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Cook. Smell. Eat. Transform. Dance. This spice-blend has the magical ability to make you do a farmer's dance! And it's contagious

This project is about my grandma’s spice blend that I want to share with you. Thanks to the kickstarter family, the project has already reached twice its funding goal. Based on the tremendous support it has received, the Dance Spice project is taking the next step and setting a permanent outlet at

This way, the spice blend and its organic ingredients will be available long after this project is over. The online outlet will also be a permanent resource of ever-increasing recipes to go with this blend. To take this next step, I am setting a stretch goal of US$3500. This goal is ten-fold higher than the original project goal, which was set to purchase a commercial grinder to make this blend from fresh organic harvest. With your support, I believe that this stretch goal can be achieved. On my side, I am increasing the target goal from 10 free recipes (already achieved - see below) to 35 free recipes before the project end date. I have also introduced some cool new rewards in an effort to achieve the stretch goal. These limited period rewards are uniquely creative and have been conceived in a bid to achieve the stretch goal. 

What is the Dance Spice Blend Project about? 

While the project is about the spice blend itself, the video above is about the people who actually grew it and the place where this spice comes from. Quite so often, the question that remains is 'What' about a product and the real 'Who' & 'Why' for the people & their passion is forgotten. In true spirit of Kickstarter community, I want to introduce you to the farmers who are the real people behind this blend and who put the actual hard work day and night to grow these herbs and spices. And my 'why' or passion are these farmers who have inspired me more than any entrepreneurial story ever has!

The story is too long to tell here, but this is how it all started. It began as a simple effort to find the origin of my late grandma's masala totka (spice-blend recipe), but then it turned out to be a pilgrimage across 3 continents spanning 30 thousand miles to discover the history of my native farming culture.

The achievement of original funding goal has been extremely fruitful as I am about to acquire the (original funding goal) Bunn G1 commercial grinder for spice grinding and blending. With the stretch goal, this grinder's full potential will be achieved by long-lasting spice-blend production, sustainable supply to future spice-blend demand and materialization of the concept that direct farmer-to-consumer trade is extremely viable. 

To play my part as project creator, I will keep on uploading a free-for-all recipe with comprehensive details each Friday (after the project funding period is over) for at least the next 2 years until a collection of 100+ free recipes is available on the project website at:

Backer Rewards

Every backer of this project (regardless of the reward tier) will receive the following rewards from A - D:

A. Custom Stickers

1. 'I Dig Farmers' bumper sticker

2. 'Love Organic' bumper sticker

3. 'Hand-drawn limited edition Coffee Farmer laptop/sleeve sticker (First 100 backers only) 

B. Kickstarter-Exclusive Recipe Notebook 

A bound booklet with 10 step-by-step instructional recipes to get started with your spice blend in your home gourmet experience.

C. Free Online Recipes 

One new recipe will be uploaded every Friday on the project's dedicated website and blog. This is a permanent dedicated initiative and I have myself invested enough time, finances and resources that there is no looking back now. Visit

The recipes will be uploaded way beyond the project funding period, with minimum 35 free recipes available before the project end date.

Free Recipe 1

Free Recipe 2

Free Recipe 3

Free Recipe 4

Free Recipe 5

Free Recipe 6

Free Recipe 7

Free Recipe 8

Free Recipe 9

Free Recipe 10

D. The Dance Spice Blend

Every reward includes the spice blend itself. The choice of quantity is left on the backer.

E. Optional Rewards

A sampler of all 27 ingredients in their raw form used in this blend

A limited special reward of 'Guntur Sannam' Green Chili Paste

Limited Edition Custom Tees


1-pint jars of spice blend
1-pint jars of spice blend
and more filled jars
and more filled jars
Guntur Sannam Green chili paste
Guntur Sannam Green chili paste

Spice-blend Logistics

My Spice Ingredients

Credits & Dedication

All of the video footage you saw was shot by me on location in India and Pakistan (East and West Punjab). The song is a mystic ballad written by Bulleh Shah in 16th century. Bulleh Shah was a great sufi poet of his time who spread the message of universal love, peace, respect for mother earth and introspection. Sufism spans a 1000+ years of eastern poetry, which is essentially a commentary that critically examines the society's existing dogmas, and relentlessly insists on human respect above any religion, cast, color, creed and nationality. Innocent feeling of love and romanticism is a repetitive theme in sufi poetry. And this innate human expression has been mentioned by almost every sufi poet as the infallible proof that human society is meant to be built on unconditional love for humanity. Factual acceptance that humanity is just one family automatically brings the respect for mother earth in its totality.

The ballad is performed by Sain Zahoor and Noori, who I had the privilege of meeting in person. With all said and done, I dedicate each bottle of this spice to my late grandma and to all the makers in the world. Whether it be a rural farmer, a struggling artist, a hobbyist tinkerer or a sweatshop worker, makers make the world go round. Come visit me in Mississippi!

Mitakuye Oyasin


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    Fair-price reward in the spirit of 'Seva'. Seva means selfless service and is a core belief of a traditional Punjabi farmer to share with community, both in times of grievance and celebration. It is same as the $7 reward.

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    1-quart mason jar of dance spice blend, a small jar of Guntur Sannam green chili paste and a large sampler pack of all 27 condiments that make up the Dance Spice Blend. 27 organic, unaltered raw ingredients that still have the earthy fresh smell and are individually packed. Free shipping within continental US, and $10.00 for international.

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    NEW stretch goal reward!! 1-pint jar of Dance Spice blend, a small jar of Guntur Sannam green chili paste and ONE EACH of all four t-shirt designs (excluding the organic Zingiberaceae tee). Free shipping within continental US, and $10.00 for international.

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