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Succeeding Together: Uniting Music and Hope.'s video poster

Succeeding Together: A Song and Video Collaboration Between Teen Mothers and the Congolese Pop Stars InnossB and Maisha Soul. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on March 13, 2014.

Succeeding Together: A Song and Video Collaboration Between Teen Mothers and the Congolese Pop Stars InnossB and Maisha Soul.

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About this project

I need your support to create this song and music video in Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Famous Congolese musicians Innoss ‘B and Maisha Soul have agreed to work directly with a marginalized group of young, unwed mothers living in Goma to create a song called “Succeeding Together”. These women were all once identified as vulnerable single mothers and are now working fiercely to change their lives and their children’s futures. This opportunity to create a song and work with musicians will give these young women a special way to express their experiences as women and young mothers. My hope is that working with these admired musicians will impact these women, their children and communities, and bring both inspiration and change through music.  From the lyrics to the melody, together these musicians and women will be writing a heartfelt song. The music and video will be recorded and mixed by Maisha Soul in Goma.  “Succeeding Together” is the theme of this music experience. This message is of great importance to these women and those living in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The cost of resources in the Democratic Republic of the Congo can be substantial.  Gasoline to power the generator costs at least $8 per gallon. Reaching our goal of $2,000 will provide power to the studio generator, the necessary equipment for recording, the production of a music video, and food for the musicians. The final project will be available (online) to the world, but I hope it will go viral in Congo and start discussions and fuel conversations in Congo.

Music is the international language of expression and creativity. We associate music with important moments in our lives. This project is special because not only is music being created from start to finish, but a special group of women get to be a part of something unique and inspiring. The creation of this music will be shared across the Congo and with your help around the world. You will have the opportunity to sing and dance to something you helped create. Please donate to this unique project of collaboration between well-known artists and women who’d never had this type of opportunity. I will be sure to share the music video with you, so you can celebrate this project with those in Goma.

My role in this project began when a professor and friend of mine, Dr. Robin Barnes introduced me to a woman from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Judy Anderson has grown up the in the Congo and now resides in Seattle, Washington. She explained to me that this particular music project was on hold because of lack of funding. I felt inspired and excited about the project, so I decided to get involved. By using kickstarter I am able to request funding for an important musical, and artistic project. This song will be something we all can share. The lyrics, music and video will be written to tell a story from the heart. Sharing it on kickstarter brings this project to life, and encompasses a community of artists, admirers and pledgers alike.

Here Is a link to one of the official music videos from Innoss'B and my favorite song: 

Risks and challenges

The biggest challenge thus far has been raising the money to produce this song and video. We have talented and famous local musicians willing to work with the women in Goma, but due to the financial hardship in the area, it has been difficult to pay for this project in particular.

Making sure the production of this song and video is completed in a timely matter could face a few challenges, as the country of Democratic Republic of the Congo is in a state of unrest. However, the personal connections I have in Goma guarantee there will be little to no issues on getting this project completed. A woman from the Democratic Republic of Congo and a United States citizen will be visiting Goma during the making of this song and video. She will be collaborating with the women and musicians to assure this project is completed and shared with you all! As soon as the funds arrive the process of writing the lyrics and music for our video can begin. This process will take just over a week, and includes 4 sessions where the musicians and women will write the song. Following by two sessions in the studio to produce and record the new song and a day to record the music video. The funds are needed to pay for transportation, gas for the generators, water for the musicians, rental of equipment, time to edit the song and video, and money for the musician’s time. Resources in the Congo are scarce and the funding for creative projects is tough to come by. I will be in constant communication with the women, musicians and supporters of this project from start to finish. This song and music video will be available for release within a few weeks of receiving the funds.

I will be in constant touch with those involved in this project through email and telephone. This includes Modestine Etoy, Judy Anderson, Dr. Serena Cosgrove and Maisha Soul, who will be providing me with support to work out any obstacles as they occur. A contract and budget with the musicians and production team has been written to ensure this project will be completed given the funds are provided. The willingness of the women and the musicians involved, are overwhelmingly positive.

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