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Maxifab is a project to develop a 3D printing framework. Build a 3d printer your way. No Limits.
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Update #4 New Parts Photos, Wiki, and Electronics

Posted by Ryan Robinson (Creator)

Hello everyone! This is just a quick update. Things are progressing well here as evidenced by the below photos of a complete z axis assembly. The xyz corner is not furnished with all its parts for the x and y axis but is fitted out properly for the z axis. This is also a bit taller than it will actually be since we didn't want to cut and damage the rods but otherwise this is how it will appear in your machine sans grease and walls. It's incredibly sturdy and looks great in my opinion (but then I may be biased). 

We have also set up a page on the reprap wiki, it says concept because there was no "In Development" option I could set. But as seen by the above and previous photos we are not in the concept stage, we are actively developing and building the machine. The Reprap wikipage can be found here.

I've also received questions regarding the electronics for the printers. The board is going to come fully assembled and populated with the pololu drivers. It will also come flashed with the firmware for your printer. It will very much be plug and print.

Thanks again for your support everyone!


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