? If not, that's totally fine! The weather in Boston has just been so perfect for spring boots lately and I'm hoping to get some use in before it gets too hot! Any updates would be great, thanks!!

    6. Adelante Shoe Co. Creator on

      Hi Mary,

      Thanks for the update! We just checked with UPS, as normally our shipments clear customs in KY and it takes about a day. In this instance, it took 3-4 days as they did a random inspection of our order - but we spoke to them today and all is good! You should be receiving your shoes later this week.

      Bob Mott
      Adelante Shoe Co.

    7. Missing avatar

      Mary Gwyn on

      We received a shipping notice, but it looks like our shoes are sitting in a warehouse in KY. Any updates on what's going on?

    8. Missing avatar

      Christian Steinmann on

      Got mine. Very nice shoes and they fit.

    9. Adelante Shoe Co. Creator on

      Hi Fei!

      Thanks for reaching out. We are still very early in the process of shipping out 400 orders - we will definitely be in touch in the coming weeks when we have your shoes made and ready to be sent!

      Team Adelante

    10. Fei Yue on

      Hi! I just saw your update today & wanted to check if you're still in the process of sending out shipping confirmation emails. I still haven't gotten an order confirmation email, but I'm hoping that's just because I'm one of the later shipments.

    11. Missing avatar

      tampines on

      just received the boot, looks good

    12. Adelante Shoe Co. Creator on

      Hi Jonathan,

      Our apologies for not providing more clear information. On the original order confirmation email sent to you last week, there was a 'view your order' button that would enable you to check in on the order as it is being shipped, along with a UPS tracking number.

      I also noticed that we had said we would inform you when the order was shipped - and we now have an automated email that is sent when we ship out. You actually had one of the first orders we ever sent, and our records don't indicate that we sent that to you.

      Thanks again for understanding, and I hope you enjoy your shoes.

    13. Missing avatar

      tampines on

      Good Evening, there was a failed delivery of the boots today, I didn't receive any tracking details, now I am trying to re schedule another delivery to me

    14. Adelante Shoe Co. Creator on

      Hey David!

      The midsole is solid leather, no cork. All shoes and boots are reinforced with leather shanks.

      - Team Adelante

    15. David Lian

      Can I ask what material do you use for the midsole? Is it cork? And do you use shanks to support your boot?

    16. Adelante Shoe Co. Creator on

      Hi Marmæl,

      For additional photos of our shoes, please check out our website:
      You'll be able to click on each style to see more angles.

      For more pictures of the chelsea boot specifically, here is the link:

      Thanks again!
      Team Adelante

    17. Marmæl

      Hi. Congratulations on getting fully funded. Could you please provide more pictures of the Chelsea boot?

    18. Adelante Shoe Co. Creator on

      Hi Eugene,

      It is possible! We just ask that you donate $25 more because we will have to make a special pair of lasts specifically for your size.

      We know you'll love our shoes!

      Founder, CEO

    19. Eugene Chong on

      If I'm looking to get a pair of women size 4, is it possible?

    20. Haku on

      Would it be possible to get pictures of the bottom soles of the shoes?