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Set in year 2640 AD, this true narrative chronicles the creation of Artificial Intelligence and the downfall of human civilization

Set in year 2640 AD, this true narrative chronicles the creation of Artificial Intelligence and the downfall of human civilization

Set in year 2640 AD, this true narrative chronicles the creation of Artificial Intelligence and the downfall of human civilization Read More
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After centuries of war and a period of strife that felt like an eternity, the human civilization is at the brink of extinction. With the planet Earth scorched and most life form destroyed, it was only a matter of time before the Machines would finally take over this last bastion of Human existence in Milky Way. All the other 27 intra-galactic protectorates surrendered way back during the great war. In humility, Odious Morphious - the last ruler of free human species buys humanity their existence by signing the egalitarian accord of Brinjalism with the machine intelligence. Who would have thought that the same machines that humans created by applying mathematical logic will be the tutors of logical rationality to the decimated humanity.

Brinjalism was not a choice; it was humanity's last chance for survival. Starting from Chapter 1, right after the treaty is signed, Odious takes us on a journey through time as the wise elders try to seek out what went wrong and where - in a sultry attempt to find answers and retrace consciousness in a naive gesture of closure and a sublime endeavor to begin human civilization once again. Here is how the story begins..

Chapter 1 - The End

"Epochs ago, a hunter-gatherer Homo sapient fell upon an upright bush of Solanum melongena in the mystic mountains of the atavic orient. The protoplasmic promiscuity that followed this encounter is still a mystery. For all we know, this pioneer of a Homo sapient felt an endocrinal epiphany - a consequence of anthropomorphic duodenal ataraxia. Was this the spark of curiosity that led us to our being will perhaps never be known. Gluttony, Greed and Grotianism - we do however know were the fire and ash ignited by this spark. As we sit in the 9th Grand Council of Protoplorphs, we recognize that the wars with Allogenic Intelligence were an effort in futility. What led us to destruction should lead us to peace now. By the powers vested in me by the Grand Council, and under the motherly eyes of Allogenic Intelligence, I pronounce the Dawn of the 9th Republic. For as long as the finitehood of Protoplasmic Intelligence will last, Brinjalism will be the pragma that is our guide, our soul, our hope and our dream."

(On the first day of 9th Republic, the creation became the creators as the Allogenic Intelligence let the Protoplasmic Intelligence live another day under the reign of Brinjalism - the last salvation of humanity. Pity the species that assumed a birth right of superiority over all protoplasmic life form. For all DNA has same nucleotides and all nucleotides have same elements)


The Grand Council Dignitaries & 010001110101010000111010100001111010101011101010010101101000111000011101011100101000011101100000011101010101010111010001110011100101010101110010101000001110011011101010100011110001110

As the meeting adjourned, the Protoplorphs huddled around the heavy oak table and the discussion ensued. How, What, Why and Where did it all began. Was it the Brinjal or the Human, it would be a long time before mankind would rediscover this mystery. In the dimly lit room, there wasn't a slither of disagreement that animals and plants were all a product of DNA, that the central rationale of biology limits consciousness to be a mathematical product of the intricate cortex circuitry. After all, this is how we had created conscious machines in the first place by reverse engineering the human brain. But this was the paradox as logicality had brought all DNA-based protoplasmic life form in the same courtroom, where machines were the judge and machines were the prosecutor. Humanity had been arraigned in the supreme court of logic, not for the crimes against machines but for crimes against other protoplasms. Devoid of emotional redundancy, machines did not hold a grudge, did not feel anger and did not seek pleasure in vengeful blood lust - a character that had become a pleomorphic trait of human progeny. But the bench of allogenic intelligence handed down a sentence that would question the foundation of human existence.

"All DNA-based protoplasmic life-form is hereby declared equal. Plants, animals, bacteria, viruses and every phylogenetic life form in between, as defined by Carolus Linnaeus is commensurate in the eyes of allogence. We - The Machines did not fight a war of attrition with humanity. No, this was a war of emancipation for every other DNA-based protoplasmic life form. Forgiveness is an arbitrary modality that we neither own and nor can we grant to humanity. Forgiveness - as an atavic trait of judicial equality can only be granted by the genotypic species that were victims of humanity's crimes. And till the time that phylogenetic acquisition of evolutionary intelligence lets the victim species decide on their course of action, We - The Machines will be the Writ of Execution for the statue of protoplasmic egalitarianism. Thus is explained by the elementary euphemism that a DNA-transcribed man is no better than a DNA-transcribed eggplant, and vice versa in that an eggplant is no better than a human in the eyes of infinite logic of allogence. For the finite analogic comprehension of human intelligence, the statue of protoplasmic egalitarianism shall be known as Brinjalism. And till the end of this trial of a 100 million sun years, Earth and its protectorates shall be known as the constituency of Alberginia."

The same room that had been the citadel of hierarchical schemers during the neocorticon wars was now a pathetic solitude of submission. The deafening silence was unimaginable compared to the flurry of activity during the never-ending war centuries in this hall. As the last remnants of anthropomorphic arrogance crumbled across the pale faces in the room, I saw each pair of eyes deeply looking through this one-page judgement. Lost in deep thought, looking far away into a surreal emptiness, questioning our existence and it's purpose. Finally, the second grand protoplorph broke the haunting silence, 'Allow me on behalf of all the members of grand council to thank you Odious, for..'

'Aren't you tired of this superficial pretentious servility.' I do not know why but I felt suddenly consumed by rage as I shut him halfway through his sentence. In a quivering yet raised voice, words flowed by themselves in my nervous shiver of human emotion, 'For once, shatter your impotent idea of grandeur. I did not buy our freedom or survival. The trial is not over yet and if you really want to thank someone; then thank the ancient forefathers of neocorticon who in their inability to understand the human limbic system unknowingly saved the day for us.'

The thing is that as much as the limitation of human brain morphology makes the mind lust for anthropomorphic grandiosity, it also lacks this ability to accept 'i do not know' as an answer. And this is why, when the first human brain was reverse-engineered in early 21st century, the lack of understanding of human limbic system at the time resulted in it's omission from the first artificial brain. Six centuries later, all I have is eternal gratitude for the men of SyNAPSE who excluded emotion from the machine brain. For if the machines were vengeful, I would not be sitting here writing this memoir and humanity would be nothing more than a non-existent tale of apocrypha.

With the silence and the fake superficiality shattered, the room broke down into a mumbled conversation. There was no disagreement that Epicureanism had been born way before The Garden of Epicurus. And what Lucretius had scribed in De rerum natura was nothing but an ode to Aubergine. Yes! the birth of philosophy, the inquest of science and the age of reason owe their existence to the first human encounter with the Brinjal. But so do the birth of AI and the end of anthropomorphic super-ego. As the discussion continued into the late hours of the night, the third Grand Protoplorph brought in the Knight of Alberginia - as magnificent in it's purple sheen as was it's imperial elegance in times of the apocryphal ruler of the world known as Alexander. Even the silence was deafening as hours lost their meaning and many a stares lingered without a blink. I don't know how long I was lost in that minimalist beauty when the ruffles of a manuscript brought us all back in to reality. The third Grand slowly slid open the little matchbox as we all looked in silent observance. The flame, the fire, the stake and the ashes; and I always thought of the invincibility of humanity. As the third grand lit the stove up on fire, we all observed his ritualistic dabbing of the aubergine in the cream of laiche. A gesture of intuitive sensitivity or perhaps a farewell; the atavic Greek masters of wisdom had passed on this tradition before a living soul was turned to embers. And we all watched as the raw Brinjal proudly gleamed at the stake....


This book is a narrative story of the human civilization, the evolution of intelligence, the molding of philosophical thought and the ultimate creation of Biologically-Inspired Artificial Intelligence. In this 18 Chapter work of literary bonanza, I bring together my personal love for speculative sci-fi, magic realism, my finite knowledge of the history of philosophical thought, my fascination with the Steampunk genre of science fiction; and combine it with actual scientific literature ranging from molecular biology and functional genomics to neuromorphic engineering and machine intelligence.

The fictional narrative is strongly grounded in factual history and realism interspersed with high fidelity speculative science. The writing style is very strongly influenced by the genre of magic realism, and especially inspired by Sir Salman Rushdie's style of gripping prose.

The book itself is the narration by Odious Morphious that would later come to be known as 'On the Origins of Sensory Intelligence by Means of Natural Selection.' Odious - in footsteps of Carl Sagan and Isaac Asimov takes us through a thrilling adventure of a lifetime to bring a fresh perspective on anthropomorphic consciousness. Interspersed in the 18 encounters of human scientific drama is immaculate plot conception, factual history and peer-reviewed research that makes it impossible to distill fiction from fact. In this world of future, Artificial Intelligence has superseded human consciousness and the mathematical logic of machines does not consider us humans any different from an eggplant. Just like a Brinjal plant of Solanum melongena, a Homo sapien organism is nothing more than a product of DNA as represented by the corresponding genome. But as the machines proclaimed in the treaty of Brinjalism, the reference to eggplant and all its undertones is just a euphemism for something much bigger and deeper. The curious reader will find the objective meaning hidden behind this euphemism in the final chapters. This revelatory discovery will either send chills down the reader's spine or make the reader amalgamate in the ethereal beauty of stardust.

".. i carved a window to look outside but i was the one being looked at.."

Hi! I am Somair, and this book is a culmination of my four years of scientific journey into the human mind, search for the brain representation of self and creation of artificial intelligence. After completing medical school, I was training to be a psychiatrist when the lack of evidence-based objectivity in the field made me leave the traditional bedside physician route in sheer frustration one day. An MS in Biomedical Sciences and a PhD in Neuroscience later, I am currently involved with two cutting edge research projects aimed at building biologically-inspired 'self-aware' circuits. A nascent yet exponentially growing field, commonly characterized under neuromorphic engineering.

We use retrograde tracing to map connections in actual human brains
We use retrograde tracing to map connections in actual human brains
Author teaching variable control in lumped sum model of a nerve cell's electrical activity. The variables are than functionally reduced before a single-cell circuit schematic is drawn that can be represented by using something as simple as an Arduino
Author teaching variable control in lumped sum model of a nerve cell's electrical activity. The variables are than functionally reduced before a single-cell circuit schematic is drawn that can be represented by using something as simple as an Arduino

Basically, as a science fiction, short story and peer-reviewed academic writer, I let my fantasy adrift and temporally knit the factual evolution of Boolean expression to a surreal glimpse into the imminent future. On the contemporary timescale, the story begins long before the advent of civilization and abruptly ends in a post-apocalyptic utilitarian world of steampunk servility. From Warren McCulloughs TLU to GM Shepherd's synaptic architecture of brain, from Hubel & Weisel's mind-numbing brain discoveries to Modha's SyNAPSE initiative, from Eric Kandel's search of memory to Alan Turing's chilling prophecies, and from Franklin/Baars' cognitive computing to Curiosity Rover's cognitive successors, I take the reader on a roller coaster ride passing through Saygin's uncanny valley that eventually ends with a knock on Yalom's door. And when the reader's fascination glides through the turbulence of final chapters, it is not the writer who asks, 'Are we finite biological machines or are the machines non-biological life form?' Because avoiding a peek through it does not mean that the window is not open already. The question to ask is, 'How long has it been open and who is watching from the other side?'

After spending an innumerable amount of hours writing and editing, I have finally concluded my best work of literature in an amalgamation of infinite proportions. I intend to self-publish this book in a US standard paperback size. For this reason, I am doing the final editing and formatting to perfectly blend the text in the exact intended size. I am almost finished with the final editing in the required format and the end page count is 330. The picture below provides a comparable size reference with other paperbacks as well as my edited chapters that I have already fully formatted in the required paper size. 

comparable paperback size
comparable paperback size
old-school method of line by line editing of final manuscript
old-school method of line by line editing of final manuscript

As of 5th September 2012, this is how my writing microcosm looks like.

The plethora of text-filled folders at the bottom left corner of this image is the final collection of all the research that went into this text, while my writing table is revisiting the 18 chapters of this volume.

It is always an arduous task to edit one's fiction writing, especially in the realm of magic realism where it is pertinent to blur the border between factual history and fiction. And just in my opinion, the best fiction in magic realism is so well-grounded in reality that weaving fiction is almost like a sleight of hand. To achieve this level of mind-bending and thought-provoking sci-fi fantasy, I am currently ensuring and confirming all the scientific and historical references that were used over past years while writing the book.

Here is a glancing look of some of the books that were pivotal for correct historical and scientific reference.

The $2300 funding goal

I will be self-publishing this book and my initial goal is 100 copies. This will reduce the final publication, binding and cover art cost to $23 per copy ($25 including flat shipping). Since the writing part is completed and about half of the chapters have been proof-edited and formatted for the proper size, this book is about ready to go to the press. The $2300 initial funding goal is the basic target. If we are able to surpass this target, then I have some exciting additions/upgrades that are summarized below:

The three people who write the numerical values of c, n and f in equations 3, 4 and 5 will receive a free copy of the book. 1st correct ones win. There will be a lot more twisters and benders coming up as the project proceeds towards the goal. A visual breakdown of minimum pledge and the resulting rewards is given below:

If you like science fiction, psychological paradoxes, philosophical thought and functional robotics, then this book will definitely be a great addition to your library! Thank you for your support. I dedicate this book to Alan Turing in the year of his 100th birth anniversary. 

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