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25 years ago The Prayer Chain released Shawl.  Help us press a 25th Anniversary Edition Shawl Double Vinyl and do a live concert.
25 years ago The Prayer Chain released Shawl. Help us press a 25th Anniversary Edition Shawl Double Vinyl and do a live concert.
416 backers pledged $39,233 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Matt Edwards on

      Hi PC, I bought a VIP early entry ticket for Anaheim but have not seen any additional info on what that entails. HOB site says doors at 6pm but what does VIP early entry mean/include for tomorrow?
      Also my wife can't make the show so I have any extra ticket if anyone is interested for face value or less. It seems like there are still some available but I'd hate to waste my ticket.

    2. Missing avatar

      Pete Williams on

      Just got an e-mail regarding my shirt size...
      Pete Williams

      3X (XXXL)

      Plaese advise this e-mail was recieved by the "right" peeps😊

      Thank you
      Pete W.

    3. Missing avatar

      Paul Rogers on

      Any of you guys that had tickets for the LA show included with your pledge actually get the tickets yet or will they be at will call or do you have no idea?

    4. Missing avatar

      J. Chang on

      (for the live concert, of course!)

      ok... i'm done.

    5. Missing avatar

      J. Chang on

      May I request a cover song?

      Bear McCreary's version of All Along the Watchtower from Battlestar Galactica.

      I think the Prayer Chain would be the perfect band to cover this cover along with the Heeding the Call intro.


    6. Denis Gauthier on

      Yep, I'd like to know too! What going on? Can't wait to get my hands on this one!

    7. Missing avatar

      Jared on

      Are there any updates on the project? Shawl is a special record to me and I can't wait to play it on vinyl!

    8. Missing avatar

      J. Chang on

      Hi guys,

      Was there a concert for the Mercury kickstarter project?

      Would the band consider playing Shawl and Mercury back to back at the Anaheim concert?


    9. Missing avatar

      Jared Paschke on

      Looks like the presale was at 9am Central. I picked up a couple tickets.

    10. Joseph on

      Safe to assume ticket presale starts at 9am Pacific? Just attempted to buy mine as it's just past 9am Eastern, but the code isn't working.

    11. Missing avatar

      Scott on

      If our Pledge includes one entry ticket for the Nashville show, where do redeem our ticket? Is this a "will call" ticket?

    12. Missing avatar

      Jerry Span on

      Are the ticket sales 9am Pacific Time?

    13. Josh Spencer on

      Just kidding. It was a glitch on the site. Got the tickets and looking forward to the show. Sorry!

    14. Josh Spencer on

      Uh...logged in at 9am to buy the ticket I paid $250 for the privilege of buying, only to be told all the tickets were sold out. At exactly ten seconds after 9am. How is that possible? There's something shady going on. And I feel pretty ripped off. Hope the band makes this right somehow.

    15. The Prayer Chain 2-time creator on

      @Bradd Fisher: yes, fan club backers for Orange County will be allowed to purchase tickets before the other backers for the Orange County show. Tickets to the concert are not included in your package.

    16. The Prayer Chain 2-time creator on

      @Dave Peterson: the due date on Kickstarter in Nov. 2018, but we hope it will be before that

    17. Missing avatar

      Dave Peterson on

      Sorry if this has already been asked and answered... Should we expect to receive the Shawl records before the shows/parties?

    18. Missing avatar

      Bradd Fisher on

      What level pledge includes a ticket to the show in Anaheim? i.e, do we need to buy a ticket as well, if we pledged for the Fan Party?

    19. Bruce Brown

      So, I've only got two hours left, and I've already pledged at a pretty high level that doesn't include the Here Comes The Rust CD. Is there any other way to get a copy?

    20. Jon Neill on

      I'd like to hear Friend or Foe live at the Nashville show.

    21. Gabe Ginorio on

      Some folks need to get paid in order to pledge. Since they get paid at the beginning of the month, they are being left out.

      Can we extend it a week to let them have a chance?

    22. The Prayer Chain 2-time creator on

      No live CDs, but you can download it and then burn a CD and then copy it to cassette

    23. Missing avatar

      Kent Coleman on

      For those of us who absolutely SHUN digital downloads of any sort, will there be a physical copy of the live show on CD/DVD? Contrary to what society would have everyone believe, there are still plenty of us who buy physical CDs! Thanks.

    24. Missing avatar

      Tom Jolley on

      Since we all already have Shawl, how about a new song for the 35K stretch goal instead of a digital download?

    25. The Prayer Chain 2-time creator on

      @Paul Rogers: sure does

    26. Missing avatar

      Paul Rogers on

      Looks like we are getting a live video!!

    27. Jeffrey Butz on

      I would love to hear their cover of "Cutter" on vinyl. Just me 2 cents.

    28. popvoxmusic on

      I think you asked somewhere about songs we'd like to hear live in addition to Shawl, so here's my two cents:
      I'd love to hear Manta Rae/Bendy Line. I think I might have heard Bendy Line live once, but to hear the whole progression from Manta Rae to Bendy Line would be a fantastic treat. Also, Manta Rae is my wife's favorite Prayer Chain song. :)
      I can dream, right?

    29. Missing avatar

      Pete Williams on

      Could Chatterbox be put as last track on side 4?

    30. Missing avatar

      Alonzo Yarhouse on

      I just updated my Nashville listening party pledge with an extra $50 so my wife can accompany me. Is there anything else I need do?

    31. Steven James Benbow on

      Another idea for opening act: Holly & Leslie can each do sets. (If Leslie is well enough.) That seems fitting for a Shawl concert. Plus, they each have great music. I don't know how it would go live, but I think I would go nuts if she did "Don't Go" or "Monica".

    32. Steven James Benbow on

      Is it too early to be discussing opening acts? Surely something from that vintage. Plus, I know Derri & Steve will be in town. (I'm guessing Scott Scilletta era Plankeye would be wishful thinking.)

    33. Steven James Benbow on

      Thought so but wanted to be sure. Cheers.

    34. The Prayer Chain 2-time creator on

      @Steven James Benbow: yes sir

    35. Steven James Benbow on

      Are listening party people getting first crack at purchasing tickets for the show?

    36. Christopher Mitchell on

      Can't wait to see you again. I just received my Mercury vinyl (favorite album ever) but missed the Kickstarter. I'll be making the long drive out west from Austin. I'm so glad this is funded and that Nashville is happening.

    37. Jesse Luckado on

      Just want to say a big thank you for adding the Nashville show! Super excited about this, can't wait!

    38. Missing avatar

      Josh Ross on

      Who are you guys using for the pressing this time?

    39. Steven James Benbow on

      As part of the Shawl celebrations, will the original mix of b-side Chatterbox be released? Only post-mix distorted versions have been released.

    40. Larry Kusreau on

      Excited to be a part of this one after missing the first kickstart.

      When will the band signed vinyl level be available? :)

      The new $125 option lists the Shawl vinyl and the Mercury in details... is this right? Both vinyl, lyrics and a shirt for $125?

    41. Missing avatar

      Tom Jolley on

      This is AWESOME!!! My all time favorite album.
      Hope you guys will consider adding a show anywhere on the east side of the US... Chicago, NYC, Boston, Atlanta, Nashville, Orlando, New Orleans, St. Louis, Pittsburgh!

    42. Jodey Smith on

      Glad to see you guys back for another!

    43. Rob Alderman on

      This has me super stoked, guys. I have a question - I backed the shawl/mercury tier. Is there any way to add a t-shirt tier also? I couldn't find a way to get all three. Thanks. Also, for what it is worth, your music was the best thing in the 90s. Not the best christian thing. The best thing. Super excited about this.

    44. Gabe Ginorio on

      I came unprepared to the Mercury party. I will come prepared to this one. It's on.

    45. Missing avatar

      Pete Williams on

      Didn't see any shirt size options when I pledged...
      I hope 3X will be available
      Thank you

      Pete W.

    46. Missing avatar

      Paul Rogers on

      Yeah guys! You just made my 2018 and it isn't even 2018 here in NOLA yet!!!